Dishing with Deena

Deena asked.....

1) What one woman in Biblical history do you most admire and why?

Her name is not even mentioned in the Bible. Five times she is referred to as Noah's wife. I admire her because to me she exemplifies courage, faithfulness to God and her husband, and obedience.

Without these three how could she ever support Noah in building the ark when they had never seen a drop of rain and be willing to leave everything behind when she stepped foot onto the ark. Can you imagine the work that she endured? She trusted in God's promise when he said He would save them.

I'd like to think that I would have enough faith to do whatever God asked me to do and trust Him completely just as she did.

2) It's your favorite meal..what is it?

My husband is amazing in the kitchen ladies! I'll list some of my faves:

Tortilla Soup (I could live out the rest of my days on it)
Crab stuffed mushrooms (I have a hard time sharing these)
Beef Stroganof (Yummerlicious!)
Baby carrots (they melt in your mouth)
Six layer chocolate mousse cake (need I say more?)

3) What does God's amazing grace mean to you?

God's grace is a free gift I do not deserve, but once I have accepted this wonderful gift I also accept His plan for me and seek His will in all things!

4) Tell me about your favorite childhood pet.

Katie was an eight week old tiger striped kitty that I adopted from my vet. I had just lost my beloved kitty, Angel and was missing her terribly. She would lay on her back in my arms and sleep as long as I would hold her. She was devoted to me. I missed a lot of high school because of my arthritis. On the days I was home in bed she would stick by me like glue. Never once getting up to eat. When I would be walking around on my crutches and she needed me she would jump on my back and position herself so she could "walk" with me! I had my knees replaced when I was 22 years old. I was in the hospital for almost two weeks. She missed me like crazy! After I got home she NEVER left my side~EVER! I had to physically take her to go potty or to eat.

We had been on vacation for a couple of weeks and someone else was taking care of her. When we got home I scooped down and picked her up. I realized that she had lost a lot of weight. My husband immediately took her to the vet and she died of kidney failure. She was about 10 years old. She brought me so much comfort and joy. I'd like to think that animals went to Heaven so I will see her again.

5) Your all time favorite song is on the radio...what is it and what memories does it trigger?

I Stand In Awe

I long to leave this world behind me
With its hatred, pain and fear
When I’m reminded of my journey
That I’m just a pilgrim here
Then my eyes begin to fill with tears

That’s when I think about eternity
And a place I’ve never seen
I wonder how it’s gonna be
and I’m caught up in a dream
Where I find myself at Jesus’ feet

I stand in awe of one so Holy
I stand amazed before His majesty
And soon I find myself no longer standing
But bowing down in His glory
Knowing I’m unworthy
Until His hand of mercy
Raises me again to stand in awe

Someday my dream will be reality
When He finally takes us home
From every nation, tribe and family
He will come to claim His own
And we’ll find ourselves before His throne

We’ll stand in awe of one so Holy
We’ll stand amazed before His Majesty
And soon we’ll find ourselves no longer standing
But bowing down in His glory
Knowing we’re unworthy
Until His hand of mercy
Raises us again to stand in awe

This lyrics are so powerful and give me goosebumps every time I hear it. My husband sang this at his father's funeral. My father passed away in January and it comforts me to know that dad is in Heaven with no longer suffering, but bowing down and worshipping his creator.


Deena said...

Cool Beans! I KNEW I asked you the right questions! Love it!

Christine said...

Can your husband teach my husband how to make stuffed mushrooms?
Thinking about Noah's wife, really struck me. I would imagine that she would have alot on her plate, in trusting God and Noah, and all the work in preparing. It really made me think of my life, and how much more she had to do without complaining, and supporting her husband, even though everyone thought he was crazy!
Loved your answers.
Have a wonderful day!

Michelle said...

Your husband does sound like a good cook! I'll take some tortilla soup please :)

kleinmeister said...

I just stumbled upon this post because I've been looking for this version of "I Stand in Awe" for over a decade! Is there any way you could send me the artist's name or any other information so I can continue my hunt for this song? You can email the info to me at kleinme[NOSPAM]isteryr@hotmail.com. (Just remove the [NOSPAM]) Thanks.

No said...

I echo the previous post! I sang this song at a wedding 11 years ago and a friend just asked me for it for his father's funeral this Friday (May 16, 2008). If you could direct me to an artist and CD, I would greatly appreciate it. Posting it here would be awesome too, in case others look for it. My email is Loren.Pu[NOSPAM]blic@gmail.com (remove the [NOSPAM for me, too) Your BLOG is the one place on the internet that Google links to with these lyrics. Congratulations, you're famous! :-)

Lea said...

I am from Hungary and i was searching for this song and yes this is the only link google found for it! so please tell us the name of the artist and the title of the song! thanks a lot!! God Bless:)