Have I Told You How Much I Hate Dial Up?

Just checking. I've been visiting many of you several times, but I've only been able to post a few comments here and there. I promise you I am reading about your lives and what your thankful for and what happened to poor Wolfie and many more of lifes happenings. If somebody calls while I am trying to post I get disconnected. Sadness. But I am pretty patient and I keep trying.

We had the family pics on Saturday. They aren't that great. We were one of the very last ones and the photographer was pooped. Oh well, I didn't like the look of my hair anyway!

After the picture taking we all went to the big city of Lafayette and went to Texas Roadhouse. I had never been there before. And because of that they brought us out a big platter full of samples of all the sides they serve! That was a meal in itself because they brought out a full sweet potato. The manager came round and asked how we were and he must have fallen in love with me (and why wouldn't he?) because he came back round with a huge bag of peanuts PLUS a couple of coupons for free appetizers the next time we come! Maybe my hair didn't look as bad as I thought ;o)

Since my middle daughter is graduating in a few weeks (wwhhhhhhaaaaa!) we went to The Factory Card Outlet and bought all the party supplies. We did great! We only spent $54.00. All we have left to do is get the balloons filled with helium and back a huge Chocolate Mousse cake. Our kids would rather have dad make that then buy them a fancy decorated cake. Yummy!

Yesterday I wasn't up to going to church in the morning, but by the afternoon my meds had done their job so I was able to go in the evening. Our service consisted of several college men giving their testimonies. I feel for young people these days trying to live right with all the pressures that surround them to get drunk and do drugs. Then after the service we had a pitch in! Baptists have some good eats!! It was an italian theme so my hubby made a delicious bow tie pasta with chicken and alfredo sauce. He made a huge crock pot full and there wasn't one little bow tie left! Luckily he made enough for us to have at home.

Don't know much else right now. I'm trying to keep up with life right now. OH! I do have an appointment on the 3rd to see if they will replace my hips sooner! Hopefully I won't have much more weight to lose. I am just hoping that now that I know how to eat and lose I will be able to keep taking it off once I get more bionic.

I don't know if I have mentioned this, but one reason I gained so much weight is because I didn't eat enough! Who would have thunk it? I would hurt so bad that I didn't have an appetite so I was only eating about 800-1000 calories a day. Now I am not going to lie and say I ate healthy all the time. Remember, my husband is like the best chef ever! But anyway it took awhile for me to do this, but I eat about 150-200 calories every three hours or until I reach 1600 calories. I just follow the food pyramid and it really is working! So people, even if you are unable to exercise you can still lose weight!

I'll close with a question of the day just to see if anyone is reading. Would you say based on your looks that people think you are intelligent or not the sharpest knife in the drawer?


Friday's Feast


How fast can you type?

Because of my crippled hands I type with two fingers~my ring finger on my left hand and the middle finger of my right hand. Oh yeah, and I use my thumb for the space bar! I don't mean to brag, but people, I'm telling you I am lightning fast. Don't have an exact WPM, but I would make you proud. Talk about being humble ;o)


What is your favorite online game?

I love playing games, but Tetris is by far my favorite! I challenge YOU!! I love lots of other games to like Collapse, Diner Dash and Zuma. It's a good thing I only have dial up and can't play these at home because I would get absolutely nothing done.


On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 as highest), how intelligent do you think you are?

I have more common sense than intelligence where by husband is vice versa. So I am not going guess how intelligent I am, because I know I am exactly as I am supposed to be.

Main Course

Name three of your best teachers from your school years.

Mrs. Cochran was my fifth grade teacher and I loved her dearly. Back then we got to read our little red New Testaments every morning and have prayer. Mrs. German was my spanish, english, imaginary lit and creative writing teacher in high school. She pushed us to do our very best and became a wonderful friend too. And I should probably say my typing teacher, Mr. Schetzle because he let me type with two fingers back then!


What are your plans for this upcoming weekend?

My hubs and I are having a date tonight! I haven't yet decided what we are doing though. Tomorrow we are having family pictures for our church directory and then I'll be finishing my tax work. Sunday, of course, is church both morning and evening. And on Sunday night we are having a church social for the Wabash College guys. We are to bring cookies for them to take home with them because they are studying for finals this week.


Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Ramblings Of A Shut In :o)
1. I haven't been to the cemetary since my father died in January. I know my father is in Heaven and enjoying every minute of it, but I feel I need to get the courage up and go. I'll let you know how it goes.
2. My dog is in heat. How's that for changing the subject? When she is this way she is very moody and wants to eat all day. Poor thing. I can relate to that! Now where are my Ding Dongs?
3. I was not able to have my meeting today with our accountant. I have worked day and night, but I am having trouble with some numbers not matching. Pray I can find my mistake soon because the new meeting is on Monday!
4. I didn't miss Sanjaya at all this week, but hated that they pretended it was Jordin who was going home. Nuh uh! That girl needs to win the whole thing!!!
5. Donny Osmond's new cd came out this week. I have yet to buy it, but I will as soon as I feel like getting out again! You can't see me now, but know that I have a bi goofy smile on my face right now.
6. Let's not forget about the scavenger hunt over at Amy's that begins May 1st! It sounds like alot of fun and please let her know I sent you if you sign up, 'kay? And wonderful news for them~she and her hubby are adopting a little girl from China and they got their LID today!!
7. Speaking of Amy (I love her name!) she sent me a prize box FULL of goodies for the contest she had last month. I am witness to her good taste in gifts so go sign up and have some fun!
8. I'm meeting several new ladies and e-mailing back and forth with them! I am blessed indeed to have met so many wonderful, caring ladies. I really do love you all!
9. I am watching Oprah right now and it's ask Dr. Oz day~let's just say I am learning lots!
10. It's after 4pm and I haven't even had a shower yet and I am still in my pj's. No excuse either, except I would love it if every day was pajama day! Don't you agree?
11. We are getting our family pictures made on Saturday and I have no idea what we are wearing yet. I want to coordinate our outfits so no one sticks out like a sore thumb.
12. Do any of you ladies read DeeDee? If you haven't yet shame on you! She is SO funny and makes me laugh until I cry. I think she is America's funniest mom! Check her out and make sure to read her archives too. I promise you will love her almost as much as I do! I'm her biggest fan cause she loves Donny too!
13. I shall end on a positive note: I am thankful this week that I have been able to be with my family. We've played Life and Rook. We went to a baseball game and ate junk all night! We've done our chores together and talked and laughed the entire time. We are one big goofy family!


Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hi my blogging blessings!! I just wanted to leave a quick note to say that I am still here, but I am on a very tight deadline on some business tax stuff! It is demanding all my time right now. Shame on me for letting blogging get me so behind. It's just hard to resist all you cuties out there!

Hugs to one and all! I'll be back soon. PLEASE don't forget about me, okay?

And I wouldn't mind it one bit if you said a prayer for me. My hands, wrists and shoulders are taking a beating right now with all the writing and calculating, etc. It's my fault, I know, but hey, YOU are worth every ache and pain! I love you guys!


Thursday Thirteen

13 Reasons To Smile
1. You receive awesome prizes in the mail like books, Bath & Body works, and See's candy!
2. Your mom suprises you with a gift set of perfume, lotion, and shower gel just because she thought you might like it!
3. Your husband brings you 2 bottles of Jone's soda (apple) and 2 cans of NOS!
4. One of your Awana kids brings you a giraffe magnet she bought for you while on vacation.
5. Your neighbor and friend offers your daughter all her college books on nursing so she doesn't have that expense!
6. You get tons of free samples in the mail like toothbrushes, pet food and laundry detergent!
7. You find money in your coat pocket! (This happens alot for me)
8. Your husband and daughter go to a nurses fair and brings home a big bag full of sa-wag!
9. You and your entire family are going to spend time together by going to a baseball game and eating the nasty hotdogs they sale!! Go Indians!
10. You don't owe any taxes!
11. Your kids come up and scratch your back without being asked!
12. Your doggie looks at you with those big brown eyes and lets you know she loves you too!
13. That no matter what happens in this world you know that if you were to die today you would go to Heaven to live forever with your Saviour!!!!


Real Moms

My most favoritest blogger and friend was tagged for the Real Moms meme. I'm tagging myself because 1. I can never pass up a good meme and 2. I have writer's block!

1. Only a real mom could love her children so much that she puts their needs before her own. She voluntarily gives them up for adoption on one condition: they all stay together as a family.

2. A real mom loves her children from the moment she hears their names over the phone! She feels a peace and knows that God is giving her a huge responsibility and happily accepts the challenge with arms wide open!

3. A real mom buys the most expensive costumes (Alice in Wonderland & Cinderella) for their very first Halloween together. She then allows the girls to eat as much candy as their little hearts desire! What a cool new mom they have! The first time cool new mom spends her entire night catching vomit in empty Halloween buckets and apologizing profusely to Alice and Cinderella. A real mom learns her lesson!

4. A real mom proudly displays her vase full of dandelions!

5. A real mom doesn't put on blush before leaving the house. She will undoubtedly turn a pretty shade of red when her daughter screams over and over, "Mom. Mom! Look at that really, really FAT woman!" She bends down to tell her daughter she shouldn't be so rude to people when the little girl says with a now quiet innocent voice, "Isn't her dress beautiful? Will you ask her where she got it because I want one just like it?". Sigh!

6. A real mom goes hungry. She quickly learns that anytime she goes for a banana or craves a bowl of cinnamon Life cereal that 10 times out of 10 there will be none left!

7. A real mom learns to choose her battles wisely. Is it a really big deal if they want to wear cowboy boots with red sweat pants and a white dress shirt while carrying their light saber in one hand and a fruit roll up in the other to church? I think not!

8. A real mom knows that most children to not like chores so she works along side of them helping them and having one on one time while accomplishing a task or two.

9. A real mom listens with her heart. Always.

10. A real mom sets the example by apologizing and asking for forgiveness when she messes up. Which in my case has been quite often.

11. A real mom offers advice and wisdom and prays hard that they make the right decision.

12. A real mom doesn't say, "I told you so." if they make the wrong choice.

13. A real mom has broad shoulders to cry on and water proof sleeves.

14. A real mom is her child's biggest cheerleader~even when they sit on the bench the entire game!

15. A real mom gets a huge lump in her throat and tears in her eyes every time she thinks of her three blessings from God.

Ladies, even if you are not a mother yet, please do this meme. My list could go on and on because 1. I'm a big mouth and 2. Your child(ren) will be the biggest blessing you will ever recieve! Please let me know if you decide to do this.


I Desire To Be

Amy has been making me do some real soul searching this weekend. She tagged anyone that read her list to do it also. After giving it some thought this is what I came up with:

I desire to be glorifying God in all I say and do.

I desire to be in the Word daily. I'm very bad at putting my blog first and not Him.

I desire to be more committed to watching what I eat so I can get my hips replaced sooner than later.

I desire to be the wife my husband wants, needs and deserves. We are each other's best friend.

I desire to be a Godly example to my children. I pray that they see me handle all situations biblically and not on pure emotion.

I desire to be the first one to apologize when I do mess up. I don't want my pride to stand in the way of forgiveness.

I desire to be in control of my laughter~I can get the giggles at very inappropriate times.

I desire to be a witness of God's amazing grace to not only those that I come in contact with, but to those that I have no idea are watching my every move.

I desire to be an encouragement to all who stop by. I know how much I am encouraged by you, especially those facing tough circumstances. I stop by your place to leave a word of encouragment, but I leave being the one who was encouraged by your faith.

I desire to be a drummer someday! I am musically challenged, but it could still happen.

I desire to be debt free. I'm a very simple person and don't need extravagant things. I'm looking forward to buying a little house and just having the essentials.

I desire to be a pray warrior. There are so many people I know personally and so many in Blogville that need our prayers day and night.

I desire to be more consistent at sending get well, thinking of you and thank you cards. I know how much they encourage me so I don't know why I am not better at it.

I desire to be free of negative thoughts. I'm mostly positive, but once in awhile a bad thought will come and I dwell on it. Negativity only makes me feel worse and I can't change things that are out of my control so why worry about it!

I desire to be motivated and stay on top of my work. When I get my work done I can play!

I desire to be more patient. I'm usually pretty good at this, but lately I've noticed I want things now. God's timing is perfect and I need to trust that.

I desire to be thankful always for the good times along with the tough times. It's during both times that I can be learning and growing spiritually and seeking God's will for me and my life.

I desire to be full of life, love and laughter! I want to take eadh day and do my very best with it. I want to love and be loved. I want to spend the rest of my days laughing! I'll have my moments of crying I know, but I love to laugh more than anything.


The Gift of Love

Having just had lunch with my husband at our favorite Mexican restaurant and having way too much Dt. Coke to drink I headed straight for the little girl's room.

My daughter peeks her head in while I'm...well, you know and said, "Mom, something came for you in the mail!" Sarcastically I say, "Let's see now~the electric bill, the cable bill, the doctor bill....oh the list could on and on." She runs to get it and I see that it is NOT a bill but a big envelope with a book in it! I ask her to rip it open and hand it to me quickly. Yes, indeed. It was this beautiful book from Michelle. Kayla had drawn my name out as one of the blessed winners!

Michelle also added a bookmark with an amazing painting of Kayla and three other children. Before I even knew it was Kayla on the bookmark I looked at it and said, "She reminds me of Kayla with those big blue eyes!".

I couldn't wait to read her story. As I sat on the toilet (sorry folks...TMI) I was moved to tears. Oh my goodness! I had a huge lump in my throat. My daughter looked worried. I smile and said, "It's a good cry."

I'm so blessed to have found Michelle through blogging. Thank you for my gift and thank you for sharing your story. You are both near and dear to my heart.

I'm home all by meself for the next two hours. Guess what book I am going to be reading?


Dishing with Deena

Deena asked.....

1) What one woman in Biblical history do you most admire and why?

Her name is not even mentioned in the Bible. Five times she is referred to as Noah's wife. I admire her because to me she exemplifies courage, faithfulness to God and her husband, and obedience.

Without these three how could she ever support Noah in building the ark when they had never seen a drop of rain and be willing to leave everything behind when she stepped foot onto the ark. Can you imagine the work that she endured? She trusted in God's promise when he said He would save them.

I'd like to think that I would have enough faith to do whatever God asked me to do and trust Him completely just as she did.

2) It's your favorite meal..what is it?

My husband is amazing in the kitchen ladies! I'll list some of my faves:

Tortilla Soup (I could live out the rest of my days on it)
Crab stuffed mushrooms (I have a hard time sharing these)
Beef Stroganof (Yummerlicious!)
Baby carrots (they melt in your mouth)
Six layer chocolate mousse cake (need I say more?)

3) What does God's amazing grace mean to you?

God's grace is a free gift I do not deserve, but once I have accepted this wonderful gift I also accept His plan for me and seek His will in all things!

4) Tell me about your favorite childhood pet.

Katie was an eight week old tiger striped kitty that I adopted from my vet. I had just lost my beloved kitty, Angel and was missing her terribly. She would lay on her back in my arms and sleep as long as I would hold her. She was devoted to me. I missed a lot of high school because of my arthritis. On the days I was home in bed she would stick by me like glue. Never once getting up to eat. When I would be walking around on my crutches and she needed me she would jump on my back and position herself so she could "walk" with me! I had my knees replaced when I was 22 years old. I was in the hospital for almost two weeks. She missed me like crazy! After I got home she NEVER left my side~EVER! I had to physically take her to go potty or to eat.

We had been on vacation for a couple of weeks and someone else was taking care of her. When we got home I scooped down and picked her up. I realized that she had lost a lot of weight. My husband immediately took her to the vet and she died of kidney failure. She was about 10 years old. She brought me so much comfort and joy. I'd like to think that animals went to Heaven so I will see her again.

5) Your all time favorite song is on the radio...what is it and what memories does it trigger?

I Stand In Awe

I long to leave this world behind me
With its hatred, pain and fear
When I’m reminded of my journey
That I’m just a pilgrim here
Then my eyes begin to fill with tears

That’s when I think about eternity
And a place I’ve never seen
I wonder how it’s gonna be
and I’m caught up in a dream
Where I find myself at Jesus’ feet

I stand in awe of one so Holy
I stand amazed before His majesty
And soon I find myself no longer standing
But bowing down in His glory
Knowing I’m unworthy
Until His hand of mercy
Raises me again to stand in awe

Someday my dream will be reality
When He finally takes us home
From every nation, tribe and family
He will come to claim His own
And we’ll find ourselves before His throne

We’ll stand in awe of one so Holy
We’ll stand amazed before His Majesty
And soon we’ll find ourselves no longer standing
But bowing down in His glory
Knowing we’re unworthy
Until His hand of mercy
Raises us again to stand in awe

This lyrics are so powerful and give me goosebumps every time I hear it. My husband sang this at his father's funeral. My father passed away in January and it comforts me to know that dad is in Heaven with no longer suffering, but bowing down and worshipping his creator.


Amy's Having A New Contest!

Not me silly, but the other cute Amy at Amy's Random Thoughts. Starting May 1st she is having a Scavenger Hunt! Doesn't that sound like fun? Having dial up is going to take some extra time, but I am up to the challenge. How about you?

You know I love contests and have been fortunate enough to win several of them lately. I am asking on bended knee (and since I have knee replacements this is not easy!) that if you go to Amy's and let her know you want to join in on the contest.....would you PLEASE let her know that I was the one to send you her way???? Let me refresh your memory...Hi, I'm Amy! Whoever sends her the most referrals will automatically win a prize!

Remember what I mentioned about having dial up only and how rough it's gonna be doing the scavenger hunt, but I will work hard at it because it will be so much fun and I'm still on my fake bended knee......is all this pouting working? No? Can't say that I blame ya! If you just so happen to mention my name to her I would greatly appreciate it! How's that?

Thank you my lovely ladies! Hugs to one and all!!


You Are Always On My Mind

I thought twice before starting a blog. My spelling is not the best and I have a hard time putting my thoughts into actual words. And as far as a computer goes~Yikes! I barely know how to turn it off and on! But I am learning little by little.

I never realized what an impact many of you would have on my daily life. My mornings are filled with anticipation as I turn on the computer. I slowly wait for dial-up to connect me with the blogging world. Waiting....waiting...

As my blog appears on the screen and I see my giraffe come into view (isn't he cute?) I have to decide who to check in with first! You don't know this about me, but I am a terrible decision maker. I drive my husband crazy with my indecisiveness! But that's a whole other post!

My point I am trying to make here is that I have met so many wonderful ladies through blogging. What a source of encouragement you all have been to me, especially the past few months.

When my father was so sick I had many e-mails and comments letting me know that you were praying for dad, my mom and even me. And then when he passed away in January you gave me comfort in knowing what I was going through was normal. Many of you make me laugh every morning. Then there are those that show me I need to be closer to God and allow Him to work through me. You've also let me know I can't do it all by myself. You make me think and want to become a better wife, mother, daughter and friend.

I have found myself referring to many of you in my daily conversations with my friends. They look at me and say, "Who?". I forget you are not real to them. I don't know why I have kept this blog a secret, but for now I like it that way.

I so enjoy reading about your families and seeing pictures of your kids! Again, like on Easter I sat in church and wondered what some of the little ones were doing right then. Were they at church or on an Easter egg hunt? I pictured their little faces covered in chocolate and bouncing all over the place because they were on a sugar high!

Let me finish by saying Thank You to each and everyone of you! You might think I am weird or strange. Maybe you feel this way too, but you all mean alot to me. I never thought I would become attached to so many different families, but I have. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I am thankful for your friendships. I am blessed to have found you!


There's A Par-tay Goin' On @ Christine's

Christine is celebrating her 1st Blogiversary this week. Actually it's been going on a few days, but there is plenty of time to join in on all the F.U.N. and I do mean fun!

I don't remember how I met her, but she has THE prettiest smile. Take a look at her picture and you will agree. She's also just so very sweet and happy. Her blog is alot of fun so if you've never been by I suggest a side trip over there!

There are prizes to be won and questions to be answered. She's letting us ask her anything~within reason (after all we want to keep our blogs family friendly!) and she will answer us. Several ladies have left some easy recipes too!

I think this is such a great idea I hope more people catch on and celebrate the blogiversary this way.

I won't say who, but someone really close to me just won a terrific prize yesterday by guessing how many jelly beans were in the jar. Christine's giving away something everyday just for leaving a comment. Now how easy is that? Go over there now and wish her a Happy Blogiversary and you may just win a prize or two! I mean, please go over there now... Where were my manners just then?

Happy Blogiversary Christine!



Blue Bonnet (And I'm Not Talkin' Margarine)

My Grandma Treadway reminds me so much of Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies. Whenever I watch that show I call for the kids and tell them that there is Great Grandma. I think the only difference between the two is my grandma, believe it or not, was a little spunkier! Other than that you would say they were twins.

When I was 10 mom asked grandma to make my Easter dress. My grandmother was a very talented seamstress. She already made a quilt and a pillow just for me that I treasured more than my Thumbelina. I knew I would L.O.V.E. my new dress! My only condition was, suprisingly, it had to be blue!

In no time grandma had it done and my beautiful new blue dress was on its way! Everyday for a week I anxiously volunteered to get the mail. As I happily went to the mailbox I could already hear people telling me how adorable I was in my new dress. I smiled to myself and practiced saying thank you in as many sappy sweet tones as I could.

Several days passed and my dress had finally arrived. I rushed inside to open up the box. I was practically foaming at the mouth. As I slowly opened up the cardboard box my mom, dad and I gasped! Okay, maybe they didn't gasp but they did say the usual ooooh's and aaaaah's. It was so pretty! It's just how I pictured it to be. A light blue with tiny darker blue flowers throughout. Even the zipper in back was a shade of blue. I was so happy! I immediately wanted to try it on. I started walking to my room when my mother announced that there was more in the box.

Ooohhh, what else could there be? A matching purse? A ribbon for my hair? Candy?

Mom slowly pulled out a matching bonnet. What? You have got to be joking! Yes, I love reading Little House on the Prairie and dream of being Laura Ingalls, but please NO! I was 10 years old. I didn't have a lot of fashion sense, but I knew nobody my age would wear a bonnet. I was waiting for mom to let me off the hook. Nope. She excitedly announced how sweet I would look in my matching outfit.

My eyes turned to my father. "Dad?" I pleaded with my eyes. He smiled. I felt a sense of relief knowing that he would tell mom that maybe I didn't need to wear the bonnet. Trouble is my dad thought I looked adorable too. I should of known better because he had no fashion sense either!

My brother came out of his room to see what was going on. He was sweet enought to boost my confidence by laughing at me! "Mom!" I whined. She scolded him and he went back to his room with a grin on his face. I had to get even with him, but it would have to wait. I was facing a much bigger problem than him.

I begged and pleaded for the next few days. I even told her I would have the blue bonnet tied around my neck and let it hang in the back. She reminded me of all the hard work grandma had put into both the dress and the bonnet. Just in case you are wondering I did give my grandma a call to thank her for my gift. I was appreciative and loved the dress very much. I just wasn't looking forward to the humiliation from my friends on Sunday.

Easter morning came quickly and I obeyed my mother and wore my blue dress with the matching blue bonnet (on top of my head). I tried my best to fake it and smile. The ride to the church seemed to take forever. My dreams of people telling me how adorable I was turned into the whole congregation whispering in their neighbors ear while staring at me. Then they would look at each other and laugh. My stomach was in knots.

We arrived at church and as we walked in my mother looked at me. Finally she had seen how miserable I was. Could the huge pouty lip have given her the hint? Thankfully before anyone saw me she told me I didn't have to wear the blue bonnet. She bent down to untie it from underneath my chin and slowly took it off so it wouldn't mess up my hair. I hugged her tightly and said thank you over and over again! She hugged me back and kissed the top of my head. She quietly whispered, "I love you honey."

Several months later I asked mom if I could wear my Easter dress for Halloween. She looked at me puzzled. I said I wanted to go as Laura Ingalls. She said, "Sure! Bit you have to wear the bonnet." I agreed and said, "I wouldn't look much like her if I didn't wear it!"

I proudly went from house to house trick or treating. When the mothers would answer the door they would tell me how adorable I was. I smiled sweetly and said thank you. Then in my head I would thank my mom again and again!


When I Grow Up.....

What do want to be when you grow up and why? That was the question of the day in Mrs. Worth's fourth grade class. I opened my desk and got out my bright orange paper to begin the assignment. I already knew the answer to that question!

Rrring. Rrring. I was irritated for sure. I pulled my hands out of the dishwasher twice already to answer the phone. Both times it was a telemarketer trying to sell me a five year subscription to TV Guide.

As I walked to the phone with dripping, sudsy hands I thought I would let this salesman have it! I grabbed up the phone and in my grumpiest of voices said, "Hello."

As quick as I said it I decided I had to change my tone. Somehow I knew my world was about to change forever!

I switched back to my happy self, cleared my throat and sweetly said, "Hello! This is Amy."

"Hi Amy! How are you today?" she asked.

I did not recognize her voice, nor did I think it was another sales call. But who was she?

She said, "I am not supposed to be doing this, but I couldn't wait to tell you and I have been unable to contact your caseworker." My heart is beating with excitement! She continued, "I've just come from a meeting and it was a unanimous decision. We have two little girls that need a home and we feel you and your husband are the right couple!"

My childhood dream of becoming a mother was now a reality! My husband and I had just completed our adoption classes that week. I never imagined we would have a family so soon.

"How old are they and what are their names?" I asked as I jumped for joy around the living room. "What do they look like? Please tell me everything!"

When I heard their names. I was instantly in love. I had an overwhelming peace that the girls were my daughters.

The placement was going to happen quickly. We visited every few days for two weeks. We wanted the girls to get to know us as much as possible before moving in. They were only five and three and half years old. This was going to be a big change for all of us!

During the first week of visitation our caseworker called with what might seem to be an impossible choice to make. She told my husband and I that she had two young unwed mothers that were putting their children up for adoption. She informed us that we could adopt one of these babies instead.

My husband and I had already prayed for God's wisdom. We knew we were following God's plan with the girls. It was not a difficult choice for us. We told her no.

Within 2 1/2 weeks our daughters moved in. The transition couldn't have gone any better. We were an instant family. I was a proud mother that couldn't stop smiling!

They called my husband daddy right away. My 3 1/2 year old called me mommy, but not our oldest. She called me Amy. I thought it might take awhile with her to trust me enough to call me mom. She already had a biological mother and a foster mom too. They had one unsuccessful placement. I prayed that the girls would understand that this was their final home. No matter what problems might arise we were willing to work through them. These kids are home now and they aren't going anywhere.

We settled in to a normal routine and began our new life together. My husband and I never realized we could be this happy. I still longed to hear her call me mommy, but I would be patient. I wanted it to be her decision and not something she was forced to do. I got used to being called Amy.

I overheard the girls talking in their bedroom one day. Our oldest said to her little sister, "Do you want to help me make mom a Mother's Day card?". Tears flowed instantly. I ran into the bathroom and quietly shut the door.

She had never referred to me as mom before in any conversation! I sat on the toilet and cried tears of joy. She had accepted me as mom in her heart and that was good enough for me!

This article is my submission to the blog challenge sponsored by Darlene Schacht , Author of The Mom Complex.


Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Suprises Received In My Easter Basket Throughout The Years

1. A silver cross necklace when I was 8 years old. I still have it!

2. A giant stuffed bunny rabbit that was like 4 foot tall.

3. A new Bible when I was around 10. It was a real grown up Bible~it didn't have any pictures!

4. A beautifully decorated pink egg made of sugar with the middle cut out that had a tiny Easter basket on the inside. It was too pretty to eat.

5. Peeps. Yes, these were a suprise because I hate them!

6. A really awesome shorts and top outfit.

7. A solid white chocolate bunny from Russell Stovers. That's when I discovered that white chocolate made me sick!

8. A plastic bunny with a fluffy tail from Avon that contained Sweet Honesty powder. I still have this too!

9. The complete set of Little House books. Yep, still got 'em!

10. A coupon to the movies good for me and a friend plus popcorn, drinks and a candy bar! I chose my friend Mary Lou and we saw The Apple Dumpling Gang!

11. A red button with Snoopy on it looking adorable. I wore in on my suspenders that were so popular way back when. Sadly, I still have both!

12. A half dozen Marathon candy bars! They were my absolute favorite back in high school.

13. And last, but certainly not least because it was a gift that lasted a year....a subscription to Tiger Beat magazine! My walls were plastered with all the Donny posters!


There's No Place Like Home

In the corners, underneath the couch, and on all the shelves decorated with knick knacks from the Home Interior parties. These are the homes of my dust bunnies. So for now they can still live there because I didn't win the Dyson vacuum. I'm not sure who is happier, the bunnies or my kids! And then sadness set in.....sigh.

Speaking of home....I think Sanjaya has been away from home way too long. How about you? I can't decide who I want to win. Jordin is amazing, especially for a seventeen year old. And Melinda is always great too. I dunno. We'll see who goes home tonight!

The weather here in Indiana went from being in the warm, balmy seventies to the miserable thirties. Let's just say that I am like the tin man today. My kids have oiled my joints many times. Crrreeeeaaaakkk!

Please be praying for Michelle. She has been under the weather for a week or so. She's experiencing something like vertigo right now. Not fun. Please go over and give her a hug!

This is so random. I don't know what made me think of it just now, but one year in my Easter basket was a red, white and blue shorts outfit. Does anybody remember wearing terry cloth shorts? I thought I had it goin' on when I wore them!

Did you ever receive anything extra special in your basket? Or was there something (besides Peeps) that you only received at Easter time?

See you tomorrow for Thursday Thirteen!



The day started off a little rocky. I think I had way too much fun at the fiesta last night at church! Next month's social theme is "Mom's Favorite Dish". My husband is so excited for it too because he LOVES to cook, especially for me! Ladies, he's my favorite dish ;o)

I am truly thankful for having such a supportive husband. It's not easy living with someone with a disability, no matter how sweet she is! I know there are so many things he enjoys doing that, as of right now, I cannot do. Things will get better for me, but he has to be very patient in the meantime. And that he is! I try not to discuss my situation too much because I want this to be a happy place to come visit. I don't want my friends to think I am a complainer. While I am the worst I have ever been, I trust God in all His infinite wisdom and rely on His strength alone to get me through. He has never failed me.

My mother came over first thing this morning. She could tell by my voice how badly I was hurting. You can't fake nothing when it comes to moms! She heated up the rice packs and put them on my wrists and shoulders. She looked at me with the helpless look, but I smiled and said I will be fine. She's always been such a great caregiver.

The kids are off this week and I am happy about that! I asked them if they wouldn't mind if I gave them each an extra chore a day to help get this house back in order. They were gracious enough to say they didn't mind helping one bit and asked what was first on the list! I made a list of small chores that they could tackle each day that shouldn't take more than thirty minutes. I don't want them to spend their entire vacation working. They suggested that this could become the norm and in no time we will have our spring cleaning done! Are they the best or what?

I've been sitting at my desk today with the doors opened and listening to the birds singing, the neighborhood kids that are on spring break and the mowers cutting grass for the first time this year. What a view I've been blessed with today! And what a loving family I've been blessed with as well. It's been another pleasant, peaceful day!

April Fool's & A For Real Contest Y'all!

Okay, like I said the other day I am pretty lucky when it comes to winning things...well, let me just say yay for me 'cause I won another contest at Amy's. Don't ya just love her name? ;o)
I won a bunch of christian books or a really cool prize from the pediatrics hospital she works at! The only thing is she posted the winners on April Fool's Day so I can't be quite certain that she's not trickin' us! Or am I the only childish one left the still plays April Fool's jokes? Yeah, I was afraid you were gonna say that!

Speaking of winning contests.....5 Minutes For Mom is having another great giveaway!! These ladies sure do give away such nice things, don't they? I have so got to win this prize for my kids!
Seriously, Dyson is a great product and I have always wanted to own one myself. One of my dearest friends who is a clean freak (me~not so much!) owns a Dyson and uses it several times a day. That's right...a day...not a few times a week. I told you she was a clean freak!

I really don't know why I'm telling all my competition this, but head on over and sign in to win this fabulous prize! GOOD LUCK! No, I really do mean it!