Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Ramblings Of A Shut In :o)
1. I haven't been to the cemetary since my father died in January. I know my father is in Heaven and enjoying every minute of it, but I feel I need to get the courage up and go. I'll let you know how it goes.
2. My dog is in heat. How's that for changing the subject? When she is this way she is very moody and wants to eat all day. Poor thing. I can relate to that! Now where are my Ding Dongs?
3. I was not able to have my meeting today with our accountant. I have worked day and night, but I am having trouble with some numbers not matching. Pray I can find my mistake soon because the new meeting is on Monday!
4. I didn't miss Sanjaya at all this week, but hated that they pretended it was Jordin who was going home. Nuh uh! That girl needs to win the whole thing!!!
5. Donny Osmond's new cd came out this week. I have yet to buy it, but I will as soon as I feel like getting out again! You can't see me now, but know that I have a bi goofy smile on my face right now.
6. Let's not forget about the scavenger hunt over at Amy's that begins May 1st! It sounds like alot of fun and please let her know I sent you if you sign up, 'kay? And wonderful news for them~she and her hubby are adopting a little girl from China and they got their LID today!!
7. Speaking of Amy (I love her name!) she sent me a prize box FULL of goodies for the contest she had last month. I am witness to her good taste in gifts so go sign up and have some fun!
8. I'm meeting several new ladies and e-mailing back and forth with them! I am blessed indeed to have met so many wonderful, caring ladies. I really do love you all!
9. I am watching Oprah right now and it's ask Dr. Oz day~let's just say I am learning lots!
10. It's after 4pm and I haven't even had a shower yet and I am still in my pj's. No excuse either, except I would love it if every day was pajama day! Don't you agree?
11. We are getting our family pictures made on Saturday and I have no idea what we are wearing yet. I want to coordinate our outfits so no one sticks out like a sore thumb.
12. Do any of you ladies read DeeDee? If you haven't yet shame on you! She is SO funny and makes me laugh until I cry. I think she is America's funniest mom! Check her out and make sure to read her archives too. I promise you will love her almost as much as I do! I'm her biggest fan cause she loves Donny too!
13. I shall end on a positive note: I am thankful this week that I have been able to be with my family. We've played Life and Rook. We went to a baseball game and ate junk all night! We've done our chores together and talked and laughed the entire time. We are one big goofy family!


Sandy said...

Oh how I long for a day in my PJ's, wish I could have come over to your house today, had coffee, chatted, and hung out all day in my PJ's!
By the way, we are one big goofy family also. :)
Thanks for your comment on my site...the closing program at our church was for Girls Alive and Boys Brigade. I am like you, I really enjoyed teaching the girls this year, I had 4th-6th grade, and they were a delightful bunch. I too will miss it. God is good!

Barb said...

You sound like you're perking up a little, Amy. I hope so. I want you to be happy and my goodness, if staying in pj's all day helps, then do it. I did it yesterday. All.day.long. I actually changed into "fresh" pj's when I went to bed.


Kimmy said...

Hey, Amy . . . great post! I really enjoyed your letting us all in on little things you've been doing. Your personality was revealed in this post. I like it when that happens on blogs. Are you going to post your family pics, or don't you do that sort of thing for the sake of privacy and safety? If you do plan on posting a picture, I can't wait to see it. If you don't post it on your blog, maybe you could just e-mail me a pic. I'm praying that all goes well for you with your accountant. Have a great day!

amy said...

Fabulous list..Yes, the hunt is going to be fun! I almost cried when they say Chris was safe and that yes America we had a shocker..That was mean...Dont mean to be graphic, but if I were Jordan I would have peed my pants

Christine said...

YEAH!I agree everyday should be Pajama Day!
I believe AI did that to her to showcase her, which is a hint that she'll win it, but I think that was in poor taste to do that to her.
Now where are my Ding Dongs?LOL!
Miss you!

Michelle said...

sounds like you had a wonderful week with your family!