A Special Saturday

No, it's not anyone's birthday or anniversary. No, I am not going anywhere special today or even tonight. It's just been a really special day, that's all.

The weather has been a little rainy, but warm. We've had the windows and doors opened letting in the nice breeze. All the animals have laid next to each other with their little noses stuck out just enough to get a rain drop or two on them.

My husband and son are gone to Ohio today and won't be back until very late. Of course with today's technology (cell phones and text messaging) I hear from my dependent husband A.L.O.T. It's sweet to know how much he needs me though. I know I am loved.

My daughter and I have been home alone today. It's been ever so peaceful! I've been playing on the computer stopping for a minute or two to do some actual work. She's been reading a book and taking the dog for a walk. Aahhhh! What a relaxing day!

Tomorrow evening our church is having a social. We have one the first Sunday evening of every month. This month's theme is Mexican! Ole! We are supposed to bring a favorite Mexican dish. I looked at what we had in the cupboards and then I tried to find a recipe. Guess what I came up with? BROWNIES!! Ha! Not everybody likes Mexican, but who doesn't like chocolate? Okay. Okay. In all honesty we were just too lazy to go to the store on such a fine day!

Michelle, I hope you are feeling better now! And DeeDee, um....well, yeah...um, good luck with Jensen!! I'll be thinking about ya when we sing Showers of Blessings tomorrow at church ;o)

Have a great weekend everybody!


Christine said...

What time is the social? :-)
Sounds like a perfectly relaxing Spring day!
Enjoy your weekend!

Shelly Kneupper Tucker said...

It sounds like a wonderful relaxing day. I have to laugh about your Mexican themed Church social. There is some comedian (I don't remember his name) who does a whole schtick about working in a Mexican restaurant and having to explain it to the customers. Brownies will be perfect! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and let your son visit the sites I linked. He can see people blowing humongous bubbles with their gum. It's pretty silly. Have a great weekend.

amy said...

Have a fun social and a nice rest of the weekend..Peacefulness is great

Michelle said...

That sure did sound like you had a very special Saturdays! Days like that are to be treasured! Thanks for the get-well wishes! I sure am feeling much better!!

Goofy Girl said...

I hope the social goes well, it sounds like fun! Ole Brownies!!