So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen.....

I'm leaving this morning for Las Vegas to go to the SEMA convention. I won't be back until November 8th! I hope everybody has fun trick or treating, has a productive week with studying (Heather), renovations and spoiling her grandson (Pamela), cooking, making Christmas ornaments, reading, watching Cameron (whew! Barb) and for everyone a happy week!

I will miss you Sunday Meanderings, Tuesday Treasure, Works For Me Wednesdays, Thursday Thirteens, Friday's Feast, Saturday Scavenger Photo Hunt!

Keep on blogging!


Friday's Feast


Create a new candle scent.

I love burning candles, but my hubby doesn't like them. He says they are overpowering ~what does he know ;o) ssooo....to please him maybe The Yankee Candle Co. would create one that smells like pizza or even just cheese! He would so love that!


Name one way you show affection to others.

I listen with my ears and my heart.


What is your favorite writing instrument?

I have a pen fettish! My favorite pen I own is about 5 inches long with a giraffe print and it writes in my favorite color~BLUE!

Main Course

If you were given $25 to spend anywhere online, from which site would you buy?

Since I received an MP3 player for my birthday I would buy songs from MSN Music! Especially if they had any Donny Osmond ;o)


Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, what are you going to be?

Not this year because we will be in Las Vegas for the SEMA convention. BUT we will go down to MGM on the 31st to watch the freaks! People in Vegas love Halloween and some of the costumes are pretty creepy~let's just say I stick very close to my husband!


Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons Why My Son Is Awesome!
1. I was used to having girls at home. He moved in when he was 3 1/2 years old. The first week he lived with us he fell down a flight of stairs, he tried to catch the goldfish with his bare hands and he ripped the wallpaper off by running his trucks up and down the walls! Yes, boys are different than girls!
2. He makes me laugh. At our first family reunion with him he sat down to eat his hotdog when he made this announcement~ My new daddy has a pen*is! My face turned bright red, but inside I knew this would be the first of many things he would say to make me blush.
3. Intelligence~this boy is amazing, seriously. I cannot put into words how smart he is. He can memorize like nobodys business. When he did Bible quizzing he was the top quizzer all four years. I wish I had half his brain!
4. He's the first one to run and open a door for a lady.
5. He notices things such as a new haircut, new blouse, new perfume and then he compliments you on them!
6. He loves to help out at our shop and learning about restoring old cars. He asks lots of questions and isn't afraid to try. He and his dad rebuilt an engine when he was 13~he had a ball.
7. His heart is huge! His concern for others amazes me. The first thing he asks me every morning is, "How are you feeling and did you get enough sleep last night?" When I pick him up from school the first words out of his mouth is, "Did you talk to G'ma and G'pa today? How are they doing? Do they need me to come over and do anything?" See, my dad had Parkinson's and my son helps give his grandpa baths and other not-so-fun things they have to do to keep him alive.
8. And because of taking care of grandpa he has realized he wants to become a physical therapist! He is so strong, but yet gentle. I know this first hand because of all the help he gives me like helping me in and out of the van. He has to lift my leg up and then scootch (is that a word) my bottom over and lift the other leg in. He's the only one that can do it with very little pain! I'm thankful for that!
9. He loves to play board games! That may seem like a silly reason, but most kids these days would rather play Nintendo or Play Station instead of sitting with the family playing Life or Yahtzee! We love playing games at our house.
10. One day in September I couldn't find him in the house and realized he had went out and was weeding! Nobody asked him to either! He saw a need and did something about it!
11. He makes the absolute best grilled cheese! He knows exactly how I like it and remembers to use my special butter and whole wheat bread! Yummy!
12. He loves the Lord!
13. Hubby and I call him Ultra Super Mega J-man! He is our superhero!
Happy 16th Birthday J-Man! Your the best!


Tuesday's Top Ten

Trying to lose weight and have the munchies is no fun right now! I was thinking of my favorite treats as a kid and thought I would share. Let's remember together, shall we?

Oh, how I miss these candy bars! Cadbury sells something similar, but it's not as long as the original! They seemed like they were a foot long! Were they?

I could chew on this for hours! I love licorice! Luckily the still sell this gum and I will buy it when I see it.

My daddy always bought me candy sticks and I would suck them until they had a sharp point! Bubble gum was my favorite! When we eat at Cracker Barrell my kids get to pick them out now. It's tradition to always have one no matter how old they get!

Man, these are awesome! Especially the giant cherry ones! I got choked alot on these, but it was worth it!

Who doesn't love oatmeal creme pies? Shame on you if you don't!

This was my absolute favorite cereal as a kid and mine love it too!

These were sooo much fun to play with as a kid! Then when they got nasty I would chew on the wax....that sounds gross now!

I think these are the sticks, but I liked the cigarette bubble gum. When you puffed on it little "smoke" appeared!

I know it loses it's flavor fast, but this was the best gum when you were about 6 or 7 years old.

Awww, who can forget candy necklaces?! You wear it around your neck and every once in awhile you pull the elastic string up to your mouth and take a candy~then you let it SNAP back into place leaving a little sticky mark on your neck! Yeah, that was the best!

I have surprised myself with how little chocolate there was on this list! This has actually helped cure my muchies!

Have a "sweet" day everyone!


This Made Me Smile!

Just look at that face! I saw this at thedailykitten.com Puuuurrrrrrrr!

Creeky Bones

Whew! Baby it is cold outside today and my bones ~ they are a creekin'! I'm hoping this won't be a rough winter for me. I will just take it one day at a time and if that seems to hard to do then I will take it moment by moment!

This week is so full already. I am working all day today (except for this short break). Tomorrow I need to work at the shop until 6 pm and then go birthday shopping for my son and also visit my folks for about an hour. Wednesday is Awana at church. It is Career Night so we get to dress up! I haven't decided between a drummer for a christian rock band or a giraffe keeper (go figure!). Thursday is working again plus my son's birthday celebration that night! I think I will devote my TT to him that day. Sometime before that I have to make him his favorite cake~Six Layer Chocolate Mousse Cake! Man is it yummers deluxe!! Friday brings work and then that night I have a cookout with my girls from Awana. Saturday we have a gran prix car workshop at our church for the kids. I have no idea how many will show up or how long this will take! Hopefully just a few hours! I also need to go see my daddy again! Saturday night I need to start packing for our trip next week. We leave for Las Vegas on Monday. We are going out to the SEMA convention. It has to do with the automotive industry, but this is where I bring home tons and tons of freebies!! Since I am not a gambler, this is where I get my thrills ;o) Then on Sunday we have church in the morning, a customer coming in the afternoon, and then evening service at church. After church there is a going away for our youth pastor :o( We are going to miss him badly. Then I will probably stop by my parent's house again to say goodbye.

Anywho, that's what my week looks like and now that I have written it out I am frightened! I hope I can get everything accomplished with time to rest in between!

I hope everyone else will have an awesome week full of good things and maybe a few suprises!


Jesus Loves The Little Children

My heart is so heavy today for Canon's family. I still think of Susan Godfrey and the loss of her little boy last month too. Our world goes on and I would imagine that for these families life seems to stop for awhile.

My eyes well up with tears picturing these two precious babies being welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven! One can only imagine what Heaven is like, but Canon Norman and Gabriel Godfrey know right now as I type this! I know the parents and loved ones will be holding on to this knowledge. As hard as this is I know that God is good and will provide strength and comfort to these families. The Godfrey's have an amazing testimony. I am just in awe of this woman.

The pictures of these two boys are forever etched in my memory. Because I have asked Jesus to be my Saviour I know that when I die I will go to Heaven and I will meet Canon and Gabriel.

Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world
Red, brown, yellow, black and white
They are precious in His sight
Jesus loves the little children of the world


Canon Andrew Norman

I just read that Canon Norman passed away today. I've been reading and praying for this family about a week now and reading that tonight....well, I know you are all feeling the same way right now. If you don't know the story please visit www.prayforcanon.blogspot.com His family needs every prayer right now. His mom, Carla is so strong and my heart aches for her. Please visit this site and let her know you are praying for them. Thank you.


Nine Layer MeMe

Name: Amy Diane
Birthdate: August 7, 1964
Birthplace: Beech Grove, Indiana
Location: Indiana
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown with grey highlights ;o)
Height: 5' 3"
Righty or Lefty: Righty, but I can write left handed pretty well!

Your heritage: Heinz 57 ~ just a little bit of everything
The shoes you wore today: I wear tennis shoes everyday unless I am barefoot.
Your weakness: Ethel M chocolates and kettle corn!
Your fears: Falling and breaking a hip!
Your perfect pizza: Since I am watching calories I will say a veggie pizza on a whole wheat crust with minimal cheese....if I wasn't watching calories then I would say a chicken club pizza from Pizza Hut...Yummers!
Goal you would like to achieve: To lose about 50 pounds. I am in the process of losing weight so I can have hip surgery. Pray for me!

Your most overused phrase: Oh yeah, well I've had my bones cut off!
Your first waking thoughts: Gotta go potty!
Your best physical feature: My friends and family always say how pretty my eyes are so...
Your most missed memory: Huh? Don't understand the question.

Pepsi or Coke: Neither, Diet Mt. Dew!
McDonald's or Burger King: If I have to choose I guess I would say McDonald's.
Single or group dates: Any time I can have alone with my hubby is a good thing so Single.
Adidas or Nike: I'm not into brand names so it doesn't matter to me.
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Nestea...and I am drinking some right now with a splash of lemon!
Chocolate or vanilla: OOoooohhhh, chocolate baby!
Cappuccino or coffee: Yucky, me no like either :o(

Smoke: I always thought it looked cool as a child to smoke so when I was about eight I asked my aunt if I could give it a try and she let me....I choked and coughed and turned green! That was the last time I smoked!
Cuss: Try not to, but I have in the past said things I shouldn't.
Sing: You betcha! I'm horrible, but I still do it :O
Take a shower everyday: Definitely!
Do you think you have been in love: I have been for the last 24 years!
Want to go to college: I never wanted to. I wanted to be a wife and mom all my life.
Liked high school: High school was hard because I was on crutches all four years of it, but I had wonderful friends that helped make it easier!
Want to get married: Duh, already am!
Believe in yourself: Only when I know I am doing what God asks of me.
Get motion sickness: No!
Odd: Most definitely and proud of it!
Think you are attractive: My hubby thinks I am and that's all that matters to me!
Think you are a health freak: No, but I am trying to eat very healthy and I do feel better when I do.
Get along with your parent(s): I adore my parents!!!! They ROCK big time! Always there for me and very supportive.
Like thunderstorms: As long as hubby is home so I can snuggle with him, otherwise they kinda scare me.
Play an instrument: Does the nose flute count? Anybody can play it! If I could play something I would be a drummer!!!!!

In the past month have you:
Drank alcohol: nope
Smoked: nope
Done a drug: only my perscribed ones
Made Out: hehe...yes, with my hubby!
Gone on a date: Yes, again with my hubby...we try to have dates every Friday!
Gone to the mall?: Haven't felt like it in quite awhile.
Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: No, never have, but I do enjoy them.
Eaten sushi: I tried it about a year ago and I can't stand the stuff...icky!
Been on stage: No thanks, I don't want to draw too much attention to myself!
Been dumped: Nope, but I loved going to the dump with my dad when I was little!
Gone skating: I wish I could, but no .
Made homemade cookies: Yes, with my oldest daughter. We made brownies with mint icing and chocolate chip cookies for Awana!
Gone skinny dipping: That would be a scary sight to behold!
Dyed your hair: Does highlights count, then yes.
Stolen Anything: I took some pens from the shop, but since we own the shop I don't suppose that counts.

Have you ever:
Played a game that required removal of clothing: I'm blushing right now....
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Nope and never will
Been caught doing something: Depends on if you mean good or bad!
Been called a tease: No, but you are one scrumptious dish sweet cheeks!
Gotten beaten up: No thank goodness!
Shoplifted: When I was four I took a package of Juicy Fruit gum. I showed my mom as soon as we were outside and she marchedme right back in to the store manager and I had to tell him what I did and apologize! That was scary!!
Changed who you were to fit in: No, I think that's dumb.

Age you hope to be married: I was married when I just turned 20~boy were we young!
Numbers and Names of Children: K~almost 20, K~18 and J~will be 16 next week.
Describe your Dream Wedding: I loved mine! I had the perfect dress, my colors were blue and white, and I was marrying my best friend! I couldn't ask for a better day.
What do you want to be when you grow up: I would love to work at Binder Park Zoo with the giraffes!
What country would you most like to visit: I would love to go to Krueger National Park in South Africa.

Number of drugs taken illegally: none
Number of people I could trust with my life: God is in control of mine!
Number of CDs that I own: several hundred and they are all alphabetized...sad, huh?
Number of piercings: 2~my ears
Number of tattoos: none, but if I did have one it would be a giraffe!
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: I've actually been in at least 3 dozen times because of honor roll, 4H, church stuff, etc.
Number of scars on my body: Whew, alot! I just counted 18. One day my daughter and I maeasured all of them and they added up to 5' 4"!
Number of things in my past that I regret: I'm sure there are things I would want to do over, but you can't dwell on them. If you've done wrong you need to ask forgiveness and then forget about it!

Five Ingredient Friday

This was always a favorite at halloween. I know most people don't give out homemade treats anymore, but if you have a party or just something to do with your kids for fun!





Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Names We Call Our Baby!
1. Wensleydale~she is an english bulldog and my husband loves cheese and Wensleydale is a type of english cheese...sooo...
2. The Woo~it started out as Wensley the Pooh and then Wensley the Woo and then just The Woo!
3. The Most Precious! And you have to say it in a really high voice! She loves this name!
4. Woona Poona Tuna~my hubby calls her this and he is just weird ;o)
5. Her registered name is David's Not Even Wensleydale~if you have ever seen Wallace & Grommet there is a line when Wallace fins out that the lady he likes doesn't like cheese and he says, "Not even Wensleydale?"
6. Woobie~who knows?
7. Most Favorite Child~our kids don't seem to like this one for some reason!
8. Ugliness Be~you gotta admit that bulldogs aren't the most attractive dog~it's kinda like a face only a mother could love!
9. Sidewinder~she cannot run straight...she always has to be looking back and making sure you are following her!
10. Most Talented Dog in America~one day when I had nothing to do I started listing all the tricks and phrases she knows and the list was well over 100 things!
11. Most Spoiled Rotten Queen~she loves to be with us at ALL times (during dinner, road trips, even when we go potty) and we abide by her wishes.
12. Cuddle Puss~she loves my husband more than food and insists on cuddling with him every night. She absolutely adores him and he adores her!
13. Sweet Pea~she knows how much we love her and she loves us that much more! I wish you all could meet her...even if you don't like dogs I imagine she might be able to win you over!


Could This Day Get Any Crazier?

This has got to be one of the craziest days I have ever had!

The alarm did not go off this morning at 6:00 am. I have two kids that need to get up and shower, dress, eat and be out the door by 7:15 am. I awake to my daughter yelling, "Oh no!" My hubby jumps out of bed and realizes what is going on with her and sits on my side of the bed. He jumps up and shouts, "Eeewww, it's all wet!" I sit up and stretch real big realizing I just had the best nights sleep I've had in years! Then it hits me.....I'm the one that's all wet....YUCK! What happened? Surely, I didn't sleep so soundly that I wet the bed, did I? I hobble to the toilet to check my stint that the doc put in after Friday's surgery....it had somehow come out a little bit and that resulted in dribble...dribble...and I'm not talking basketball! I start apologizing to my husband and telling him how well I slept and I had no idea how I could sleep through such an ordeal. He laughed and said, "If you really slept that well I'll let you wet the bed every night!" Thank goodness for his sense of humor because, of course, I am embarrassed and feeling horrible that I have ruined the mattress.

Okay, so the two kids got dressed (without a shower) packed a lunch and left right away. They were late of course, but what do you do? My oldest daughter had a dental appointment this morning too, but made it there just in the knick of time! Okay, enough about them for now!

My hubby is stripping the bed, putting OxiClean on the mattress and scrubbing away. I'm sitting on the toilet (still leaking) wondering what do I do. It is too early to call the doctor and I am barely moving enough to stand in the shower for the time being. I get out a wash cloth and the hand soap and go to town cleaning up enough until I am able to stand long enough for a decent shower! Hubby gets me some clean clothes and helps me get dressed. He's so patient! He brings me a wooden chair with a big absorbent blue (at least it was a pretty color!) towel on it and tells me too stay! He's off for his shower~lucky boy. I listen to him singing in the shower and making up songs about me springing a leak! It was actually quite funny and I'm glad he could laugh about it too!

Okay, so let's see, where were we? He goes to work and I give the doctor a call and of course I have to leave a message. I was supposed to leave the stint in for at least a week and it has only been like 3 1/2 days. I can't go on with this permanent leak~I have somewhat of a life I have to lead. People are relying on me to have lunch with them and they need me at work! I wait patiently for the doctor and then decide~What the heck? I have to pull this thing out! I go over to the toilet and start pulling on the string. Ouch...okay, it's not too bad, just a little uncomfortable....pulling....pulling....pulling....how long is this thing?! Finally, the end! That baby was over twelve inches long! Okay, okay too much information!

Normally, I don't take a shower unless someone is home because I tend to slip on the tile, but I couldn't stand the smell of me a minute longer so I laid out a bunch of towels on the ground and proceeded to take a nice hot, hot shower. I scrubbed everything twice! I know if you do it well enough the first time you shouldn't have to do it twice, but did I mention how smelly I was! Shooweee (don't know how to spell that, but you get the picture!)

Oldest daughter comes home as I am getting out of the shower and asks what's going on. Being the sweetheart that she is she takes all the bedding downstairs to the washer! While she is doing that my dog, who is in heat right now, jumps up on the mattress....here we go again! Where's the OxiClean? That is some good stuff, I do recommend it! She gets all the blood stains out and we get the dog out of the room. She helps me get dressed and into the van so we can meet hubby and the guys (our employees, but we think of them as sons) for lunch. Luckily, lunch went off without a hitch! I though the day would go smooth from then on BUT NOOOO!!

While hubby ran an errand, me and the guys went back to the shop. We get back and they run in quickly. My crutches had been put in the way back of the van and I literally cannot take a step without them. I am hoping one of the boys realize I am not coming in and sure enough one comes back to save the day! He gets my crutches and makes sure I get in! Just as soon as I sit in my chair I realize I have got to go potty and one of the guys just went in! Bummer! I am doing the whole shaking your leg thing, trying not to think about it! I'm starting to feel a little sweaty~please, oh please hurry up in there! Yay! He's out and in I go! As I am closing the door the business phone starts ringing, but I just had to let it go~leave a message, I shout!

I get back to my desk ready to start work and my cell phone and the business phone rings at exactly the same time. My cell phone has one of those annoying rings, but it's my mom and I hate to not answer, but on the other phone could be a potential customer with tons of money just waiting to spend it on getting his/her Mustang restored. Sorry mom but I gotta refuse your call for just a moment! Actually, a customer did call and place a small order :o) As soon as I'm off with that I call her back and find out that their bath lady is in jail! Not sure what she did, but that means my son and I will need to go over and help give my daddy a bath. Okay, we can do that~make mental note: Don't forget Dad's bath! I know what it's like to stink!

The phone just rings non-stop all afternoon while I am trying to catch up on the month's work that I have missed~People! I have invoices I need to get out~please call back tomorrow! UPS and FedEx come~there is a problem with one of our orders~another phone call to make~Yay! My bil, who lives in Illinois, stops by with a car problem so one of the boys stops to help him work on his van. My mom calls back twice during the afternoon to see how I am doing~CRAZY! I tell her! But that's okay....although I am really missing my chance to read my blogs....sigh!

Well, it's about 3 pm and the kids call and ask if I want them to stop by the shop. I am thinking~NO, I have no time to visit, but my heart says~YES! Come and tell me about your day! So they arrive about 3:20 and my daughter lets me know that her car is not running right. The other guy goes out to check on her car and comes back to say that she has blown a head gasket! Man, we have no money right now....seriously....okay Lord, what are you trying to teach me today? Just as soon as we are told that the guy helping my bil gets a piece of metal shaving in his eye (yes, he was wearing safety glasses)! I have a daughter that's crying about her car, I have a friend asking me to help him with his eye and then the feeling comes over me again that I have to go potty! Please, please let me be able to hold it so I can console my daughter and find the metal shaving in his eye! With every attempt we could not get the metal shaving out so by this time it is 5 pm. I call the eye doctor and he says to come right then and he will take care of it! We get down there and realize that his insurance expired on October 2nd! I want to cry! So this cost me $87.20 of which I do not have, but I guess his eye is worth it so I will find the money somewhere! Just not sure where....kids, pull the couch covers, check in all the old winter coat pockets, check the dryer, grab your piggy banks....

Back to my daughter....she has to be at work at 6 so my bil offers to take her home to get her work clothes. Unfortunately she doesn't have time to take a shower, but she doesn't look or smell bad so it will have to wait until tonight. Anywho, they get all the way home and realize she forgot her house keys...all the doors and windows are locked! She is still upset over her car so this makes her more upset and when she cries her nose turns bright red! She calls and asks what to do and I tell her the only thing to do is come back to the office and get her keys! So they boogie back to the shop and grab the keys and get back home...poor little thing is hungry too, but doesn't have enough time to grab anything for supper. She makes it to work with 2 minutes to spare! Hopefully, she can buy something on her break. Whew...rough day!

My hubby comes back with our wounded boy (I'll call him Patch)! Patch goes back to fixing my bil's van. My bil is a minister and Patch has been compelled this week to give his testimony at church, but he's been a little anxious about it. My brother in law takes the time to work with him on how and what to say when giving his testimony....so this was a good thing!! Patch told me later he was so happy that bil stopped by today because now he knows exactly what to say! Cool beans!

The boys finally leave around 7 pm. Patch says he is okay! I sit here with a pile of receipts and invoices to go through feeling the urge to go potty again! My daugter is at work~probably with a bright red nose and a growling tummy. My oldest daughter is at class tonight. My son is sitting in front of me talking non-stop about his day and telling me how hungry he is and asking when I might be done...blah, blah, blah!!!

The day is almost over and I have survived the madness once again. What will tomorrow bring I wonder? I don't know the furture, but at least I can look back on today and know that God was there beside us! I know we will manage to get my daughter's car fixed. I know my hubby loves me enough to let me wet the bed ;o) I know that OxiClean can get out anything! I know that I have tomorrow to work on the invoices and get them mailed out. I know that my kidneys are working well! I know Wensley will be sleeping on the floor tonight on a towel! I know that when I go home tonight I will have nice clean sheets and a nice clean quilt to sleep under! I know that Patch will have peace when he gives his testimony at Bible study! I know that unless God comes back tonight, He will be there for us again tomorrow!

Here's hoping for a calmer tomorrow!!


A Meme of Three

I stole this from Pamela at Just The Two Of Us because I have fun doing these and I am working on a blog entry that is taking a little time to write so I thought I would take a break from it for a moment!

1.Things that scare me:
Clowns ~ you have to admit they are kinda creepy!
Pillsbury biscuits in a can (they always pop on me when I pick them up!) Don't laugh at me!
Icy pavement (I can't afford to fall and break a hip right now...maybe later)

2. People who make me laugh:
My hubby most definitely~he's the funniest person I know~great at impressions!
My bulldog, Wensleydale~what a personality she has~I wish y'all could know her!
Ellen Degeneres~very naturally funny on her show and it's clean comedy too!

3. Things I hate the most:
Cottage Cheese~just the thought of it makes me want to hurl.
Having checks left in my checkbook~but no money in the account!
I don't hate it, but I do miss not being able to run anymore...that was one of my favorite things to do as a kid!

4. Things I don't understand:
How to do some of the fancy stuff on my blog. Thanks again Goofy Girl for designing my site!
People that are so caught up in themselves that don't reach out to help others. Someday they may be in a situation and need help~who will they ask?
Why I have to have such nasty veins~I get blood tests once a month and last time it took seven sticks to get blood.....I know, it could be much worse....but I still don't understand why I have nasty veins!

5. Things I'm doing right now:
This meme of course!
Listening to one of our employees talk to his realtor~sounds like he got a house!
My husband talking on the phone with one of our customers~sounds like he is happy about what we are doing to his Mustang!

6. Things I want to do before I die:
Drive on the Autobahn~my husband got to and now it's my turn...I feel the need for speed!
See my children marry good christian spouses and live happily ever after!
See a cure for Parkinson's Disease!!!!!

7. Things I can do:
Sing (albeit not well) every word to every song by 4Him!
Play Tetris better than anybody I know....don't mean to brag, but I am quite good!
Be an awesome best friend! I'll be there for you no matter what!

8. Ways to describe my personality:
Bubbly~I love to laugh a lot and make others laugh as well.
Encouraging~I've been told I listen very well and give good advice.
Quick witted~my father-in-law was so proud of me because he was never able to get the best of me without me having a quick good comeback!

9. Things I can't do:
Be cruel to animals or children or really even people for that matter!
Walk without my crutches...but someday I will again!
Get rid of my favorite purses~just ain't gonna happen!

10. Things I think you should listen to:
When God answers your prayers~even if you don't like His answer do as He says.
Your parents~no matter what age you are they ALWAYS have something to share whether it is advice or stories from the past (those are the best!)
Praise songs and hymns any chance you get~they keep me uplifted all day long!

11. Things you should never listen to:
People that want to gossip or criticize~don't tolerate it!
People that tell you you can't or shouldn't without backing it up with a good reason.
Anybody scratching their fingernails on a chalkboard...just got a chill typing those words!

12. Things I'd like to learn:
The cure for Parksinson's
How to make really good homemade noodles!
How to master web designs and such so I could help others out just like me!

13. Favorite foods:
Penne Rustica from Romano's Macaroni Grill
Tortilla soup made by my very own hubby~best stuff I have ever tasted...honest!
Brownie Batter Blizzard from Dairy Queen~smooth and DELICIOUS :o)

14. Beverages I drink regularly:
Water~lots and lots of it
Crystal Light~pink lemonade
Diet Mountain Dew

15. Shows I watched as a kid:
Little House on the Prairie ~ I loved the books as well!
Donny & Marie Osmond variety show ~ my dvd is coming in November!
The Facts of Life ~ I always loved Lisa Whelchel the best! How cool to find out she was a christian!

16. Person’s I'm tagging to do this meme: Not too many people read my blog because I haven't told a single person I am doing it...sooo...if you do stop by and you haven't done this one already then please do it and let me know and I'll check it out! Thanks!


Finish this sentence, please....

1. My home...has huge rooms with plenty of closet space!
2. I am listening to...my dog pass gas....she is in heat and not feeling the best today.
3. Maybe I should...send her to another room! She's kinda stinky.
4. I love it when...I hear babies belly laugh!
5. My best friend... is my husband of 22 years!
6. I don't understand...how to do fancy stuff on my blog.
7. I lost...a check for $25 recently. I am still looking for it!
8. People say...my laugh is contagious. I think it is annoying!
9. The meaning of my blog name is...simply that I can laugh even if I am crying because of pain.
10. Love is... God sending His Son to die for me.
11. Right now, somewhere, someone is... blogging!
12. I will always... be there if you need to talk.
13. Once upon a time, I... dreamed of marrying Donny Osmond ;o)
14. Now, I... realize I have to wait for us both to get a divorce, then we can get married!
15. I never want to... have another kidney stone!
16. My personal motto is... No matter how bad the situation seems~God is in control.
17. When I wake up in the morning... I have to move two cats off of me and a dog!
18. I get annoyed when...I am unable to do things for myself. I'm stubborn.
19. People always... encourage me and tell me they pray for me!
20. I sing...in the car and think I am awesome! Reality~I suck big time!
21. Hugs are the best when... When aren't they the best? I love hugs from anyone, anytime!
22. Today I... went to church and was blessed by our missionary speaker from Nepal.
23. Tomorrow I will... try to go to work and hopefully get caught up!
24. I really want... my dad to be healed from his disease.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Back to reality tomorrow folks! Hugs to all!


I Gave Birth Yesterday To Septuplets!

Let me explain....the doc crushed my stone into a lot of pieces. So I am saying that I gave birth to septuplets because I like the number seven!

The names for the chosen 7 are as follows:
1. POINTdexter
2. Peebles (I have to go to the bathroom a lot now!)
3. Smoothie~Not!
4. Seth Michael ~ Sorry, I just like the name!
5. Jagged Edge (I thing this one will be a rock star~hehe!)
6. Ouchness (and he was the smallest)
7. Mister Bean because he makes me laugh!

In all seriousness, thank you for your thoughts and prayers! It was a rough day and night but I am so thankful to be home. I am praising God big time because the doc called me this morning and said that the stone was so lodged that my right kidney was no longer functioning and if I waited another month or so I would have lost my kidney completely! God is so good to me and I thank Him for answered prayers!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Friday's Feast on a Saturday!


Approximately how many hours per week do you spend reading other blogs?

I spend a couple of hours a day reading my blogs so that adds up to at least 14 hours a week!


Your community wants everyone to give one thing to put into a time capsule. What item would you choose to include?

Good question! I would probably donate my Works For Me Wednesday binder! Just way too many awesome ideas not to be sharing with everyone!


What is the most interesting tourist attraction you've ever visited?

My husband and I have been blessed with travel! One of the most breath taking places I have ever been is staying at a lovely bed and breakfast in Switzerland. Our room over looked the Alps and we had the most amazing hot chocolate while wrapped up in our down comforters sitting on the patio. We could see for miles and miles and there was snow on top of the mountains. It was such a romantic place and I will never forget it. I would love to go there for our 25th anniversary!

Main Course

If you could give an award to anyone for anything, who would it be and what would the award be titled?

My mother definitely gets my vote for "Hardest Working". Along with the award she would receive a big fat check to buy books (she is an avid reader) and a day of pampering at a spa! As some of you know my dad has Parkinson's and is quite ill. She nurses him 24/7/365 without complaint. She, herself, is diabetic, arthritic and has scoliosis. She is a prayer warrior and very thoughtful to send cards and write letters of encouragement to other ailing folks. She makes cakes and sweet breads or meals for shut ins. Yes, I vote for Mom!


What do you think your favorite color reveals about your personality?

I always say that blue makes me happy! Why do people always associate blue with sadness? Seriously, think about all the beautiful things that are blue....the sky, eyes, comfy jeans, disposable plastic cups ;o) I don't really know what it reveals about my personality, but I do know that BLUE keeps a goofy smile on my face!


Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Potential Names For My Kidney Stone!
1. Rocky
2. Sharon Stone
3. Fred Flintstone
4. Mr. Bean
5. Stone Phillips
6. Blarney Stone (but I won't kiss it!)
7. Pebbles
8. Mick Jagged from The Rolling Stones...hehe!
9. Gibraltar
10. Pet Rock (maybe I'll get rich)
11. Hope (I hope it's not as big as the diamond!)
12. Seth Michael ~ what? I like the name!
13. Cold Stone Creamery - sorry, I'm getting hungry!
Help me decide what to name it. Vote for your favorite!


Friday the 13th

Well, I did it! I braved a phone call and called the doc's office today. I will be giving birth this Friday the 13th to my Little Kid Rock (get it?)! I have a couple of prayer requests please. First, please pray that they can find a good vein. Last time I was in the hospital in June they had to put in a central line and that wasn't pleasant. I know, I know. I shouldn't be so selfish with my blood! Secondly, because of my nasty hips (both big and arthritic!) I am unable to spread my legs very far apart. I will be put under, but I know once I am awake the pain will be more severe than it is now. I guess that should do it! I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers!

I also want to say that I know how blessed I am and this kind of thing is nothing compared to what people deal with every. single. day. I am truly thankful that I am still able to leave my house and see God's beautiful world. I am thrilled that I can still speak and be heard. I am blessed with the ability to eat and drink. I am capable of going to the bathroom when needed. I praise God that my range of motion may not be the best, but I am able to have surgery that will help me continue to do the things I love.

I know how blessed I am because these are the things my precious daddy is no longer able to do. But you know what?! He will be the first one to say that he is truly blessed because he has a window he can look out and see God's beautiful world! He is thrilled that he can still listen when we sit around and talk about the good times we've had! He still lets mom know when he is hungry so she can feed him through his feeding tube! Dad is thankful for his catheter since he is no longer able to walk! And dad loves it when we come over and move him so he is more comfortable or we sit and lightly scratch or tickle his legs and arms! You see....when we are faced with a situation we can always find someone else in a worse predicament than ourselves.

God is good and it's times like these that draw us nearer to Him.

I can do ALL things through Christ which strengthens me. Phillipians 4:13


Quick Update!

I went to the urologist and had my CT scan this afternoon. My "little" stone is stuck and it looks like I am facing surgery to have it removed :o( Sadness! I'll call tomorrow to set up surgery...it will probably be in about a week or so. Praise the Lord though that as of right now I am not in any pain!

I did have a nice suprise a few moments ago though! One of my friends from England popped his head into our shop and said 'ello! I had no idea he was coming so we are getting ready to go out and have dinner at a really yummy Mexican restaurant! Can't wait to play catch up and see how everyone is!

Also, Pamela at Just The Two Of Us has a sweet post today about her first born child and I want to tell my story of my kids because I think it's pretty cool. I will try to do that as soon as I can! I love to have any chance to talk about my precious kids!

Have a great evening everybody!


Friday's Feast


Name a song you know by heart.

I know alot of songs by heart so I guess I will name one of my favorites....I love it when we sing "This World Is Not My Home" at church. It just reminds me that I get to have a new body in Heaven and will be rid of this painful one!


What will you absolutely not do in front of another person?

This is a hard question! Thinking...thinking.... because I have three kids and been married forever and all the surgeries I've been through, not much phases me. I don't mean to embarrass anybody, but the only thing I can think of is I wouldn't have sex in front of anyone else...that is between me and my husband.


How often do you use mouthwash and what kind do you like?

I usually use it twice a day and I like good old Listerine. I don't like the taste, but I feel my breath is freshest when I use it.

Main Course

Finish this sentence: I am embarrassed when...

Again, a tough one. I suppose if I have something in my teeth or my nose and nobody decides to tell me about it! I always tell someone politely if I see something because it happens to everybody and it really isn't a big deal.


What was the last food you craved?

Being on a pretty strict diet I have been craving a lot of different foods lately, but what sounds really good right now is a big juicy apple from the orchard my aunt works at! Yummers!!!!


Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things That Keep Me Happy
1. Getting free samples in the mail! I've been getting a ton and it is so much fun. My son said I acted like it was Christmas around the house with all the stuff I was getting! My favorite so far is a Gillette Fusion razor~very nice!
2. Wensleydale, my bulldog! She is so devoted to my husband and I and never leaves our side, seriously! I still need to post about her one day for all you animal lovers out there. She is extremely smart and I can't wait to tell you what all she knows!
3. Awana! I missed last week because of my stone, but I felt well enough to tackle it last night. One of our favorite things we do each Wednesday night is have question of the day. It is usually a simple question like~What is your favorite food your mom makes? This is one way we work on our listening skills and another way to get to know each other better! It's fun too!
4. Getting to see my precious daddy! I was able to go over there last night and visit for a good long while. I like to tell him stories and make him laugh! The bedsore on his ankle is improving and that makes me really happy!
5. Catching up on all the blogs I read! I missed my daily reads when I felt so bad and I have been playing catch up. I am close to being done and have missed you all so much I am happy to see you again each day!
6. Just knowing that next week I will have my kidney stone out one way or another! I go Monday for a CT scan and if it's gone~Hallelujah~if it's still there then they will go up and get it!
7. The most gorgemous weather we are having right now definitely brings smiles to my face! I cannot tell you how perfect it is outside right now. Just beautiful!
8. I ordered my Donny & Marie Osmond dvd..hehe...I know how sad it seems, but that show was on during one of the most painful times in my life and it helped me get through the week! I can't wait to relive each corny moment with my family. Actually, one of my best friends is excited and will watch it with me instead!
9. My taste buds are back to normal and that makes me happy. While I was sick nothing ever tasted right or good and I could never get my drinks cold enough to satisfy me. This drove my family crazy because I kept taking ALL the ice everyday. They forgave me though and helped me through without complaining which is an extra reason why I am happy!
10. We sold our van and was able to get a shop truck and our daughters each have a car now. I think we are good to go for awhile until my son starts driving....whew!
11. This sounds really mean, but I haven't been able to get my older daughter to stop eating so much candy and drinking so many sugared drinks. She is almost twenty and knows best! Anyway, she went to the dentist yesterday and has her first two cavities! Now, I am not happy because she has cavities, but maybe, just maybe she will realize that mom does know a thing or two! I can always hope anyway!
12. I taped the world's ugliest dog championship on Animal Planet the other day and it is soooo funny! I laughed until I just about wet my pants. People always think my bulldog is ugly, but they haven't seen some of the dogs on this show. Actually, several of the ugly dogs have been rescued from horrible circumstances and they are very sweet....still ugly though. Kinda like a face only a mother could love, ya know?
13. These are silly, but they bring such joy to my life....big puffy clouds, giraffes and anything blue. I can't help but be happy when I see these three things. Seems kind of silly I know, but I'm easy to please!
Happy TT Everybody!


Definition Word MeMe

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning is tagging anyone who wants to do this meme and since my brain is fried I am going to do it cause meme's are FUN!

HAPPY~My hubby always says that one of the things he loves about me the most is it doesn't take much to make me happy. When I see the color blue, no matter what it is, I smile. If I get a free sample in the mail I am happy! I love free stuff :o) I am, for the most part, a very genuinely happy person because who wants to sit around and mope when there are so many good things goin' on?

ANIMAL~Well, if you read my blog at all you'll know that my very favorite animal is a giraffe. I keep trying to download a video of me feeding the giraffes for the first time at Binder Park Zoo in Michigan, but I can't get it to work. I think giraffes are one of God's neatest creations! What was He thinking when he created them?

CEREMONY~Because we just celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary I watched the video of me walking down the aisle to my man! My hubby always laughs because I could barely walk because my knees were so bad from the arthritis, but on the video tape I am flying down the aisle. I am dragging my dad along with me because I couldn't wait to be married!

ETERNAL~I will admit that I am looking forward to the day when I go to heaven and I will live forever without any pain and restrictions! I like to tease my kids and say that I will be doing cartwheels and handstands in heaven, but I am sure I will be on my knees praising and worshipping God for all eternity!

If anyone actually looks at this site please join me and do this meme and let me know! Your words are: Talent, Cherish, Wish and Free.

Have a great day everybody!


I Am Still Here!

Just a quick note to say I am still here! I went to the urologist today and my kidney stone is making it's way down! He's gonna give me one more week to try and pass this baby and if I can't he will do surgery next week :o( I'm pushing hard :o)

I have so much to catch up on. It's unbelievable how far behind I am now. I really want to start by reading all the blogs I missed, but common sense tells me I'd better pay the bills first so I will have electricity to read all about my new friends ;o)

Please keep me in your thoughts!