Why Doust Thou Bloggest? Huh?

Yep, I've been tagged again! DeeDee asked me to list 5 Reasons I Blog. Okay, thinking, thinking..

1. When I was a young girl I loved Lisa Whelchel on The Mickey Mouse Club. I always felt there was something different about her. Years later I learned that she was a christian! I knew it!! Sometime last year I googled Lisa and came across her site and started reading her weekly journal. Awesome, by the way! One day she had a substitute writer, Sarah. Oh my! I ate up everything she had written. Her writing was amazing. Her story was inspiring. A true testimony in the darkest of times. Lisa had mentioned at the end of one of her posts about blogger and I decided to take a peek. And so it began....

2. Okay, so I get my own blog set up courtesy of Heather who BTW is a hard working med student and a true sweetheart. My first thought was~What in the world am I going to write about? I have always been more of a listener than a talker. Then I discovered things like Works For Me Wednesday, Thursday Thirteen, and Friday's Feast. Okay! At least they gave me a start. Easy to do~yay! But I really enjoyed reading everyone's answers. "Wow!", I thought, "There are so many people like me. And there are so many christians too." I was hooked.

3. And then came the comments! Not too many, but people actually checked me out and started asking questions, or saying~been there, done that, and letting me know they were praying for me! Again the thought, "Wow! Who couldn't use more prayer?" And with my dad being so sick I just knew that if I could get the word out there that more and more people would be praying for my folks. And boy did the prayers come and more comments and e-mails. I am very thankful for them all. You helped me get through the toughest time in my life.

4. Pamela became my first real blogging friend. I couldn't have asked for anyone better! I thought that even if I don't connect with anyone else through this new world I would keep in contact with her. She lets me leave long, lengthy comments (LOL!), but I know she prays for me and is encouraging not only through her comments, but also her blog. You always leave her place happy and feeling blessed. And I've made so many more friends like DeeDee who is just as weird as I am and the funniest girl I know, then there is Carol who is a talented writer but she and her son, Ruben are true prayer warriors, and I also love Michelle. She is also a great encourager and she shares about her beautiful daughter, Kayla. Kayla always brings a smile to my face every single day! And Christine is great too! Just look at her picture. Doesn't she have a great smile? She's so friendly and sweet. She's a great commenter and we all know that we thrive on comments! Admit it, you know you do!

5. And lastly, you know how when you visit a sick friend or go visit a nursing home in the hope that you will be an encouragement to them but it turns out that you walk away being the one encouraged by them? That's how it is for me everyday! I wake up and think that maybe I'll pay you a visit. See how your day is going. Maybe I'll leave a funny comment or a cheery note just to let you know I'm thinking about you. Then you welcome me into your world and you pour your heart out. Whether it is funny, sad, inspiring or thought provoking I always close your door behind me with a laugh, a tear, a great idea, a feeling of motivation or even a sigh of relief knowing that I am not the only one facing challenges that daily come my way. With God's help and yours I can make it through each day!

And that's what keeps me blogging!


Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...

I just love you. You are precious. I thank you for your friendship, and your encouragement, and for letting me know that I'm not the only one flying my freak flag!!!!

Great job with your meme!

Goofy Girl said...

Aww, you're such a sweetheart. I love it when you come visit me and leave me something special to read. :)

BTW, did you convert to the new blogger? I can convert your template over if you wish, there are some features that you don't have access to right now. :)

Christine said...

Bless your heart!You are so sweet. BTW, the other day after I read your post, I was driving through a parking lot, and saw a Mustang and thought of you, and how were doing, About my Dad about your Dad, and I just started to cry for both of us. I am truly blessed to have you for a friend. Thank you for your kind words.
Great answers for your meme. I enjoyed reading them.

blackpurl said...

I just stopped by for the party!

I love this post on why you blog. I started blogging so that our family, friends and supporters could get a better understanding of our life in Russia. I just write what happens... somedays it is funny and some days it is pathetic but, I hang in there!

Michelle said...

What a great post about reasons to blog! It is amazing the people you can "meet" and feel a connection and share each other's day...happy days and sad ones too.

I'm so glad that Kayla can bring a smile to your day! Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

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