Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Things I'm Looking For:

1. The movie "While You Were Sleeping" on DVD.
2. My new book my friend bought me for my birthday. Did I leave it at church?
3. Recipes that are low-cal, low-sodium and low carbs all at the same time.
4. Waldo ~ Where is he?
5. Slip on tennis shoes that actually fit my wide foot! Wal-mart quit selling the ones I always bought for like $6 a pair. Ggrrrrr!
6. The perfect vacation spot to spend my 22nd wedding anniversary that is handicapped accessible.
7. A new ringtone for my cell phone. There are so many choices I just can't decide.
8. Sites that will teach me all the ins and outs of the blogging world.
9. Wild & wacky ideas I can use for theme nights in our Awana group at church.
10. Gadgets that help me live more independently like cool handy dandy grabbers, raised toilet seats, and zipper pulls. It's little things like these that just make the days go smoother!

11. A new hairstyle. You know when the only compliments you get on your hair are from woman 70 years and older that it's time for a change!
12. Hot cinnamon toothpicks I loved as a teenager. Anybody remember those?
13. A new purse!!! Hubby said I couldn't buy another one until mine was worn out. It took some doin', but I managed to do ruin it in a short time ;o) Never did like it anyway.

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