Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Potential Names For My Kidney Stone!
1. Rocky
2. Sharon Stone
3. Fred Flintstone
4. Mr. Bean
5. Stone Phillips
6. Blarney Stone (but I won't kiss it!)
7. Pebbles
8. Mick Jagged from The Rolling Stones...hehe!
9. Gibraltar
10. Pet Rock (maybe I'll get rich)
11. Hope (I hope it's not as big as the diamond!)
12. Seth Michael ~ what? I like the name!
13. Cold Stone Creamery - sorry, I'm getting hungry!
Help me decide what to name it. Vote for your favorite!


Kelly said...

I vote for Mr. Bean! Hope all goes well tomorrow. Great list!

...my 2 cents said...

A funny list! Not sure which is my favorite... maybe Fred Flintstone.

Sorry about your kidney stones, I've heard they're no fun at all.

Have a good Thursday!!

Chaotic Mom said...

WHAT? This is hilarious! Kind of sad in a way. My little pup is at the vet right now with a kidney problem. But I LOVE your sense of humor at a (painful) time like this! I like "Blarney Stone."

I've posted my Thursday Thirteen, too. Enjoy! ;)

Sparky Duck said...

Pebbles. Though may I also suggest, The "Can you smell what Im Cooking" Rock

Southern Girl said...

I think I'm partial to Sharon Stone. The kidney stone, that is, not the actress...can't stand her. ;)

Hope everything goes well for you!

Barbara H. said...

Oh, my -- great way to deal with it, through humor. I don't know which would be my favorite -- they're all fun.

Another idea -- "Pet rock." :)

Hope you get some relief soon!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Barb said...

Well, I like Rolling Stone. But...I also like Red Rocks. That's a beautiful amphitheater here in Colorado, on the Eastern slope of the Rockies, where all kinds of wonderful concerts happen. And see, they named it that because all the rock formations are red. See? Nevermind.

I like Rolling Stone. And I like your humorous approach to something which is actually not funny. I'll say a little prayer that all goes well for you tomorrow. My husband had a kidney stone years ago but he was lucky. They were able to dissolve it with ultrasound. Still, it was a really painful experience for him.

Yeah. I like Rolling Stone. :-)

lrlwreath said...

Mr. Bean, LOL. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Happy0303 said...

Those are really creative. I once had a kidney stone but never thought to name it. I should have!

The Pink Diary

Domestic Goddess said...

Even though it isn't funny, you made me laugh.

Goofy Girl said...

Hahhaha I like Mr. Bean! You have such a great attitude!

amy said...

Thats a funny list!!!!

Pamela said...

Pebbles is too cute to call the dastardly little stone. I say you should still keep it positive so..."Rolling Stone" or "Bolder Moves". :)

Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow! ((hugs))

Amy said...

Thank you for all your votes and encouragment! I may have to wait and see what it looks like before I decide. Just wouldn't be fair to call it Rocky if it looks more like a Sharon ;o) I might just call it Spike and be done with it!

Tina said...

Rocky or Mr. Bean :D

Great list! :D Hope you get well soon. :)

Tracie said...

I am seriously laughing out loud! I pick #5 (it is hard to pick just one) but I hope that it turns out to be more like a pebble than a stone!