When It's Time To Change

Hi Friends,

My "exciting" news was that I changed to a new blog! Many of you are computer savvy. I am not. So this new blog was a big deal to me because it meant that I was learning how to do it all by my lonesome!!

So please change your links to the new one and come see me!

See you over there!!


I'll Be Back!

I know I have been MIA but I am learning to do something all by myself right now and I am excited! I will let you know soon....hopefully.

Not a day goes by that I don't think of all my wonderful friends!

Hugs to one and all! Pass 'em around why don't ya?


Friday Already?!!


251. Our wonderful new neighbor came over and helped my son and husband with the trees that had fallen due to the storms last Friday. He's an older gentleman and could only work for a short spell because of health issues. We worried about him because we don't know him yet. He wanted to help so badly. Bless his heart!

252. Even though gas prices has hit an all time high around here ($4.19), I know we are still blessed. Other countries have been paying more for a really long time. I try to remember this each time I fill up my van for $68!

253. Each week I am so thankful and blessed with our pastor. I never walk away from a sermon without a challenge. And he knows how to teach us so well that the young ones sit up, listen and understand and the more seasoned folks are learning and being fed as well. And as far as his counseling goes? I feel so comfortable talking with him and his wife about anything and everything. I feel the love, people!

254. Blessed that our air conditioning is working again!! It was getting rather hot and sticky in the house I will admit. An even bigger blessing was that it turned out to be a circuit breaker thingy on the outside unit. My hubs didn't know there even was one out there!

255. Ice was a huge blessing this week! We bought several big bags and just kept munching on ice cubes to keep cool. We were a noisy family with all the crunching, but it worked!



Do you consider yourself to be an optimist or a pessimist?

I am definitely one that sees the glass as half full. The way I see it is God only gives you what you can handle and provides a way to get through it. And I can always, always think of someone in worse situations than me. Now having said this I don't want people to think I don't ever complain or say ~ why?~ because I am not perfect. Close though. Just kidding!


What is your favorite color of ink to write with?

Well if you know me at all you know that I always find a BLUE pen to write with with a medium point. But when I am feeling girly I like to get out the pretty gel pens and write with all the different shades of pinks, purples, greens and blues!


How often do you get a manicure or pedicure? Do you do them yourself or go to a salon and pay for them?

I get a manicure everyday as I sit and bite and pick at my nails when I am bored. Does that count? Not very pretty though!

Main Course

Have you ever won anything online? If so, what was it?

YES!!!! On last week's Blessings list I posted about my winning a set of books and some chocolates! I've also won other books before from other bloggers! And a set of candles too!


In which room in your house do you keep your home computer?

We actually don't have a computer at home. Shocker!! I use a laptop at work and if I need at home I have a really cool computer bag to take it home in. It's blue. Just in case you were wondering!

I am not sure why part of my post is so huge. I can't seem to figure out how to fix it! Sorry about that.


Loving Life

Can I tell you how much I am enjoying this GOR-JA-MOUS day? It is perfect outside! Temp is in the low 80's with a slight breeze and some big, white, fluffy clouds in the sky. I LOVE days like today!!

I notice I am much happier on days like this. I work at a desk all day long with a shop full of young men and my husband. I listen "guy" talk from nine in the morn until seven at night. Don't get me wrong...they watch their language and are very respectful. It's just that they talk cars non-stop. This can get old after awhile!

I love the boys though. They call me Shop Mom! I love it. I keep a candy jar full of their favorite treats. They "let" me mother them and tell them to be careful. I give them advice on love and dating. And they listen, which is always nice.

But I do miss having a female around. A girlfriend who can tell by the look on your face that you're stressed or have cramps and don't feel well! Someone who won't look at you strange when you cry at the drop of a hat because you're being pulled in every direction and you can't do it all!

Thank you my Blogvillians for listening to me when I needed such a friend! I want to be there for you too. I appreciate all the personal emails I receive from you all. I know what busy schedules we all keep so it means a lot when you take the time to write!

I love you all and I pray that this day finds you happy and enjoying life!


Evolution of Dance

In my world laughter is important! I can be in pain (like today) and be a tad bit irritable, but when I watch stuff like this I cannot help but break out into an obnoxious loud laugh with a snort or two!

I know you'll be saying to yourself, "I remember that, and that, oh and that one too!" If you haven't seen it before it's worth watching. For the memories and definitely for the laughs. Go get someone to watch it with you so you can laugh together!

Have a wonderful day filled with love and laughs!


I Needed This!

We had a horrible storm in Indiana last Friday. PTL we haven't had much flooding!

I live in a VERY woody neighborhood. After checking my mom's house for damage we went home. Out of all the houses in the neighborhood we were the only ones to have some damage. In our front yard we lost a beautiful pear tree. It looked like someone picked it from the stem and laid it there. And the sad thing is there is a nest full of baby Robins. I cry just thinking about them.

And in our backyard we lost a HUGE oak tree. PTL again that it didn't hit our home. It only took out the dog run, which we no longer need because our Woo is well behaved!

Anyway, this little boy is from Lafayette, Indiana which is only 20 miles from where I live. I'd heard about this on the news, but never got to actually see it. I love YouTube! This just made me giggle all day long! I'm immature to say the least.



Fill Her Up Friday!


246. I entered this contest with encouragement from Marina and I learned that I won!! Yay 4 me!! I didn't win the autographed book, but I won ALL 3 books from the series. And get this...I also won some....teehee...dare I say it.....chocolate!!!! Be still my heart. I cannot wait to sink my teeth in the books. Ha! You thought I was going to say chocolate, didn't ya? Admit it. If you're nice to me maybe I will share!

247. I was able to go to my niece and nephew's graduation open houses. It's nice to see so many people at each of them. I love to see friends and family supporting young people that are going off to start a new life for themselves. You know the kids are excited to go to college, but I know with these two there is also a sense of nervous anticipation as they leave their families. We should all remember to be praying for the college students.

248. This may not sound like a blessing, but it is to me. I take so many things for granted. Our air conditioning went out at home and we have no money to fix it. It has been in the high 80's and 90's this week too! While I am lying in bed all sticky even though I just took a cool shower I am thankful for the roof over my head and all the "stuff" that surrounds me.

249. I had a good doctor's visit with my rheumatologist. I am desperately trying to get off prednisone, but every time I taper down a wee bit it throws me into a flair up. She's giving me some ideas to try so I can get off this nasty medicine! I am thankful for her because she truly listens and she truly wants the best for me.

250. Money was super tight this past week. As in - no money. Literally. I had to borrow money from my daughter to put gas in the car. Our customer was way over due on his payment so we ran out of money. Anyway, the blessing is that we saw that we could live on no money for a week (except for the gas). We became very creative with the things we needed and we managed to clean out some of the shelves in the cupboard! This also helped me just give the money situation completely over to God. Which was not easy I admit! Well, yesterday the one customer finally paid and our other customer sent his payment in two weeks ahead of time!



When you drink soda/pop/coke, do you prefer to drink it from the bottle, a can, or after pouring it into a cup?

I prefer to lick it up...like a kitty. Meow! Actually I have a hard time holding things so I prefer my drinks in a styrofoam cup with a straw and a lid. Because I also tend to spill a lot. You just can't take me anywhere!


What television show are you willing to stay up late to watch?

How late? I'm up until at least midnight every night. But I would stay awake another hour or two if I knew something good was coming on like ~ Hmmm....I really can't think of anything! Since we have a way to record it why lose my beauty sleep? And if you've seen me lately you would know that I NEED that sleep!


Name one person, place, or thing you think of as brilliant.

My husband, David, truly is brilliant! His mind is amazing and I cannot keep up with him. He has engineered several products for Mustangs and has two of them with a pending patent. We receive calls all the time from people all over the world that has heard of him and his reputation for being the one to ask the all important questions when it comes to their cars. In fact, we just received an e-mail from a gentleman in Russia today wanting to buy pur products. I thought that was pretty cool!

Main Course

Would you be willing to work 4 10-hour days instead of 5 8-hour days in order to save gas?

We own our own shop and kinda have to be here six days of the week. I would love to be able to work four days a week. That sounds lovely! But nope. Gas around town right now is $3.86! It has actually gone down a few cents. Yippeeeee!!


If you were a superhero,what would you call yourself?

Good question! Hmmm, I would call myself Bionic Blue. I have many replacement joints which makes me bionic and of course, my most favoritest color in the whole world is BLUE!!!

I can hear your cries now ~ "Bionic Blue, I've fallen and I can't get up! Please help!"

Yep, that's my new alter ego!


Thursday Thirteen

13 Things I Get To Do This Summer Now That I Am Mobile Again!!

In case this is your first time here you might need to know that for the last two years I've struggled a bit...okay ALOT....with my arthritis. BUT I've had both hips replaced and am up and about again! My list might sound boring to most, but for me it is huge because I no longer take these things for granted!

GARAGE SALES! Oh how I love rummaging through other people's junk. You just never know what you're gonna find, do ya?

I am a great floater, but am anxious to try out my new bionic-ness in the water. Plus I need this kind of exercise to build up strength.

Neighborhood Walks!
I still can't go too far without needing my crutches, but I've noticed my distance is getting longer each time I go somewhere before my back gives out! Little steps and patience can go a long way my friends!

4H Fair and State Fair!
All three of my kids were in 4H and I love the program and want to keep supporting the youth. And I can't wait to go to the State Fair...not only for the projects, but I openly admit that I love the food more! TeeHee! Yum, Yum give me some!

Vacation Bible School!
This should have really been at the top of my list. I missed alot of Awana last year because of pain. I love interacting with the kids and teaching them God's truths. This year I will get to help again after a three year absence. Pray for us!

Lunch with girlfriends!!!!
I cannot even tell you the last time I went to lunch with just one of my friends. And since no one in my family likes Chinese food besides me, well, I can tell you where I am gonna pick to dine! I can't wait for the fellowship and to have some heart to heart talks with my bestest of friends. In case you were wondering what their names are: Karen, Bridget and Michelle! Love you guys!

State Parks! I'm not much of a hiker or even going on trails, but I love to go and see nature and watch families having reunions and listen to the birds and breath in the smell of the campfires!

I know, weird one. Our new library was built almost three years ago and I have yet to step one foot inside it. I just realized that today when we were downtown. It's not easily handicapped accessible either which is also weird considering it's brand new. Sigh.

Strawberry Festival! Our local festival is next weekend and I am SO excited! I always run into old friends from high school and other people I don't see often. Plus, hello? Strawberries anyway you can imagine!

Symphony on the Prairie! I haven't mentioned this yet to my husband, but I want to get tickets for this. Outdoor concert with beautiful music while being with the one you love! Sounds nice, doesn't it?

Sitting on the back porch talking to my husband while he's grilling! No, I was not even able to do this for so long. We love to grill outside and enjoy each other's company. And our doggie is always watching for a hotdog to fall off the grill...lol!

Fireworks! Last year I did go, but I had to sit in the car and my view was obstructed. I had a hard time ooohing and ahhhing! But this year I may even get a front row seat!

Last, but not least
...I always took for granted being able to hop in a car and go somewhere all by myself. Well, now I am finally to the point where I am not too scared to do this anymore. I don't care if it's running to the local thrift store, ice cream parlor or Wal-mart. I can do this now. All.By.Myself!! I'm a big girl now. :o)


Have You Ever?

I love meme's. Especially when my heart is heavy and I don't want to be a Debbie Downer. So I will cheer myself up and do this meme. And since you know me you know I can't just give a yes or no answer....no, I have to elaborate! Well, here we go:

Gone on a blind date - Yes and no. Because my future husband was very shy I had to promise his sister that I would go out with him if he had the nerve to ask me out. We had never met, mind you. But I agreed. He and I worked together for an afternoon and I guess he decided he liked me enough to ask me out. He bought one of those giant lollipops and as I was handing it back to him he gave it to me, sheepishly, and asked, "So, do you want to go out with me?" I wanted to giggle because I could tell how nervous he was! We went on a double date to an REO Speedwagon concert and the rest is history.

Skipped School - Yes, and with my mom's permission no less! One of my favorite stores as a teenager was having a huge clearance sale. My mom gave me her credit card and the car and told me to go have fun! How cool was she?

Watched someone die - Thankfully, no. When my father died I arrived about fifteen minutes after he passed away. That was hard enough. But I know if I ever have that experience God will give me the strength I need at the time to handle it.

Been to Canada - Yes. I planned an anniversary trip for my husband about five years ago and we went into Canada and had a wonderful time. I would love to go back and spend several days there though and see Niagara Falls from the Canadian side.

Been to Mexico - Yep. We went to Ensenada with the kids. It was beautiful! Our room was actually bigger than our home. Amazing. One day we went downtown to go sight seeing and shopping. On one side of the street their would be lavish mansions and on the other side would be folks living in cardboard boxes. One extreme to the other. Our kids witnessed other children their age begging for money while we shopped. One of the locals did tell us that there were jobs available, but families could make more money having their kids beg. It's so sad because I do want to help people when they do need it. It's hard sometimes to know who to trust.

Been to Florida - Oh yeah! Many times. I am very fortunate to have travelled a lot because of my husband's jobs. And thankfully our kids have been able to go with us quite a bit too. The last time we went was in December for a trade show. So not much vacationing then, but still a good time because our oldest daughter went with us!

Been on a plane - Wwhhheeeee! I LOVE TO FLY!! Again, I've been blessed with travel. I've been able to go to many of the states and all over Europe. Would love to go there again for our 25th wedding anniversary which is next year!

Been lost - You bet'cha! I have absolutely no sense of direction whatsoever. I need a GPS system badly. And if I get lost when I am by myself I panic. I cry like a little girl. Yeah, I know what you're thinking....Grow Up! My brother is the same way. Except for the crying part!

Been on the opposite side of the country - Well, I am in Indiana and I've been to California numerous times. Yay 4 Disneyland! My husband grew up in California and

Gone to Washington , DC - YES! Just went there in December after our Florida trip. We are planning another trip soon because we loved it and there is so much to see. Can't wait!

Swam in the ocean - Tried too. I am not very steady on my feet and so I kinda got swept away a bit. You can say it made me nervous so I just sat in my beach chair with my legs in the shallow part of the water and got burnt to a crisp. But I'm not bitter or anything!

Cried yourself to sleep - Too many times. Mostly because of being in pain and frustrated that I couldn't get comfy. But lately I've gone to bed crying and hurting for several of you guys. I hate to see anyone go through their trials and I can't be there to help. So I pray. And cry.

Played cops and robbers - LOL! Yes, and I liked being the bad guy! My brother had all the guns and whistles so I got to play the thief. And being as fast as a snail meant that he always caught me and through me in jail. Jail = underneath dining room table with a blanket thrown over it so I couldn't see out! Too much fun!

Recently colored with crayons - I am never too old to color! One of my very favorite things to get is a new box of crayons. I love the smell and the look of all the pointed ends and the colors. Oh my, the colors! When my oldest had her wisdom teeth pulled a few weeks ago we sat down and colored in a book. It was a pirate coloring book and I colored my pirate quite flamboyantly!

Sang Karaoke - Uh, that would have to be a sung off key...NO! I am not gifted musically. Sigh.

Paid for a meal with coins only - With many places having a dollar menu how can you not? Doesn't everyone let their change collect in the unused ash tray and then you all treat yourself to a cheeseburger or a slushie now and then?

Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t - Sure. Many times. And it's usually a good lesson for me too. I am learning to say no more often. It's very hard, but I've learned I can't perform well when I am spread too thin.

Made prank phone calls - Who? Me? Why I never.....oh, I can't type that with a straight face. Of course I have! And I was quite good at it too! I could be quite a stinker when I was younger.

Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose - or other places! - Only once! And it was Pepsi. Ouch, that is painful. Now my BIL can never ever ever drink milk if my husband is near by without it coming out of his nose. That's just gross. And wasteful! LOL.

Caught a snowflake on your tongue - Yes! And I've also stuck my tongue on a frosted sled and got it stuck. Stupid.

Danced in the rain - I wouldn't call it dancing, but more of twirling with my arms opened wide and letting the warm rain fall on my face. My kids love to do it too!

Written a letter to Santa Clause - Oh yes! I believed in Santa until I was ten years old. My friends kept telling me from second grade on that he wasn't real, but I didn't want to listen. I love being in my own little world at times.

Been kissed under the mistletoe - *blush* And it was very nice too!

Watched the sunrise with someone you care about - Yes. When the whole family went camping one summer we got up to watch the sunrise. Beautiful. And even more so when you're with your loved ones!

Blown bubbles - On Saturday I did! Again, you are never tool old for blowing bubbles. I even told my bestest friend that while we were blowing them at each other. Even our pastor was having a good time with them. My dog like them too!

Gone ice-skating - I tried when I was around seven on a pond near our house, but could not do it. I was great at roller skating though and went every weekend to the local skate corral. A lot of the guys from church would always be there too and so I always had someone to skate with when they called for couples only. Plus the guys from my youth group were cuties!

Been skinny dipping outdoors - Not on purpose. Enough said.
This was probably TMI for most of ya, but there ya go! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. We are getting hammered with rain right now. Maybe I need to go out and dance in it!


This & That & A Prayer Request

Hello my friends! This will be short and sweet because I need to keep working, but I wanted to say howdy. My computer came down with a bug so I haven't really been able to post or visit or do my actual work. Not good, huh? I know! I miss my friends. Work will always be there, but my friends NEED me!! At least I hope so.

And as my friend would you please be praying for Amy? Her beloved bassett hound passed away a couple of days ago. My heart aches for her because I totally understand how much she loves her pooch. If you are an animal lover than you get it too. If not, just know that it can hurt deep. Thank you guys!

I don't ask this often enough, but is there something I can be praying for in your life? We all have struggles and needs and this is something I can do for you too. Just let me know.

I will try to visit if my computer will allow. Love you all. I really do!