A Day of Firsts!

Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME
1. My mother named me after a soap opera character on "The Secret Storm". Yes, I am a tad bit embarrassed by this :o)
2. My name can be arranged to form three different words: Amy, May and Yam!
3. My two best friends in grade school were both named Amy. All three of us were in the same classes for years. This drove our teachers crazy!
4. My name means "most beloved". I like to rub this in my husband's face because his name only means "beloved".
5. When I was in the fourth grade I wanted to be different than my friends so I wrote my name as "Aimee" on my homework assignment and Mrs. Worth counted it wrong!
6. My intials make another word: ADS.
7. When all of my nieces and newphews were learning to talk they all called me Mamie. I loved it every time I heard it!
8. My husband calls me Amuns.
9. I dislike my middle name: Diane. I say this only because when I was young there were two girls, both named Diane, that made fun of my limp. Usually I have tough skin, but hearing it daily made me dislike these girls very much.
10. I have seventeen letters in my entire name.
11. My last name is sometimes hard to pronounce so my Awana girls call me Miss Amy.
12. For many, many years I was the only Amy at church until we hired a new youth pastor and his wife is named Aimee.
13. Because I loved Donny & Marie growing up I begged my mom to change my name to Amy Marie. Needless to say I never got my wish!
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Jeana said...

Congratulations, and welcome to the blogdom!

Kelli said...

Haha- I was a TV baby - what is with that :) Dad and three strangers names me after a little girl playing on a sitcom in the waiting room. I can only be thankful that the Addams Family was not playing at the time, I guess.

Robin said...

Was that your first post? It made me smile. Someone hit my blog today from your sidebar, and I realized I hadn't been here in quite a while.

Which is crazy! I ENJOY your brain!

I know you're busy partying this week, but I'll keep a closer watch...I mean, seriously, we've gotta duke it out for Donny's love!

Smiles today, laughs always!

UGH! I forgot, I gotta sign in with my Blogger ID, but it always can get you to my TypePad blog eventually ;).

annb said...

When I read #7, I felt a real link - when I type nephew, I always have to correct it because the first time I type it, I spell it newphew! Pretty weird, huh?