April Fool's & A For Real Contest Y'all!

Okay, like I said the other day I am pretty lucky when it comes to winning things...well, let me just say yay for me 'cause I won another contest at Amy's. Don't ya just love her name? ;o)
I won a bunch of christian books or a really cool prize from the pediatrics hospital she works at! The only thing is she posted the winners on April Fool's Day so I can't be quite certain that she's not trickin' us! Or am I the only childish one left the still plays April Fool's jokes? Yeah, I was afraid you were gonna say that!

Speaking of winning contests.....5 Minutes For Mom is having another great giveaway!! These ladies sure do give away such nice things, don't they? I have so got to win this prize for my kids!
Seriously, Dyson is a great product and I have always wanted to own one myself. One of my dearest friends who is a clean freak (me~not so much!) owns a Dyson and uses it several times a day. That's right...a day...not a few times a week. I told you she was a clean freak!

I really don't know why I'm telling all my competition this, but head on over and sign in to win this fabulous prize! GOOD LUCK! No, I really do mean it!


amy said...

I appreciate new blogs. Thanks Amy

Christine said...

Congrats on winning! Crossing my fingers for you on winning the Dyson, that would be a great prize to win! :) You are one lucky lady!

Carol said...

LOL! Well, take me off your competitor list. I've given up on contests. I won a writing contest 20 years ago and it's been Contest Sahara for me since then.

I'm hopeful that you'll win something, though. So I'm rooting for you!