Amy's Having A New Contest!

Not me silly, but the other cute Amy at Amy's Random Thoughts. Starting May 1st she is having a Scavenger Hunt! Doesn't that sound like fun? Having dial up is going to take some extra time, but I am up to the challenge. How about you?

You know I love contests and have been fortunate enough to win several of them lately. I am asking on bended knee (and since I have knee replacements this is not easy!) that if you go to Amy's and let her know you want to join in on the contest.....would you PLEASE let her know that I was the one to send you her way???? Let me refresh your memory...Hi, I'm Amy! Whoever sends her the most referrals will automatically win a prize!

Remember what I mentioned about having dial up only and how rough it's gonna be doing the scavenger hunt, but I will work hard at it because it will be so much fun and I'm still on my fake bended knee......is all this pouting working? No? Can't say that I blame ya! If you just so happen to mention my name to her I would greatly appreciate it! How's that?

Thank you my lovely ladies! Hugs to one and all!!


Deena said...

Ok, Amy...here are your five questions...just let me know when they are blogged and I'll come and check'em out!

1) What one woman in Biblical history do you most admire and why?

2) It's your favorite meal..what is it?

3) What does God's amazing grace mean to you?

4) Tell me about your favorite childhood pet.

5) Your all time favorite song is on the radio...what is it and what memories does it trigger?

Have fun!!

Christine said...

A Scavenger Hunt would BE alot of FUN, I'll have to check it out and tell Amy who sent me.
Have a fun day Amy!!

Michelle said...

I'm looking forward to her scavenger hunt!

Kailani said...

I've always wanted to do a blog scavenger hunt but couldn't figure out how to organize it. I'll check her's out and tell her you sent me!

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