For some reason I can't put in a title today for this mind blowing post! I so need to take time to learn this stuff. Seems like a lot of work though..lol! I'd rather focus on my friends.

I lied. Not intentionally. My blood work came back yesterday and I am quite anemic. I have a little over a week to get it up; otherwise I don't get to have surgery. Bummer! I need to start pumping iron I guess.

I'm lonely today. No one is home with me at all and it will be awhile before they get home. After slipping the other day I am scared to even get up. I did go to the bathroom once and survived that! And I am hungry and the kitchen is at the other end of the house. Too risky. I guess I will probably wither away to nothing today! I need to watch the food channel because that helps me when I am starving. Weird, I know. I've heard that a time or two.

Started watching The Inside Man with Denzel Washington, but I heard the "F" word too many times for my liking so I turned it off. My daughter and I watched Anne of Green Gables last night. I have it memorized, but I never tire of it. If you have never watched it I highly recomend it. I don't see how anyone could watch it and not laugh at Megan Follows playing Anne Shirley. Too funny!

So much going on in Blogville. So many people need our prayers right now. Whether it is family trials, pregnancies, or health issues please remember all our friends this week. Sometimes we're not sure what to say or we want to help, but don't know how, but we can always pray. And pray without ceasing!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying their family time! I love you all.


amy said...

Praying for YOU!@

Goofy Girl said...

I hope your day goes better and you have some iron!!

Christine said...

Saying a prayer for you, that you'll be feeling better, and that your surgery goes well.

Take care. *HUGS*


Kimmy said...

Praying for you, Amy. I've been anemic off and on for years. It's not fun and sometimes it's really tricky to get iron levels up to an acceptable level.

Kailani said...

Maybe you should keep some non-perishables in different rooms so that you always have something available to eat. Hope they came home soon!

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