Blue Bonnet (And I'm Not Talkin' Margarine)

My Grandma Treadway reminds me so much of Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies. Whenever I watch that show I call for the kids and tell them that there is Great Grandma. I think the only difference between the two is my grandma, believe it or not, was a little spunkier! Other than that you would say they were twins.

When I was 10 mom asked grandma to make my Easter dress. My grandmother was a very talented seamstress. She already made a quilt and a pillow just for me that I treasured more than my Thumbelina. I knew I would L.O.V.E. my new dress! My only condition was, suprisingly, it had to be blue!

In no time grandma had it done and my beautiful new blue dress was on its way! Everyday for a week I anxiously volunteered to get the mail. As I happily went to the mailbox I could already hear people telling me how adorable I was in my new dress. I smiled to myself and practiced saying thank you in as many sappy sweet tones as I could.

Several days passed and my dress had finally arrived. I rushed inside to open up the box. I was practically foaming at the mouth. As I slowly opened up the cardboard box my mom, dad and I gasped! Okay, maybe they didn't gasp but they did say the usual ooooh's and aaaaah's. It was so pretty! It's just how I pictured it to be. A light blue with tiny darker blue flowers throughout. Even the zipper in back was a shade of blue. I was so happy! I immediately wanted to try it on. I started walking to my room when my mother announced that there was more in the box.

Ooohhh, what else could there be? A matching purse? A ribbon for my hair? Candy?

Mom slowly pulled out a matching bonnet. What? You have got to be joking! Yes, I love reading Little House on the Prairie and dream of being Laura Ingalls, but please NO! I was 10 years old. I didn't have a lot of fashion sense, but I knew nobody my age would wear a bonnet. I was waiting for mom to let me off the hook. Nope. She excitedly announced how sweet I would look in my matching outfit.

My eyes turned to my father. "Dad?" I pleaded with my eyes. He smiled. I felt a sense of relief knowing that he would tell mom that maybe I didn't need to wear the bonnet. Trouble is my dad thought I looked adorable too. I should of known better because he had no fashion sense either!

My brother came out of his room to see what was going on. He was sweet enought to boost my confidence by laughing at me! "Mom!" I whined. She scolded him and he went back to his room with a grin on his face. I had to get even with him, but it would have to wait. I was facing a much bigger problem than him.

I begged and pleaded for the next few days. I even told her I would have the blue bonnet tied around my neck and let it hang in the back. She reminded me of all the hard work grandma had put into both the dress and the bonnet. Just in case you are wondering I did give my grandma a call to thank her for my gift. I was appreciative and loved the dress very much. I just wasn't looking forward to the humiliation from my friends on Sunday.

Easter morning came quickly and I obeyed my mother and wore my blue dress with the matching blue bonnet (on top of my head). I tried my best to fake it and smile. The ride to the church seemed to take forever. My dreams of people telling me how adorable I was turned into the whole congregation whispering in their neighbors ear while staring at me. Then they would look at each other and laugh. My stomach was in knots.

We arrived at church and as we walked in my mother looked at me. Finally she had seen how miserable I was. Could the huge pouty lip have given her the hint? Thankfully before anyone saw me she told me I didn't have to wear the blue bonnet. She bent down to untie it from underneath my chin and slowly took it off so it wouldn't mess up my hair. I hugged her tightly and said thank you over and over again! She hugged me back and kissed the top of my head. She quietly whispered, "I love you honey."

Several months later I asked mom if I could wear my Easter dress for Halloween. She looked at me puzzled. I said I wanted to go as Laura Ingalls. She said, "Sure! Bit you have to wear the bonnet." I agreed and said, "I wouldn't look much like her if I didn't wear it!"

I proudly went from house to house trick or treating. When the mothers would answer the door they would tell me how adorable I was. I smiled sweetly and said thank you. Then in my head I would thank my mom again and again!


Christine said...

What a wondeful story.I'm sure you looked adorable with or without the bonnet. What a special gift from your grandmother. Amy, you have some of the most precious memories.
Have a blessed Easter!

Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...

I love that story!!! Good for your mom for letting you off the hook at the eleventh hour. My mom once made me a gold lame' bikini. I'm not kidding. I was 8 and horrified. For good reason. When the day came for the big swim party, she said that I didn't have to wear it. She thought it might be too itchy and I'd be scratching stuff I shouldn't be scratching in public. Whew.

Michelle said...

that's such a great story! I'm with you though - I couldn't see wearing a bonnet at 10 yrs old! How nice that your mom finally realized how it made you feel; but it's also great you did get some use out of it at Halloween! :)