You Are Always On My Mind

I thought twice before starting a blog. My spelling is not the best and I have a hard time putting my thoughts into actual words. And as far as a computer goes~Yikes! I barely know how to turn it off and on! But I am learning little by little.

I never realized what an impact many of you would have on my daily life. My mornings are filled with anticipation as I turn on the computer. I slowly wait for dial-up to connect me with the blogging world. Waiting....waiting...

As my blog appears on the screen and I see my giraffe come into view (isn't he cute?) I have to decide who to check in with first! You don't know this about me, but I am a terrible decision maker. I drive my husband crazy with my indecisiveness! But that's a whole other post!

My point I am trying to make here is that I have met so many wonderful ladies through blogging. What a source of encouragement you all have been to me, especially the past few months.

When my father was so sick I had many e-mails and comments letting me know that you were praying for dad, my mom and even me. And then when he passed away in January you gave me comfort in knowing what I was going through was normal. Many of you make me laugh every morning. Then there are those that show me I need to be closer to God and allow Him to work through me. You've also let me know I can't do it all by myself. You make me think and want to become a better wife, mother, daughter and friend.

I have found myself referring to many of you in my daily conversations with my friends. They look at me and say, "Who?". I forget you are not real to them. I don't know why I have kept this blog a secret, but for now I like it that way.

I so enjoy reading about your families and seeing pictures of your kids! Again, like on Easter I sat in church and wondered what some of the little ones were doing right then. Were they at church or on an Easter egg hunt? I pictured their little faces covered in chocolate and bouncing all over the place because they were on a sugar high!

Let me finish by saying Thank You to each and everyone of you! You might think I am weird or strange. Maybe you feel this way too, but you all mean alot to me. I never thought I would become attached to so many different families, but I have. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I am thankful for your friendships. I am blessed to have found you!


Christine said...

Don't worry Amy, it's taken me a year, and there is still so much I'm learning about blogging and the computer, and my husband still shakes his head when I can't make up my mind. I look forward to your visits every day!

De said...

That is so funny. Actually, I found that I love "my blog world" (as my hubby calls it) a little too much sometimes. I also will find myself talking about people from "my blogs". It has become so bad that I had to make a rule for myself--no bloging until Bible-so I get the truely important reading done everyday. I tell you, THAT has made me stay in the word better than anything. I do have tons of respect for you. I don't think I could blog at all with dial up. You are truly committed.

Ingrid said...

you are not weird nor strange, at all! some of us have found real people here in the blogworld. i can't believe how people are more honest with their feelings when they write it down. i can express myself more by writing my thoughts and emotions than by verbalizing them out loud. have great day and i look forward to check back and read more of your posts. i've already linked you to my blog so that would be an easy task for me. ciao!

annie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog... I will be adding you to my "regulars" for my morning "blog-check," too.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite posts... and check back with me tomorrow to see what others my readers come up with.

PS - my blog is a "secret" too. The only people who know me in real life that know about it are my sisters, and they don't read it much anymore.

Goofy Girl said...

I like hearing about your life too, and every time we talk about RA I always think of you! :)

Kimmy said...

I totally hear you on this. Sometimes I think I'm addicted to blogging . . . writing and reading. I think a lot and plan a lot about what I'm going to write about, how I'm going to say it. I re-work my posts over and over to make them "just right." And checking in on people . . . well, I use my alphabetic listing of "Blogs I Like" and do it that way. Otherwise, yes, I'd be so indecisive about where to begin. But, as my list gets longer and longer, it becomes more and more time consuming.
I'm so grateful for my blog. It's ALL MINE and I believe it's a true reflection of the true me.
Thanks for sharing with all of us. You are an encouragement to me as well, and we just "met".
Have a great day!

Michelle said...

what a beautiful post! I'm so glad you started blogging! I thought about it for awhile before I started a blog too, I just didn't know if I could come up with things to write about LOL