Friday's Feast


What are some lyrics you have misheard (such as, instead of "Gettin' Jiggy With It" you heard "Kick a chicken with it")?

The Go Go's song "Our Lips Are Sealed". I always thought she was singing Honest Cecile. I really should go get that hearing aid!


What is the worst movie you have ever seen?

Morons from Outerspace (1985). We watched it when we were staying on The Isle of Wight. Maybe I just don't get British humor!


Using the letters from your favorite number, write a sentence. Example: Tomorrow has really easy experiences.

Smiles excite volunteers every night!

Main Course

What was the most interesting news story you have heard this week?

That Pluto is no longer considered a planet.


Which word(s) would you choose to describe your wardrobe?

Comfortably easy to put on myself.

My Word Cloud!

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Things I Am Looking Forward To
1. Awana start September 6th at our church! I am the director of Chums (8 & 9 year old girls). Please be in prayer for our church. This is an awesome opportunity to reach kids throughout our community!
2. My hubby called and said he had a surprise for me! I just hope it isn't a stray he found on the side of the road!
3. The kid's school pictures should be here in about a week. I can't wait to compare them with last year's pictures and see the changes.
4. September 8th is our 22nd wedding anniversary and we are going away for a long weekend! We get to go to the IMAX, the art museum, shopping and eat whatever we want!
5. My good friend is having her first baby next Wednesday and he's gonna be a big one! I pray she has an easy time.
6. Our church is in the process of hiring a new senior pastor and I am seeking God's will and anxiously awaiting to see who it will be.
7. Who can forget the new fall line up?! I hope there will be some more family type shows we can all sit down and watch together. And, of course, American Idol starts in January!
8. Donny Osmond was supposed to have released a dvd with all the old Donny & Marie shows on it by now. I need to check in with that and see what happened!
9. And YES, I will be torturing my whole family and making them watch every cavity laced moment!
10. In November we are going to California and I can't wait to re-visit my husband's old stomping grounds. I love seeing where he grew up and what church and schools he went to.
11. Also in November we are going to Las Vegas for a huge automotive convention. I love all the freebies we get! My record of free pens so far is 197! Folks, it doesn't take much to excite me!
12. Can't wait for the changing of the leaves and the smell of autumn.
13. Going home tonight and reading everybody else's TT!


Works For Me Wednesday

Owning your own business can be very expensive so I am always looking for the best hotel rates I can. This does take a little extra time, but the money I save has been well worth it.

When making hotel reservations I check expedia.com, orbitz.com, and travelocity.com. I know there are many others out there, but I have had the best luck with these three. I find the hotel I want to stay at and get the best price from the three of them. Then I give the hotel a call and see if they can't beat the best deal I found. Most of the time, not every time, they lower the price by ten dollars a night or they give me a better room for the price I found on the internet! It never hurts to ask and the worst thing they can do is say "No!".


The Pizza Box MeMe

What was your favorite thing about being a kid?

I still act like a kid ;o) But way back then I loved being able to run, run, and run so more! We lived in a neighborhood full of children my age so there was always somebody to play with. I loved going to the five and dime with my mom and picking out a sack full of penny candy. I loved going to the hardware store with my dad and just having that time with him. And I loved building a tree house with my older brother. I loved having a garden and every single night we ate the same thing all summer long~tomatoes, corn on the cob, fried zucchini and green beans and fresh watermelon! It never got old.

What was your favorite subject in school?

I loved all the maths, although today I have a hard time helping my children with their homework. The teachers just don't do it the same anymore. As you can tell my grammar, I was not very good at english!

Who was your best friend when you were 10?

Mary Lou and I were inseparable. We loved playing Barbies and would play for hours. I would use my Donny Osmond album covers as "walls" for the bedroom :o) I would do that now, but I think my hubby might get a little jealous!

If you could be any animal what would you be?

Although giraffes are by far my favorite animal I would have to say I wouldn't mind having the life of our bulldog, Wensleydale. She sleeps on the bed and hogs all the room. She finally moseys out of bed around 10:00 am and wants to eat immediately. She gets to go for rides in the car whenever she so desires. She gets attention wherever we go and someone is always offering to give her a treat or buy her an ice cream cone! She rules the house and we pretty much abide by her wishes whether she wants food, treats, played with or just loved on. Must be nice!

What would you change about your school, occupation, life right now?

My job right now is working along side with my husband. We own our own Mustang restoration business. I love being with him, but I do wish we had more time to ourselves. Our anniversary is in about a week and we are leaving for the weekend!!! As far as my life, the only thing I would change right now is that I would have my hip replacement surgery over and done with. I love my life and learn a little more each day on how much the Lord helps me through even the tiniest of problems. "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me." Phillipians 4:13

What's your favorite color?

BLUE makes me very happy!

What's your favorite type of crust and favorite topping on a pizza?

I like to make my own and thaw frozen loaves of bread and smoosh it real thin. My favorite kind of pizza toppings are cheeseburger with onions!


The Name Of Your Game

Barb at A Chelsea Morning was the second blog I discovered and I read her first thing every morning! She is asking fellow bloggers what inspired their blog name. I have enjoyed reading everybody else's because I have always been curious too! Thanks Barb for asking this question!

I've always been the first one to laugh at a joke or see the humor in things when other people don't. I can make fun of myself easily and, in fact, I jump at the chance to do so. When I was picking out my blog name I thought of the time that I was in my bedroom and I fell. My first thought, of course, was Ouch! Then I started giggling because I realized I was going to be able to yell, "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!" Does anybody remember that commercial? When my husband came to the rescue I could barely get the words out because I was laughing so hard. I told my sis-in-law about it and she, too, thought it was funny, but said, "Only you would be able to laugh through your tears."

My name probably describes me best. Sometimes the tears just flow when it hurts so bad, but I can always see the brighter side of things. Oh, that would have been a good name too~The Brighter Side of Things! Oh well. Where was I? Oh yeah, I do love to laugh even when I'm crying if that makes any sense!

It's not clever or exciting, but that's my story and I am sticking to it.



Everyday Thanks

As I walk slowly down the hall I hear my crutch make a "tink" sound. I move the other foot forward hearing that same sound. Each step is more painful than the last. By the time I reach my destination I am in tears, only because the pain is unbearable at that point. I sit down, relieved, take a deep breath and wipe the tears away.

I am thankful for pain that brings tears. I've had arthritis since I was ten and from the day it started I have never experienced a day free from pain. But that's okay! My pain is a reminder that God is with me through all of this. This is His plan for me.

Because He has allowed this in my life makes me realize that He knows I am strong, even when I feel weak. There have only been a couple of times when I thought I just can't do this anymore. Instead of thinking I have to get through day by day I changed my way of thinking and thought, "Okay, Lord, we will get through this together moment by moment." You know what? It works!

I hope I would have a close a relationship with God if I wasn't in pain, but I don't know. I do know~~~~Pain leads to Prayer which leads to Praise!


Friday's Feast


If you could have a free subscription to any magazine, which one would you like to have?

I would like to receive GAMES magazine! I have a hard time finding it in my town.


Describe your living room (furnishings, colors, etc.).

It has beige carpet with white walls (boring, I know), we have a brownish colored couch, a dark blue lift chair, a beige lift chair and a brown rocking chair. I have several pictures of barns on the walls. We also have a 110 gallon aquarium with no fish in it right now. It did have a shark named Fluffy in it, but I killed him accidentally, but that's a whole other story.


What does the shape of a circle make you think of?

I know it sounds corny, but it reminds me of my circle of friends. They are so supportive and I can always be just who I am around them. It doesn't matter if I have bedhead or am dressed to the nines, they know the real me and love me anyway!

Main Course

Name 3 things in your life that you consider to be absolute necessities.

My crutches (until I get hip replacements), laughter, and toilet paper. Enough said!


What was the last really funny movie you watched?

We just watched "Rocketman" as a family. I laugh more at my children watching it!


Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Things I'll Cherish Forever
1. A Christmas gift from my husband he bought in Bahrain. It is a small ornamental box that contains gold, frankincense and myrrh.
2. A stuffed Noah's Ark pillow, complete with animals, that all three of my kids made while I was away on business.
3. A necklace made of pumpkin seeds painted different colors that my grandmother gave me when I was eight.
4. The look on my husband's face when I walked down the aisle to be his bride. He made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world and still does!
5. Getting a phone call from our caseworker letting us know she had two precious girls ages 3 1/2 and 5 that she knew would be a perfect fit for my husband and I!
6. Getting a phone call the day before we officially adopted our daughters wondering if we would be interested in adopting their brother. Of course we said YES! Now our family was complete.
7. Hearing my kids call me Mom for the first time and really meaning it.
8. Waking up at 6:00 am to visit with my grandmother while she made breakfast. I was always amazed how she could make homemade biscuits by measuring the ingredients with her hands and not a measuring cup. They were perfect everytime!
9. Feeding the giraffes at Binder Park Zoo for the first time. I think giraffes are just the coolest and could watch them for hours.
10. My friendship with my bestest friend, Karen. I can't put into words how much she means to me, but I am sure you all have a girlfriend that you feel the same way about.
11. The Donny & Marie Osmond show. I know, I know, it's weird, but having arthritis as a kid there were many long weeks of feeling terrible, but I always looked forward to watching their show and escaping reality, even if only for an hour.
12. A Noah's Ark shadow box my husband made from scrap metal. It is in the shape of an ark and I put my Noah's Ark Christmas ornaments from Hallmark on it. It's really cool!
13. My mom's Scofield Bible. She's had it since I was a little girl and there are so many notes in there from her devotions or from different sermons. I could look at it for hours and hours.


Works For Me Wednesday

I'm sure this is not new to everybody, but it sure comes in handy when your child informs you that she volunteered you to make 4 dozen cookies for her class the day they are needed! All to familiar, huh? Here goes:

1 boxed cake mix (you get to choose the flavor!)
1 stick of margarine or butter
1 large egg
1 cup of mixin's, if you desire, such as choc. chips, M & M's, nuts, whatever your heart desires


In large mixing bowl, melt one stick of margarine until completely melted. Add one egg and stir. Add the cake mix and stir with a fork until mixed. Add 1 cup of desired extras and stir. Bake @ 325 degrees for 10 minutes. Yields about 2 1/2 dozen cookies.

Some great flavors that need no extras are: lemon, butter pecan and strawberry! Enjoy!


Travelling Through The USA

I didn't realize how fortunate I am to have travelled to 32 states so far!


Friday's Feast


What color is your car?

Silver Jade


If you could wake up tomorrow with full training in another occupation and a job in that field, what would it be?

I would love to be the giraffe caretaker at Binder Park Zoo in Michigan. Giraffes bring me such joy for some reason I can't describe. I could sit there all day and watch them and feed them.


How many times in your life have you had the flu (or something similar)?

When I get sick I do it 100%. It's hard to tell in this picture, but recently I had my first kidney stone and I threw up so hard for 30 hours, that the whites of my eyes were blood red and I gave myself two black eyes! It's a scary picture to introduce myself I know, but please remember I just got out of the hospital! As far as the flu goes, I've had it at least once a year from as far back as I can remember.

Main Course

What is something that has happened to you this week that you didn't expect?

I keep receiving presents and flowers for my birthday even though it was back on the 7th! I'm not complaining though. I appreciate their thoughtfulness so much. I need to get started on those thank you notes!


How old were you when you had your first kiss?

Aahhh! This brings back memories ;o) I was in fourth grade and I liked this one boy named Billy and at recess I just went up to him and kissed him. He didn't know what happened to him!


Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Things I'm Looking For:

1. The movie "While You Were Sleeping" on DVD.
2. My new book my friend bought me for my birthday. Did I leave it at church?
3. Recipes that are low-cal, low-sodium and low carbs all at the same time.
4. Waldo ~ Where is he?
5. Slip on tennis shoes that actually fit my wide foot! Wal-mart quit selling the ones I always bought for like $6 a pair. Ggrrrrr!
6. The perfect vacation spot to spend my 22nd wedding anniversary that is handicapped accessible.
7. A new ringtone for my cell phone. There are so many choices I just can't decide.
8. Sites that will teach me all the ins and outs of the blogging world.
9. Wild & wacky ideas I can use for theme nights in our Awana group at church.
10. Gadgets that help me live more independently like cool handy dandy grabbers, raised toilet seats, and zipper pulls. It's little things like these that just make the days go smoother!

11. A new hairstyle. You know when the only compliments you get on your hair are from woman 70 years and older that it's time for a change!
12. Hot cinnamon toothpicks I loved as a teenager. Anybody remember those?
13. A new purse!!! Hubby said I couldn't buy another one until mine was worn out. It took some doin', but I managed to do ruin it in a short time ;o) Never did like it anyway.

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She kisses my forehead and says, "How ya doin'?"
I tell her I'm fine, but with her there's no foolin'.
She's dances silly just to hear me laugh.
She buys me candles and stuffed giraffes!
She worries about me, I can tell by her face.
I remind her I'll be okay, but only with God's grace.
She's as sweet as the day is long.
In her eyes I can do no wrong.
Believe it or not, she used to be quiet and shy.
Now she is my social butterfly!
Her eyes are warm and deep chocolate brown.
She thinks she's the queen and royally wears a crown ;o)
Her smile could light up even the darkest room.
She smells prettier than orchids in rarest bloom.
She likes to take long, hot showers,
And like most girls can talk on the phone for hours!
Sure, she likes to tease her sis and bro!
But if any one else does, watch out! It's a major no-no.
No matter what, she holds her family close to her heart.
For one day soon, she will depart.
But for now she stays at home.
Not too far will she roam.
She's not quite certain what she wants to do in life.
Her main goal, though, is to be a Godly wife.
On Mother's Day at just five years old
She asked Jesus to be her Saviour from what she told!
My heart was full of joy that day
When she accepted His free gift for which He paid.
She's never strayed from her beliefs, Praise the Lord!
She shares with others from the mighty Sword.

She's becoming a woman, just look at her, WOW!
"When did this happen?", I ask myself now.
She always talks and shares about her day.
I really wouldn't want it any other way.
She's become more than just my daughter, I can't pretend.
She's also become one of my closest friends.

Love, Mom


Happiness Is.....

I saw this on one of my favorite sites: Sheri at Shades of Pink and thought it was worth trying. Please let me know if you are doing it too and I will check your site everyday.

Happiness Is......
August 1 ~ Having a director's meeting for Awana means it is starting soon! I love my Chums!
August 2 ~ My dad is having a pretty good day today...thank you Lord for that!
August 3 ~ Registering kids for school! Happy days are coming soon!
August 4 ~ Having a much needed date with my wonderful husband!
August 5 ~ Having a Saturday completely to myself and getting some much needed paperwork done without interruption! May not sound like happiness to you, but I smiled the whole day through!
August 6 ~ Receiving unexpected gifts and cards from friends at church!
August 7 ~ Turning "42"! More friends stopping by bearing gifts. I'm starting to get a little embarrassed by all the attention, but I eat it up as it won't last much longer ;o) My husband and I went on another date to Romano's Macaroni Grill and Stone Cold Creamery! Major Yumminess!!
August 8 ~ Realizing that I didn't gain any weight from last night. I was good and it paid off. Yea!!
August 9 ~ Having a rough day, but knowing that the Lord is there right beside me to help me through this struggle!
August 10 ~ Having survived yesterday without a scratch, so to speak. Thank you Lord for your many blessings. I also started my own site today!
August 11 ~ My husband cooking tonight and made a wonderful Lemon Meringue Pie that I can have on my diet! Also made a delicious low-cal chicken dish. Yum!
August 12 ~ My precious children offering to clean the house. They swept, they mopped, they dusted, they got grossed out by the science experiments in the fridge, they listened and obeyed my commands :o)
August 13 ~ Feeling like going to both the morning and evening service! We had a wonderful speaker that will be on his way to Scotland come Wednesday. And my bestest friend giving me a birthday gift! Thank you, Karen!
August 14~ Having lunch with my dear friends from Pennsylvania and then returning home to have a beautiful floral bouquet delivered for a belated birthday present. Thank you!
August 15 ~ 100 calorie pack snacks! What a treat when your watching calories, but crave something sweet. I have to say the Oreos are my favorite!
August 16 ~ Getting to spend a long leisurely lunch with my two best friends with no interruptions!
August 17 ~ A new box of Crayola crayons - the BIG 128 pack :o) Even at 42, I still love to color!
August 18 ~ I found my book I was looking for and I went out last night and got a new "do" and I love it! Happiness and Joy :o)
August 19 ~ Listening to my husband sing "I Will Be There" at a friend's wedding, but knowing that he is singing it to me!
August 20 ~ Hearing the best sermon preached in many years. I love a preacher that is not afraid to step on toes and preaches the truth! AMEN!
August 21 ~ Having a good hair day ;o)
August 22 ~ Planning a vacation with my husband!
August 23 ~ When I turn on the christian radio station and they are playing 4Him. They are my absolute favorite!
August 24 ~ Finding a nice Grand Am at a reasonable price for my daughter, Kara. When we are patient the Lord does provide, doesn't he Kara?
August 25 ~ My husband. He's been doing all the cooking lately and he is so creative in the kitchen. He helps me stay on my diet, but still enjoy the most delicious food I've eaten ever. Seriously, he should open his own restaurant!
August 26 ~ A rainy day. Being able to stay inside and read all the blogs I want!
August 27 ~ A family day! Going to church, having lunch out and then shopping for everyday things, but having great conversations while we do it!
August 28 ~ Having a picnic lunch and good fellowship with my friends Bridget and Marcia!
August 29 ~ Receiving so many comments on my blog. I didn't realize how encouraging they would be! I will make sure and comment on other sites I read now. Thank you new friends!
August 30 ~ Making hotel reservations for our 22nd anniversary! Only 9 more days!!!
August 31 ~ Having lunch with my wonderful husband, my bestest friend and her sweet husband! What a way to end the month. I love you guys!

Happy Days Are Here Again!

At 6:00 am the alarm sounds.
Time to start the morning rounds.
Care Bear, I shout, Time to rise and shine!
Waiting...waiting...ah, yes, I hear her whine...
Can't I sleep just five minutes more?
I make a deal and give her four.
Now it's time to wake up my son.
It isn't easy and it's never FUN!
J-man, I plead, Let's start the day out right!
You'll be able to sleep more tonight!
Don't you want to eat some yummy food?
That should get him in a good mood.
Yes! He's up and ready to start.
Hey, that wasn't so bad on my part.
At first they move in slow motion.
Soon, I know, there will be a commotion.
Mom, my senior yells with all her might!
My new pants that used to fit are now too tight.
Wear something else for now, my dear
It's really not worth shedding a tear.
My son can't decide what to pack for lunch.
PB &J, Pringles, banana, Twinkie and fruit punch!
Time's a wastin' I yell!
Mom, we have until the second bell.
Grab your lunch, brush your teeth and hair!
We gather together and have a prayer.
Lord, thank you for this wonderful day.
Please be with my kids while they are away.
Please help them to do their very best
And guide them when they are put to the test.
We praise you for wonderous Son,
Through Him any victory can be won!
I kiss and hug my kids so tight.
Now go on, get on the bus, as I turn on the outside light.
Knowing the kids are fine and ready to begin

I yell to my husband...Happy Days Are Here Again!



Daily Blessing's

Even on days when I wake up in tears because of pain I have to be thankful for all that surrounds me.

My bulldog is the first to greet me with her whole backside wagging uncontrolably anxiously awaiting confirmation that she exists.

My husband who is trying to rest awakes to offer his assistance. "What can I do to help my bride?" he asks. I know he is tired. He feels helpless because there is nothing he can do to help. I try to reassure him that I'll be okay.

My children get up one by one. Checking on me is the first thing they do each morning, unless the call of their bladder gets them first! "How did you sleep, Mom? How bad are you hurting this morning, Mom? Is there anything I can get you, Mom?" There is genuine concern in their voices.

It's not long until my sweet mother calls asking me the same questions. She and dad are such prayer warriors. Because of my dad's disease (Parkinson's), they are up alot at night. Mom says they pray for me every time they are awake.

My church family is so special and are so faithful when it comes to sending a card or phoning to see if you need anything. They are always offering to bring in meals. A quick side note: The last time I had surgery we accepted the generous offer of meals for the family. Our church has some awesome cooks! We recieved SEVEN pans of lasagna!! Needless to say, our family no longer likes lasagna :o)

Just like others, I take it day by day knowing that God is in control of my surroundings. I am thankful to Him for who He has placed in my life. I consider myself very blessed.



Friday's Feast


Tell about a toy you remember from your childhood.

Does anyone remember the handheld game Merlin? I got it for Christmas when I was fourteen. Over the years it quit working and my husband bought me a "new one" off of e-Bay for Christmas last year!


If you could make one thing in the world absolutely free for everyone, what would it be?

A seven day, six night dream vacation to any destination they choose! I love to travel and have been very fortunate to go many places.


Approximately how many times per day do you think about your significant other?

Since I work with my husband at our own business, I think of him ALL day long. It's so nice to look over and see him working at his desk or be able to roll over in my chair and give him a peck on the cheek!

Main Course

What is something you believe in 100%?

I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He came to die on the cross and save us from our sins. I asked Him to be my Saviour when I was eight years old!


Name one thing you have done this week that you would consider a "good deed."

It really wasn't a good deed, but I saw the Lord working yesterday. I needed to pay my storage bill, but decided to do it later in the day. Later, when I was going to pay it I started thinking about some friends that had moved away and would you believe when I pulled in to the storage buildings there they were packing up a U-haul!! My friend came running and said I came at just the right time. She and her daughters needed to go to the bathroom so I ran them down to the first gas station we found! I know it may seem insignificant to some, but I know the Lord had me wait so I could see my friends!


A Day of Firsts!

Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME
1. My mother named me after a soap opera character on "The Secret Storm". Yes, I am a tad bit embarrassed by this :o)
2. My name can be arranged to form three different words: Amy, May and Yam!
3. My two best friends in grade school were both named Amy. All three of us were in the same classes for years. This drove our teachers crazy!
4. My name means "most beloved". I like to rub this in my husband's face because his name only means "beloved".
5. When I was in the fourth grade I wanted to be different than my friends so I wrote my name as "Aimee" on my homework assignment and Mrs. Worth counted it wrong!
6. My intials make another word: ADS.
7. When all of my nieces and newphews were learning to talk they all called me Mamie. I loved it every time I heard it!
8. My husband calls me Amuns.
9. I dislike my middle name: Diane. I say this only because when I was young there were two girls, both named Diane, that made fun of my limp. Usually I have tough skin, but hearing it daily made me dislike these girls very much.
10. I have seventeen letters in my entire name.
11. My last name is sometimes hard to pronounce so my Awana girls call me Miss Amy.
12. For many, many years I was the only Amy at church until we hired a new youth pastor and his wife is named Aimee.
13. Because I loved Donny & Marie growing up I begged my mom to change my name to Amy Marie. Needless to say I never got my wish!
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