Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Names We Call Our Baby!
1. Wensleydale~she is an english bulldog and my husband loves cheese and Wensleydale is a type of english cheese...sooo...
2. The Woo~it started out as Wensley the Pooh and then Wensley the Woo and then just The Woo!
3. The Most Precious! And you have to say it in a really high voice! She loves this name!
4. Woona Poona Tuna~my hubby calls her this and he is just weird ;o)
5. Her registered name is David's Not Even Wensleydale~if you have ever seen Wallace & Grommet there is a line when Wallace fins out that the lady he likes doesn't like cheese and he says, "Not even Wensleydale?"
6. Woobie~who knows?
7. Most Favorite Child~our kids don't seem to like this one for some reason!
8. Ugliness Be~you gotta admit that bulldogs aren't the most attractive dog~it's kinda like a face only a mother could love!
9. Sidewinder~she cannot run straight...she always has to be looking back and making sure you are following her!
10. Most Talented Dog in America~one day when I had nothing to do I started listing all the tricks and phrases she knows and the list was well over 100 things!
11. Most Spoiled Rotten Queen~she loves to be with us at ALL times (during dinner, road trips, even when we go potty) and we abide by her wishes.
12. Cuddle Puss~she loves my husband more than food and insists on cuddling with him every night. She absolutely adores him and he adores her!
13. Sweet Pea~she knows how much we love her and she loves us that much more! I wish you all could meet her...even if you don't like dogs I imagine she might be able to win you over!


Goofy Girl said...

Awwww so cute!!

Brony said...

How do you know which one to use when? LOL!!

I love cute nicknames.
Happy TT!

Tug said...

That's so SWEET! Cutie...

Happy TT!

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Barb said...

Uh oh. That comment before mine is spam.

She's adorable. The last English bulldog I knew personally was named Winston. He was one of the smartest dogs I ever met.

And I sure understand about never leaving you along and being with you constantly. My Chelsea is my shadow, all day long.

What a cute Thursday Thirteen.

amy said...

too cute...my hubby would like this one. OUr cat Delilah has about 12 names now...its sad...Loved this blog

PatentPrincess said...

Oh, I could barely read your T13 because I was so fixated on the ADORABLE photograph you have at the top! What a doll!!!

My T13 is up at www.patentprincess.com :)

Pamela said...

Well, I love dogs! She is definitely a cute Bull dog. My goodness, I never would have thought I'd say that about a Bull dog. lol As you know, I have a Shih Tzu, named Shivan Ming Moon Panda Pooh, can you tell she is Chineese. lol We call her Shivan, which means Chineese dragon. The breed is from China, in case you didn't know.

Any hoo, love Woo, and She is a Sweet Pea! :)

Momish said...

LOL! I would love a bulldog and your baby is prescious!! How would we survive without pet names?

Happy0303 said...

I like Sweet Pea the best!

The Pink Diary

Carmen said...

isn't it funny that we name our animals, and then never actually call them their names. :) ha ha.

Geekwif said...

She's so cute!! Bulldogs must have been the origin of the phrase, "so ugly she's cute".

My puppy is called by several names too. It drives my husband nuts since he thinks I'm going to confuse her, but she's so cute sometimes a goofy name just slips out!

Domestic Goddess said...

too funny. I have a pug and they have that kind of face too.

Chaotic Mom said...

What an adorable dog! And I think moreso because of the fun names you give her. We have a cute puppy now, "Fergie", but have a few other names for her, too. ;)

Thanks for stopping by my T13!

Chelle Y. said...

Ah, Baby is adorable!