The day started off a little rocky. I think I had way too much fun at the fiesta last night at church! Next month's social theme is "Mom's Favorite Dish". My husband is so excited for it too because he LOVES to cook, especially for me! Ladies, he's my favorite dish ;o)

I am truly thankful for having such a supportive husband. It's not easy living with someone with a disability, no matter how sweet she is! I know there are so many things he enjoys doing that, as of right now, I cannot do. Things will get better for me, but he has to be very patient in the meantime. And that he is! I try not to discuss my situation too much because I want this to be a happy place to come visit. I don't want my friends to think I am a complainer. While I am the worst I have ever been, I trust God in all His infinite wisdom and rely on His strength alone to get me through. He has never failed me.

My mother came over first thing this morning. She could tell by my voice how badly I was hurting. You can't fake nothing when it comes to moms! She heated up the rice packs and put them on my wrists and shoulders. She looked at me with the helpless look, but I smiled and said I will be fine. She's always been such a great caregiver.

The kids are off this week and I am happy about that! I asked them if they wouldn't mind if I gave them each an extra chore a day to help get this house back in order. They were gracious enough to say they didn't mind helping one bit and asked what was first on the list! I made a list of small chores that they could tackle each day that shouldn't take more than thirty minutes. I don't want them to spend their entire vacation working. They suggested that this could become the norm and in no time we will have our spring cleaning done! Are they the best or what?

I've been sitting at my desk today with the doors opened and listening to the birds singing, the neighborhood kids that are on spring break and the mowers cutting grass for the first time this year. What a view I've been blessed with today! And what a loving family I've been blessed with as well. It's been another pleasant, peaceful day!


amy said...

I have never thought you were a complainer. Before I started reading your blogs, I noticed you would sign right before me or after me and I never knew who you were...You are awesome

Goofy Girl said...

I hope you feel better soon, and your kids sound like the best. Very sweet. (Do they want to come clean my house too, although I have no good reason besides I am lazy for not cleaning!!)

Michelle said...

You are surrounded by supportive people - your hubby, your mom, your kids - how wonderful they don't mind pitching in with an extra chore!

I know I wished my mom was closer last week when I was feeling miserable (and she did too!).

And just to let you know - it is ok to vent and complain and gripe every once in awhile; I think you're entitled!

Congrats on winning the books over at Amy's contest!

Christine said...

I know exactly how you feel.If I posted half the posts on Josh's condition, I'd feel like I was complaining too much too.That's why I started my blog as my Happy place. You have a wonderful loving family, and you give them all your love in return. It doesn't get better than that.
Enjoy Spring break with the kids!