8 Things About My Hubby & Me

I've seen this meme floating around various places and since I haven't done it yet....

1. Both our first names mean "Beloved". One time we saw in a baby book where Amy meant "Most Beloved" and David was just "Beloved". Of course I don't let him live that one down! Ain't I a stinker?

2. My mom babysat for his sister, Marcia. When I met her she was running the Hickory Farms kiosk at the mall for the Christmas season. I needed a job and she said her brother needed a sweet girlfriend! She hired me and the day we were putting the display together David just so happened to be there too. He asked me to go on a double date to an REO Speedwagon concert with his other sister. I said yes and the rest is history. Just a little sidenote: His sister should be called Marcia Matchmaker. She also introduced her older brother to his wife and her youngest sister to her husband! Maybe she should start her own business :o)

3. Besides having the same sense of humor we are total opposites. He is a very picky eater. I am not. He is a spur of the moment kinda guy. I like to plan it out and make lists. His intelligence intimidates me. When we talk he goes over my head, especially when it comes to scientific conversations. He is very creative and a perfectionist. I am like~Que sera, sera! He is multi-talented. Great cook, artist, beautiful voice, creative writer, plays bass, drums and whatever else he picks up, photographer, etc. Me-not so much. I can play the nose flute though~but then again, who can't? (Has anybody ever seen one? They make a great gag gift!)

4. He adores me and let's face it, I'm adorable! Just kidding peeps. We are each others biggest fan and even more importantly we are each other's best friend. You have to be if you are going to work together 24/7/365! It doesn't matter what we're doing as long as we're together. We can't wait until the kids move out and we can buy an RV and just travel and do whatever we please! I'm showing my age now, aren't I?

5. We have our own language. Now I am sure that a lot of you will say the same thing about your husbands, but let's just say we could have our own dictionary we have so many words! I won't even attempt to give examples because it's too bizarre how we come up with the strange stuff we do.

6. We both HATE coconut!!! We can smell it a mile away and we can taste it in food. It makes both of us very, very queasy.

7. He comes from a family of eight kids where I only have one brother. I am so thankful I married into such a large family. And believe it or not~every single person on both sides get along famously! My MIL says she loves her daughter and son-in-laws as much as her own children, if not more so! Pssst....I think I might just be her favorite though ;o)

8. What? I'm on my last one already? What else is left to say except that my husband can make me laugh like no other human being on earth! He will go out of his way to make a fool of himself if it will bring a smile to my face. It really doesn't take much to humor me. I'm quite childish. As if you haven't figured that one out already! Oh, and he has the most beautiful voice ever ladies and sings me romantic love songs all the time in the car. Yes, I like him even more than Donny Osmond. I know! I couldn't believe it either.


1000 Blessings Friday

Carrie's Crafty Cottage started this meme on Friday, July 20th. I have a couple weeks of catching up to do, but I am blessed beyond measure so this will be a no brainer!

I think this is a wonderful idea because sometimes we can get focused on what's going wrong in our lives and forget about the little blessings we witness each day. And if you really stop to think about it, whatever situation we are in, their is always at least one person facing a much bigger battle.

Okay, here's my list....even though it's not Friday. I'll try to do better next week!

1. I didn't throw up after my surgery like I normally do! In fact when I got back to the room I was starving and asked for food. I had a lovely dinner of saltines and cherry jello!

2. My husband stayed with me all day and all night the entire week. He's so good to me, always.

3. I mentioned this before, but the food was divine at the hospital. No kidding! Looking forward to going back for the next surgery. No kidding!

4. When I got home there was a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers and a stack of cards waiting for me. I've received over thirty cards since I got home! Knowing how much they mean to me has made me realize that I need to be better at sending notes and cards to others.

5. Our church has provided meals for us every night. We have so much food around here I need to invite the neighbors over to help us eat it! I am thankful that my family is having a break from doing all the cooking. It's been enjoyable watching the kids anticipate the evening meals and devouring it before it even comes in the door! Even the dog has been excited too because of all the attention she is getting.

6. Therapy is coming to my home three times a week. This is a huge blessing because I have no idea how I could even get in the van at this point. I'm only allowed to put 1/3 weight on my new hip so that could be a problem. My therapist's name is Trish and she is wonderful. She even loves the dog which is a blessing within a blessing!

7. My friend Lori from Missouri stopped in for a surprise visit! I haven't seen her in over a year and she stayed a long time and we laughed and laughed for such a long time. I made her eat some of the desserts we had. Funny, she had no problem with it!

8. My friend Teresa was able to come twice and spend quite awhile. I met her years ago when we took a family vacation together to California. I didn't even know her or her family and we spent like a month together. But that's a whole other story! I love her to death.

9. Thankful for my dear mother who has been coming and helping with the housework and rubbing my knee when it hurts. Poor thing doesn't feel that well herself, but she has a servant's heart and just goes, goes, goes.

10. Family night. Last night we watched High School Musical with the kids. I'm thankful they still enjoy good clean wholesome movies. It was corny, but fun!

11. My daughter Kara. She has been taking such good care of me. Thankfully she hasn't had to work much this week and when she is home she gives me a good old fashioned sponge bath and washes my hair. And when I go to the bathroom, well... you get the idea. Let's just say she and I have become a lot close this week. I've had some trouble getting up by myself and she is strong enough to help me up properly. I have a lot of restrictions with this new hip so it's been a little tricky, but we're learning.

12. I get my staples out tomorrow!! I have over forty of them. The scar will be at least nine inches long which brings my total scar lengths to over six feet tall! Yes, I am a sicko. Hey, if your going to have scars you might as well have fun with it, right?

13. Although I haven't tried them yet I just heard that Reese's has a peanut butter, banana candy bar. MMmm, doesn't that sound good? I shouldn't try them, but if I have a chance I'm gonna!

14. Free samples! I've been getting lots of good stuff in the mail this week including a brand new pair of panties from Hanes! Also received some samples of Clorox wipes, Prilosec, lotions and more pet food!

15. I love my dog. She's a comfort to me when I don't feel well. She stays right beside me and lets me know how much she loves me by sharing my pillows~isn't that sweet? Oh, and I am thankful for commercials. I love the one where the bulldog gets a little sister and she shares her toy with the puppy. Have you seen it yet?

16. Paula Deen. Now stop laughing. I have a lot of time on my hands right now and she's on a lot. She just makes me smile and laugh. Who doesn't get a kick out of her?

17. I received $5 plus a TV diary from Nielson ratings this week. What an easy way to earn five bucks!

18. After my last post I spiked a fever of 103.3 so I was out of commission for a few days. But the good news is it has nothing to do with my surgery. Our first fear was a staph infection. I'll admit is has been a rough three days of just feeling completely horrible, but today my temp is down to 100.1 and that helps a lot.

19. A good nights sleep. I've missed a lot of sleep, but last night I got several hours and so did my poor hubby. I think he's missed more sleep than I have because he's been too worried about me to sleep. It's nice to be loved that much. I am very blessed with my guy!

20. The sound of laughter. It's good to be able to see the humor is most situations. Especially when put in awkward circumstances. My poor daughter has done a lot of unpleasant things for me and we laugh and say What I Did On My Summer Vacation by Kara. I think the teacher would give her an A just because of what she's had to do!

I promise that next week my list won't be all about surgery and that kinda stuff. It's just for now I'm still living in my room so I haven't experienced much else. Let's all sing now~

Count you blessings name them one by one
Count your blessing see what God has done
Count your blessings, Name them one by one
Count your many blessings see what God has done!

Have a great day everybody!


Don't Hate Me For Doing Another Meme...

…time you laughed?

Just about ten minutes ago when I was walking to my bedroom. I like to make my kids laugh when I am crying because they worry so much. I saw the looks in their eyes when I was crying so I through my head back and said, "Whoa is me! There's nobody in this world as bad off as I am. Poor me!" Of course that got us all to laughing and they new I was going to be okay.

…time you cried?

I just found out yesterday that one of my favorite little girls in the world asked Jesus to be her Savior at Vacation Bible School! And I always cry when someone gets baptized too.

…time you felt guilty?

I feel guilty anytime I complain about being uncomfortable because my poor little daddy couldn't even scratch his nose if he wanted too and yet he never, ever complained.

…time you shouted at the TV?

I shouted as soon as I heard about the football player case and his cruelty to those dogs! Don't even get me started....he NEEDS and DESERVES to go to jail!

…time you had a hangover?

Never ever thank you very much.

…time you hugged someone?

I love hugs! I got to hug a cut out of Donny Osmond one time ;o) But I've also been hugging everyone that comes to see me since I've been home. And the ones that bring food get even bigger hugs! Heehee...just kidding!

…time you couldn’t sleep?

Oh, the night before we were going to go to interview about adopting our girls! I was so worried they wouldn't like me or would be afraid I wouldn't be able to care for them properly because of my arthritis. But no need to fear, they loved us!

…time you kissed someone?

Ahhhh, on my second date with my husband he walked me to the door and asked me if it would be okay if he gave me a kiss! Isn't that sweet?

…time you exercised?

Yuck! This afternoon my physical therapist came and worked me hard. A little too hard. Let's just say I am using three ice packs right now and boy do they feel good!

…time you ate something really unhealthy?

For dinner tonight I had a green apple Jones soda, Parmesan chicken, corn, cole slaw and rice krispie treats with chocolate on top and a homemade sugar cookie that is to die for. Me bad!

…time you had a dance?

Well, hello? Anytime I hear N'Sync's song Just Got Paid I have to get up and boogie and embarrass my kids!

…time you went on a shopping spree!

My mom let me skip school when I was a senior and go to Lafayette with a friend. She gave me her credit card and said to buy what I wanted! How cool of a mom is she? Of course I hit the clearance aisles and spent about $75 and got all of my summer wardrobe for that year.

…time you spoke to your mom?

January 11, 2007 at 12:30 in the morning. My brother had just let mom know that our dad had passed away. I just held the phone as she cried.

…time you said “I love you”

We say it a lot around here, but a special time was when I realized that I wanted my dearest friend to know how much I loved her, but I had never said that to a woman other than a relative. I thought about it and just told her, "I love you, you know." She smiled and said sweetly, "Amy, I know. I love you too. You're my bestest friend!"

And your last word is?

Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it. Yes, we are going to mess up daily and do something wrong or say something maybe we shouldn't it. But don't kick yourself over it time and time again. Get right with God and the person you wronged and start anew!


I Am Woman Hear Me Roar...

and maybe whimper a time or two! I am home. Happiness and joy! I do hurt...a lot! BUT, the bone on bone, excruciating pain on my left side is gone :o) Praise the Lord!!!! I only have it on my right side now, but in a few months that will be gone too!!! Sorry, I am going to use lots if these today....!!!!!!!!!!!......I can't help myself!!

Have I told you yet how much I missed all of you? NO? I am sorry, please forgive me. I missed all of you so much!!!!! I haven't got to visit anybody since I've been home, but I promise I will soon!

Friends, I still have a rough road ahead of me. My therapy is going well, but very slow because of every other joint hurting so bad. I am supposed to only put 1/3 weight on my new hip and carry myself with the good joints the doctor said. I laughed in his face....not really. I am having trouble getting off the bed and toilet by myself, but I know within a few more days of working hard I'll accomplish that task!

I also lost a lot of blood and my hemoglobin is only at a 7 and I guess for a woman it should be about a 14. I don't know, I'm just going by what they said. So I guess I better start pumping some more iron. I do have good news though...I've been ordered by the doctor to eat lots of protein! Yay, my favorite!! Hey, when I order a side of cow medium well do not judge me.

Ahhhh, it does feel good to be home though. My pillows missed me! Okay, okay, my family missed me a little too.

I have to tell ya though I did have to get stuck many times to find a vein for the IV and my nerve block didn't work so I woke up in severe pain and my IV's closed up so I couldn't get all the blood transfusions I needed and some of the nurses were a little grouchy, but the hospital food was so YUMMY I almost didn't want to come home yesterday!

Seriously, it was that good. I had a huge menu and I could order room service whenever I felt like it!! How fun was that? I'm already looking forward to next time..heehee!! It was like I was on a vacation. Also I had like 30 new releases I could choose from day or night so I watched a lot of movies. Well, at least they were on. I was kinda like a zombie most days and not able to fully concentrate, but I do know that Akeelah won the spelling bee!

I smell, I look horrible and my pajamas don't match in the slightest, but one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world is coming tonight for a visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She won't care. Knowing Teresa she will offer to give me my sponge bath. And who knows? I may even take her up on it. Yes, I have lost ALL modesty!

I'll be around to y'all and catch up this week! Thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement! Love you all!


Birthday Wishes

Who here doesn't know Christine? You don't? I think today is the day you need to stop by and meet her and wish her a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Christine has got be the happiest gal out there in Blogville and it's contagious so be forewarned. This is for you my friend:

Child of God
Happiest girl in the whole USA :o)
Reasonably sane!
Instant friend. You are greeted with open arms.
Smile that lights up the darkest room.
This girl is so creative! Check out her scrapbook and her food blog too.
Invested in her family. She's a loving mother to 4 beautiful children!
Never leave her blog feeling blah. If you are grouchy and want to stay that way, then don't visit!
Exactly what I want in a friend and I'm proud to call her just that!

Happy Birthday Christine!

Christine, in honor of your birthday I was thinking about getting a tattoo today. I've decided to get one that looks like a scar and I might get it on my left hip. LOL!


Yep, I Should Have Guessed

I've had eight surgeries in the past 20 years. And of those eight surgeries I have started my period every.single.time. a day or two before surgery. And this one is no exception. Mrs. Noah has made her appearance eight days early. Why does she hate me so?

In other news...remember my Thursday 13 post in which I mentioned I so needed a new purse? My oldest daughter came home from work that same night and had bought the cutest little drawstring bag for me! It has a hawaiian print with BLUE flowers y'all. I am filling it up with stuff like my Bible, a deck of cards (mini size-they are so cute and tiny), a sudoku book, my hand held Yahtzee and Tetris games, gum and mints, and maybe I'll sneak a Donny poster in it so I can hang it up at the hospital! Hey, don't scold me and roll your eyes. I just want it to feel kinda homey, ya know? :o)

And yes, I have made most of my lists and got a long of things accomplished. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I was having a hard time concentrating because of the anticipation of surgery. My mom called me with this comforting verse:

Isaiah 41:10 Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Isn't that a good verse? I'm working on memorizing it so as they wheel me away I can keep quoting it!

I am still getting cards from friends letting me know they are thinking of me. I've realized how much that means to me and I want to make a commitment right here and now to show others, especially shut-ins, how much they are thought of and prayed for. I know what an encouragement it has been for me. Makes me feel kinda loved too!

Speaking of love...I was blessed to be able to get out last night and go with my hubby to the movies! I do love getting in for free. Would it be wrong of me after both of my surgeries to still use the wheelchair so I can get in for that same low, low price of FREE? Yeah, that's what I thought too. Sigh!

And if you must know we saw Transformers. And before you laugh it was actually a lot of fun! I love action movies and it was full of it. And it's even more funner when you're just a big kid yourself!

YIPPEE! Guess what I just got in the mail? I won a set of recipe cards from Barb at A Chelsea Morning. I so wish I had a camera for you to see them. They are so pretty I don't want to touch them with my filthy flesh! She is just that creative I'm tellin' ya. To make a recipe look so elegant and beautiful. I don't feel worthy enough to look at it with my naked eye! I'm just sayin'.

I am so going to miss you, my bloggy buds! You brighten my days and I thank you for that. Just so maybe you'll remember me in your prayers (how's that for sounding whiny?) my left hip replacement surgery is Monday, July 16th at 2:00 pm Indiana time. No! Me bad. I don't know exactly what time zone I'm in. Please don't scold me again...I'm going to have a bone cut off...that should be punishment enough for being ignorant!

Specific prayer requests are:

1. That the hospital food tastes yummy! 2. That the lab technician is able to find a good vein on the very first try! I'm hoping to not have a central line put in this time. 3. That the anasthesiologist puts me under enough that I don't have a clue what's going on. 4. To give the doctors wisdom and guidance and not forget to put in anything like a screw or something important like that. 5. My dear, precious husband. He wants to spend the entire time with me, day in and day out. I know that will wear him out so I am hoping he'll come home and sleep in his own bed.

And I was just teasing about #1. That's because right down the block from OrthoIndy is a Cold Stone Creamery (watermelon sorbet, peeps!) and a Romano's Macaroni Grill! Just watch this new hip in action come Thursday or Friday. I better go and make reservations!

Love you all! I really and truly do.


Friday's Feast


What is your favorite fruit?

I love it all, but pineapple is at the tippy top of my list! And then there's bananas and strawberries and fresh Florida oranges or how about a juicy peach? Slurp! I got a great idea let's get crazy and just mix it all up and have a fruit salad. That way we all get our favorite fruit! Everybody grab a fork...we'll have a


Who is someone you consider as a great role model?

Someone that not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. And they have to be human! If they mess up they admit it, seek forgiveness and move on with it. I have several people in mind that I look up too. Nobody famous though. Mostly folks from my church. They are the same on Sunday as they are on a Thursday afternoon at Wal-mart. Just remember there is always someone watching you. Our goal should always be to glorify Christ in all we say and do!


If you were to spend one night anywhere within an hour of your home, where would you choose?

At the Indianapolis Zoo! I would love to spend the whole day and night laughing at the penguins and feeding the giraffes! But please leave a light on because I might get a little skiddish around the lions and tigers and bears. Oh my!

Main Course

Name something you do too often.

It doesn't show in my blogging, but in real life I am very sarcastic. I love teasing people, especially when they're not sure if I am teasing or not. I can keep a straight face. I was walking outside with our new youth pastor and he noticed the neighboring house had several rabbit hutches out back. He asked me if they raised them for 4H. I looked him dead in the eye and said "No. They raise them for food." He said, "Really?" Unfortunately one of my friends walked by at the time and said, "Pastor Derek, don't believe a word that comes out of her mouth!"

And you thought I was sweet and innocent! ;o)


Fill in the blank: I really like ___________ because ____________.

I really like Friday's because they are typically date night with my hubby!
I really like the feel of the squishy pillows because it is comforting to me.
I really like making my kid's favorite meals for their birthdays because it is their special day.
I really like blogging because I've made some wonderful friends.
I really like Donny Osmond because, uh hello? Just because!
I really like mentioning Donny Osmond at least once a week because it is expected of me now.
I really like to ramble on because sometimes I don't know when to shut up.
But I really like to listen to you because I'm here if you need me!

Have a great and wonderful weekend everyone!


13 Reasons Why I Can't Concentrate And Get Anything Done Around Home
13. Let's face it, my bum hurts! My mom bought a piece of fleece for me to sit on during the day. It must be working because I am wanting to go outside and graze. Baaaa!
12. I love my family. I do, but I have yet to spend 10 seconds to myself without one of them needing to talk about something. I am a good listener, but c'mon peeps I've got stuff to do too!
11. If you know me at all you know I am obsessed with my pillows. Well, my dog has also developed this obsession. She keeps rearranging my pillows to HER liking and it drives me insane. Maybe I need to buy her some pillows too. The girls got taste I must admit!
10. The ringing in my ears isn't helping matters much either.
9. I haven't made a single list yet! I need to make a list of things to pack for myself and one for my husband since he will be staying with me after surgery. A chore list for the kids so I know things will get done. A list of what to mail on what days so I don't bounce any checks while I'm gone. A list of phone numbers of people wanting to know how surgery went. A list of phone numbers for the kids if they need something. And a list of do's and don'ts for the kids while I'm gone. Yes, they are older, but we all know the saying "If the cat's away....." That applies to my precious angels as well!
8. Besides the family talking non-stop, my phone has been ringing off the wall. And it hasn't been from friends either. Lots of sales calls and I tell them we are on the No Call List and to please remove our name. A few minutes later another call from the same people! Uh hello? What did I just tell you? LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Pretty please?
7. Ahh, seven. It's my favorite number. What's yours?
6. I can't rest until I know everything there is to know about David and Victoria Beckham! It's a good thing this couple is plastered all over the telly. But I'm sure there's more to the story. I need to tune in tonight and watch Extra and Entertainment Tonight. I'm sure they'll have the latest gossip!
5. I'm typing this TT and knowing I should be taking this time to start making my lists, but yet I keep typing because I want to finish this because I am so close to being done. Rambling, I know!
4. Four reminds me that it is only 4 days until I'm hip again ;o) But then realizing it's only 4 more days makes me cringe and think, "Do I really want to go through with it?" This then makes me think of Phillipians 4:13 I can do ALL things through Christ which strengthens me.
3. I can't get the Macarena song out of my head. Do you know how hard it is to do the macarena on crutches? But hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! Ahh macarena! I got you thinking about it too ;o)
2. I want a new purse. It's silly I know, but for some reason I want a new one and I can't stop thinking about buying one. I don't even have a clue what I would be looking for since I don't really go anywhere to use one. But I want one. I need to get a reality check, huh? I wonder if there would be a nice pocket for that reality check to fit in when I get my new purse..heehee!
1. The voices in my head are telling me to get off the internet and start making lists so I can get at least one thing accomplished today! Maybe I'll start with a list of stores where I can buy a new purse!


Thank you Iris for hosting this weeks addition of In "other" Words. I love the quote she picked:
“Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing yet had been done.”

This quote reminds me of the line from Anne of Green Gables when Anne says to Marilla, "Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?" How true this is!

I lost my cool yesterday I admit. Things weren't going my way and I made sure everybody knew I wasn't happy. I tried to justify my attitude. "The accountant is coming tomorrow and the house is a mess and I need a shower and I don't know how I'm going to get it all done with nobody here!" I pouted.

Yep. I blew it big time. My desires were all about me, me, ME. I didn't start the morning with thanksgiving and seeking God's direction for the day. I had a goal and it was to make everyone's life as miserable as mine was. I succeeded.

I went to bed and opened my Bible to Ephesians 4:22-24. You were taught with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires, to be made new in the attitude of your minds and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.

It struck me like a two by four. I cried because I was ashamed. Lying there in bed I asked the Lord's forgiveness for my attitude. I knew in the morning I needed to apologize to my family as well. I studied the passage for awhile longer and worked on memorizing it. I knew I could definitely quote this each time I started thinking about me, myself and I!

My mornings need to start out with devotions and prayer. Not blogging! How am I to glorify Christ in all I say and do if I don't begin my day with Him? He's there for us 24/7! All we have to do is seek Him.

This morning I quoted Ephesians 4:22-24. I've asked God to help me accomplish what needs to be done. I've asked Him to guide me and let me do His will, not mine. I've promised Him that I will put off my impatience and temper and put on patience and self control today. I will ask my family for forgiveness once everybody starts waking up. I want people to see that God is my strength that gets me through each day because I am relying on Him and not myself.

It's only a little after 7:00 am and so far so good. I just spoke with one of my girls and she said, "Mom, remember frog." I looked at her puzzled and said, "Huh?" Fully Rely On God = FROG! Got it!

Thank you Lord for fresh new beginnings!


For some reason I can't put in a title today for this mind blowing post! I so need to take time to learn this stuff. Seems like a lot of work though..lol! I'd rather focus on my friends.

I lied. Not intentionally. My blood work came back yesterday and I am quite anemic. I have a little over a week to get it up; otherwise I don't get to have surgery. Bummer! I need to start pumping iron I guess.

I'm lonely today. No one is home with me at all and it will be awhile before they get home. After slipping the other day I am scared to even get up. I did go to the bathroom once and survived that! And I am hungry and the kitchen is at the other end of the house. Too risky. I guess I will probably wither away to nothing today! I need to watch the food channel because that helps me when I am starving. Weird, I know. I've heard that a time or two.

Started watching The Inside Man with Denzel Washington, but I heard the "F" word too many times for my liking so I turned it off. My daughter and I watched Anne of Green Gables last night. I have it memorized, but I never tire of it. If you have never watched it I highly recomend it. I don't see how anyone could watch it and not laugh at Megan Follows playing Anne Shirley. Too funny!

So much going on in Blogville. So many people need our prayers right now. Whether it is family trials, pregnancies, or health issues please remember all our friends this week. Sometimes we're not sure what to say or we want to help, but don't know how, but we can always pray. And pray without ceasing!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying their family time! I love you all.


What Color Am I?

You Are A Blue Girl

Relationships and feelings are the most important things to you.
You are empathetic and accepting - and good at avoiding conflict.
If someone close to you is in pain, it makes you hurt as well.
You try to heal the ones you love with your kind and open heart.
I know blue is my favorite color, but I promise I did not cheat!


13 Truths That Suggest I Am Getting Old

1. Besides the fact that I have about 247 gray hairs (yes I counted them!) my hair is changing texture. What used to be soft and silky is now coarse and crunchy.

2. Out with grape and orange juice. In with prune and tomato juice.

3. When calling for one of my children I tend to go down the list of names until I get to theirs. And yes, I even call out some of my pet's names too. My son really hates it when I call him Fluffy.

4. When trying to read anything I've learned that my face can stretch in all kinds of ways in order to see. First I start out with the head tilt. Soon it turns ugly when my jaw drops lower and lower and I twist and turn my head until voila! Just call me Stretch Armstrong-anybody remember those from our younger years?

5. Even if the prize in the sugared cereal box was a set of Donny Osmond teeth or a play figurine I won't eat them now. I want my maple brown sugar oatmeal or a toasted wheat bagel. Hey, maybe the prize in the oatmeal box is a poster of Wilfred Brimley. Now we're talkin'.

6. My mother is starting to ask me if I've had a bm everyday. Okay, I'm old, but not THAT old. Leave me a little dignity, please.

7. The kids at the fast food restaurants ask me if I want the senior citizen discount now. You betcha! I'm not one to turn down a bargain even if kids think I look 65.

8. The top of my stretchy jeans and the bottom of my bra are now one. This is not good.

9. One of my favorite prized possessions is my pill holder. Sad, but true. I only wish it was blue.

10. When shopping in the antique stores I am transformed back to my childhood. I didn't realize that my Coke machine radio and Thumbelina dolls were considered antiques.

11. My birthday wish list consists of orthopedic socks, a long handled grabber, a bedside commode and someone willing to clip my toenails!

12. When the bladder calls I must answer it immediately. Be back in a minute.

13. I'm back. Now what was I doing?


A Bit Of Randomness

Amy tagged me quite a few days ago for the 8 random facts about me. I've been MIA for several days and I am now just getting around to it. I've done these before, but I can easily come up with more! At least it's not the weird meme, because we all know there's nothing strange left to tell about me. I'm the most normal person around. ;o)

1. It's only 34 days until my 43rd birthday! My dad used to get the biggest kick out of me because I would start counting down the days until my b-day at the beginning of the year. Even this January before he died he managed to ask me how many days until my birthday. Of course I figured it out and told him. I'm happy I could still make him laugh. Omission of gifts is NOT requested....heehee!

2. Who here thinks Antonio Banderas and Denzel Washington are muy caliente? Oh yeah, that would be moi! Sigh.

3. I just checked and ALL four of my wisdom teeth have now decided to make their presence known. Why now? I'm wise beyond my years as it is ladies!

4. My kids are looking forward to me having surgery because we have awesome cooks in our baptist church. You know what I'm saying! A few years ago when I had something (shoulder, I think) replaced we had seven meals brought in. One every other day. And every.single.meal was a pan of lasagna. Now don't get me wrong. We loved lasagna and was very much appreciative for their kindness, but if you've ever eaten lasagna y'all know that one pan lasts a really long time. Needless to say my family (besides me) will not eat it anymore. Word got round the church so now the sweet ladies who provide the meals let my kids no there will be no lasagna!

5. I had my physical yesterday and I passed and am cleared for surgery. My blood pressure was a little high, but that's because I was dreading the blood tests. I am excruciatingly hard to get. About the only place a lab technician can get it is in the back of my left hand at the first knuckle. And BOY does it hurt. I will admit I usually shed a tear or two. 10 times out of 10 they have to stick me at least five times of not more. My mom called several ladies to pray and of course me and my hubby prayed and you know what? That precious lab tech got it in ONE stick!!!!!!!!! Thank you Lord. You are so good to me.

6. Eye used 2 b ah terifick spellor annd evun wun the speellin beez at skool evry yeer. Eym knot soe guud enymoore.

7. You know how some people dread it when folks get out old movies or photo albums of their families and go over every single picture with probably more info than you wanted to know? You may be one of them, I don't know. Anyway, I love, love, love to sit with people and learn all about their heritage. You can invite me over and I'll watch your home movies of your kids or I'll look at your albums of your great, great relatives or even your pets! If it is important to you than it is too me as well.

8. Okay, let's see. What is one last random fact that you are just dying to know? Many years ago we had our car stolen at Beef and Boards dinner theatre. I remember my husband saying let's park it under the lights so we'll see it when we come out! And the crazy thing is with all the BMW's and other fancy cars in the parking lot they had to steal our 1992 station wagon! Why? The police informed us that it was stolen because of the nice set of wheels. Go figure!

I know so many of you have done this so I don't think I have eight people to tag, but I'll ask these few because I would like to know more about them:

1. Kimmy
2. Sandy
3. Robin
4. Stacy
5. De

If you don't want to do it I won't be offended...sniff, sniff. ;o) Hey? If there's any question you would like to know, but were afraid to ask...I think now is the time to ask it. I don't know how more opportunites are going to open up for you in the future! Now's your chance folks~as long as it is appropriate, please. We're family friendly around here. Plus I've led a very sheltered life so I may not even know what you are talking about!