1000 Blessings Friday

Carrie's Crafty Cottage started this meme on Friday, July 20th. I have a couple weeks of catching up to do, but I am blessed beyond measure so this will be a no brainer!

I think this is a wonderful idea because sometimes we can get focused on what's going wrong in our lives and forget about the little blessings we witness each day. And if you really stop to think about it, whatever situation we are in, their is always at least one person facing a much bigger battle.

Okay, here's my list....even though it's not Friday. I'll try to do better next week!

1. I didn't throw up after my surgery like I normally do! In fact when I got back to the room I was starving and asked for food. I had a lovely dinner of saltines and cherry jello!

2. My husband stayed with me all day and all night the entire week. He's so good to me, always.

3. I mentioned this before, but the food was divine at the hospital. No kidding! Looking forward to going back for the next surgery. No kidding!

4. When I got home there was a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers and a stack of cards waiting for me. I've received over thirty cards since I got home! Knowing how much they mean to me has made me realize that I need to be better at sending notes and cards to others.

5. Our church has provided meals for us every night. We have so much food around here I need to invite the neighbors over to help us eat it! I am thankful that my family is having a break from doing all the cooking. It's been enjoyable watching the kids anticipate the evening meals and devouring it before it even comes in the door! Even the dog has been excited too because of all the attention she is getting.

6. Therapy is coming to my home three times a week. This is a huge blessing because I have no idea how I could even get in the van at this point. I'm only allowed to put 1/3 weight on my new hip so that could be a problem. My therapist's name is Trish and she is wonderful. She even loves the dog which is a blessing within a blessing!

7. My friend Lori from Missouri stopped in for a surprise visit! I haven't seen her in over a year and she stayed a long time and we laughed and laughed for such a long time. I made her eat some of the desserts we had. Funny, she had no problem with it!

8. My friend Teresa was able to come twice and spend quite awhile. I met her years ago when we took a family vacation together to California. I didn't even know her or her family and we spent like a month together. But that's a whole other story! I love her to death.

9. Thankful for my dear mother who has been coming and helping with the housework and rubbing my knee when it hurts. Poor thing doesn't feel that well herself, but she has a servant's heart and just goes, goes, goes.

10. Family night. Last night we watched High School Musical with the kids. I'm thankful they still enjoy good clean wholesome movies. It was corny, but fun!

11. My daughter Kara. She has been taking such good care of me. Thankfully she hasn't had to work much this week and when she is home she gives me a good old fashioned sponge bath and washes my hair. And when I go to the bathroom, well... you get the idea. Let's just say she and I have become a lot close this week. I've had some trouble getting up by myself and she is strong enough to help me up properly. I have a lot of restrictions with this new hip so it's been a little tricky, but we're learning.

12. I get my staples out tomorrow!! I have over forty of them. The scar will be at least nine inches long which brings my total scar lengths to over six feet tall! Yes, I am a sicko. Hey, if your going to have scars you might as well have fun with it, right?

13. Although I haven't tried them yet I just heard that Reese's has a peanut butter, banana candy bar. MMmm, doesn't that sound good? I shouldn't try them, but if I have a chance I'm gonna!

14. Free samples! I've been getting lots of good stuff in the mail this week including a brand new pair of panties from Hanes! Also received some samples of Clorox wipes, Prilosec, lotions and more pet food!

15. I love my dog. She's a comfort to me when I don't feel well. She stays right beside me and lets me know how much she loves me by sharing my pillows~isn't that sweet? Oh, and I am thankful for commercials. I love the one where the bulldog gets a little sister and she shares her toy with the puppy. Have you seen it yet?

16. Paula Deen. Now stop laughing. I have a lot of time on my hands right now and she's on a lot. She just makes me smile and laugh. Who doesn't get a kick out of her?

17. I received $5 plus a TV diary from Nielson ratings this week. What an easy way to earn five bucks!

18. After my last post I spiked a fever of 103.3 so I was out of commission for a few days. But the good news is it has nothing to do with my surgery. Our first fear was a staph infection. I'll admit is has been a rough three days of just feeling completely horrible, but today my temp is down to 100.1 and that helps a lot.

19. A good nights sleep. I've missed a lot of sleep, but last night I got several hours and so did my poor hubby. I think he's missed more sleep than I have because he's been too worried about me to sleep. It's nice to be loved that much. I am very blessed with my guy!

20. The sound of laughter. It's good to be able to see the humor is most situations. Especially when put in awkward circumstances. My poor daughter has done a lot of unpleasant things for me and we laugh and say What I Did On My Summer Vacation by Kara. I think the teacher would give her an A just because of what she's had to do!

I promise that next week my list won't be all about surgery and that kinda stuff. It's just for now I'm still living in my room so I haven't experienced much else. Let's all sing now~

Count you blessings name them one by one
Count your blessing see what God has done
Count your blessings, Name them one by one
Count your many blessings see what God has done!

Have a great day everybody!


Carrie said...

Well what a great list you have started! And it's ok that you didn't get it posted on Friday LOL I'm glad you're joining in on this with me, I think it's going to really change the way we look at our day-to-day lives.
God bless :)

Michelle said...

what a great list of blessings you have going there! I know you're so thankful you didn't throw up after the surgery! You know what, I enjoyed just about all of my meals at the hospital after I had given birth to Kayla too! I sure didn't mind not having to cook and it was really good! Either that or I was so hungry I just devoured everything :) sounds like your family has been such a huge blessing to you during this time as well!

Christine said...

Amy, now this is a great list of blessings.I'm so glad you're doing so well. It is a great blessing to be surrounded by friends and family that love you and are there to help you, even help you eat DESSERTS!!LOL!
I'm like Michelle, after I had Katelyn, I was starving, and even the sandwhiches in the galley were delicious.
Happy weekend!

amy said...

What a neat list Amy..I love your attitude!You are awesome!

Kimmy said...

Thanks for sharing all your blessings! And while you did that, you also provided me with an update about your week - multiasking, that's great! You are in my thoughts and prayers as you recover from your surgery. ((Hugs))

Sandy said...

Got to love a woman who just had major surgery, a fever, and cherry jello for dinner, and one of her first posts is about her blessings!
That's what we all love about you Amy......you have a great attitude!

BTW, I hadn't heard about the PBcup with a banana, sounds interesting.

Also, my mom had a brain aneursym burst last summer, she was in the hospital for month. She got soooooo many cards that she so LOVED, it was a reminder to me also to send a cards. If I knew your address I'd send you one! :)

Goofy Girl said...

Sounds like everyone has been taking good care of you! :) I hope you continue to do well in your recovery!

Kailani said...

Sounds like you have a very loving family. You're very lucky!

An Island Life

Carol said...

You are blessed indeed! Continued prayers for your total recovery, Amy!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Amy. Thank you for taking time to visit me. I really appreciate it.

I'm glad to hear that your surgery went well. Being surrounded by caring and loving people is a great blessing. It makes recovery faster and the pain somehow easier to bear.

Thank you for sharing your blessings. Take care and wishing you well. God bless.