There's No Place Like Home

In the corners, underneath the couch, and on all the shelves decorated with knick knacks from the Home Interior parties. These are the homes of my dust bunnies. So for now they can still live there because I didn't win the Dyson vacuum. I'm not sure who is happier, the bunnies or my kids! And then sadness set in.....sigh.

Speaking of home....I think Sanjaya has been away from home way too long. How about you? I can't decide who I want to win. Jordin is amazing, especially for a seventeen year old. And Melinda is always great too. I dunno. We'll see who goes home tonight!

The weather here in Indiana went from being in the warm, balmy seventies to the miserable thirties. Let's just say that I am like the tin man today. My kids have oiled my joints many times. Crrreeeeaaaakkk!

Please be praying for Michelle. She has been under the weather for a week or so. She's experiencing something like vertigo right now. Not fun. Please go over and give her a hug!

This is so random. I don't know what made me think of it just now, but one year in my Easter basket was a red, white and blue shorts outfit. Does anybody remember wearing terry cloth shorts? I thought I had it goin' on when I wore them!

Did you ever receive anything extra special in your basket? Or was there something (besides Peeps) that you only received at Easter time?

See you tomorrow for Thursday Thirteen!


Kailani said...

I hope Sanjaya's freakish popularity wears off this week.

An Island Life

Christine said...

I'm just glad Phil hasn't gone home. I cried when Gina sang her song. Jordin is getting my votes, and Sanjaya's time is way overdue.

For Easter baskets, my son doesn't get too much candy from us, I put sports balls and trading cards in his basket.

Michelle said...

Thanks so much for thinking of me and sending the get well messages! Thank goodness I'm starting to feel much more like myself so I can play bunco tonight! :)

I remember one year getting a new pair of shoes for Easter! My mom was a dental hygienist (not practicing anymore) and she felt like we would get enough sweets from our dad/stepmom basket so she bought us something we really needed - new shoes!