Could This Day Get Any Crazier?

This has got to be one of the craziest days I have ever had!

The alarm did not go off this morning at 6:00 am. I have two kids that need to get up and shower, dress, eat and be out the door by 7:15 am. I awake to my daughter yelling, "Oh no!" My hubby jumps out of bed and realizes what is going on with her and sits on my side of the bed. He jumps up and shouts, "Eeewww, it's all wet!" I sit up and stretch real big realizing I just had the best nights sleep I've had in years! Then it hits me.....I'm the one that's all wet....YUCK! What happened? Surely, I didn't sleep so soundly that I wet the bed, did I? I hobble to the toilet to check my stint that the doc put in after Friday's surgery....it had somehow come out a little bit and that resulted in dribble...dribble...and I'm not talking basketball! I start apologizing to my husband and telling him how well I slept and I had no idea how I could sleep through such an ordeal. He laughed and said, "If you really slept that well I'll let you wet the bed every night!" Thank goodness for his sense of humor because, of course, I am embarrassed and feeling horrible that I have ruined the mattress.

Okay, so the two kids got dressed (without a shower) packed a lunch and left right away. They were late of course, but what do you do? My oldest daughter had a dental appointment this morning too, but made it there just in the knick of time! Okay, enough about them for now!

My hubby is stripping the bed, putting OxiClean on the mattress and scrubbing away. I'm sitting on the toilet (still leaking) wondering what do I do. It is too early to call the doctor and I am barely moving enough to stand in the shower for the time being. I get out a wash cloth and the hand soap and go to town cleaning up enough until I am able to stand long enough for a decent shower! Hubby gets me some clean clothes and helps me get dressed. He's so patient! He brings me a wooden chair with a big absorbent blue (at least it was a pretty color!) towel on it and tells me too stay! He's off for his shower~lucky boy. I listen to him singing in the shower and making up songs about me springing a leak! It was actually quite funny and I'm glad he could laugh about it too!

Okay, so let's see, where were we? He goes to work and I give the doctor a call and of course I have to leave a message. I was supposed to leave the stint in for at least a week and it has only been like 3 1/2 days. I can't go on with this permanent leak~I have somewhat of a life I have to lead. People are relying on me to have lunch with them and they need me at work! I wait patiently for the doctor and then decide~What the heck? I have to pull this thing out! I go over to the toilet and start pulling on the string. Ouch...okay, it's not too bad, just a little uncomfortable....pulling....pulling....pulling....how long is this thing?! Finally, the end! That baby was over twelve inches long! Okay, okay too much information!

Normally, I don't take a shower unless someone is home because I tend to slip on the tile, but I couldn't stand the smell of me a minute longer so I laid out a bunch of towels on the ground and proceeded to take a nice hot, hot shower. I scrubbed everything twice! I know if you do it well enough the first time you shouldn't have to do it twice, but did I mention how smelly I was! Shooweee (don't know how to spell that, but you get the picture!)

Oldest daughter comes home as I am getting out of the shower and asks what's going on. Being the sweetheart that she is she takes all the bedding downstairs to the washer! While she is doing that my dog, who is in heat right now, jumps up on the mattress....here we go again! Where's the OxiClean? That is some good stuff, I do recommend it! She gets all the blood stains out and we get the dog out of the room. She helps me get dressed and into the van so we can meet hubby and the guys (our employees, but we think of them as sons) for lunch. Luckily, lunch went off without a hitch! I though the day would go smooth from then on BUT NOOOO!!

While hubby ran an errand, me and the guys went back to the shop. We get back and they run in quickly. My crutches had been put in the way back of the van and I literally cannot take a step without them. I am hoping one of the boys realize I am not coming in and sure enough one comes back to save the day! He gets my crutches and makes sure I get in! Just as soon as I sit in my chair I realize I have got to go potty and one of the guys just went in! Bummer! I am doing the whole shaking your leg thing, trying not to think about it! I'm starting to feel a little sweaty~please, oh please hurry up in there! Yay! He's out and in I go! As I am closing the door the business phone starts ringing, but I just had to let it go~leave a message, I shout!

I get back to my desk ready to start work and my cell phone and the business phone rings at exactly the same time. My cell phone has one of those annoying rings, but it's my mom and I hate to not answer, but on the other phone could be a potential customer with tons of money just waiting to spend it on getting his/her Mustang restored. Sorry mom but I gotta refuse your call for just a moment! Actually, a customer did call and place a small order :o) As soon as I'm off with that I call her back and find out that their bath lady is in jail! Not sure what she did, but that means my son and I will need to go over and help give my daddy a bath. Okay, we can do that~make mental note: Don't forget Dad's bath! I know what it's like to stink!

The phone just rings non-stop all afternoon while I am trying to catch up on the month's work that I have missed~People! I have invoices I need to get out~please call back tomorrow! UPS and FedEx come~there is a problem with one of our orders~another phone call to make~Yay! My bil, who lives in Illinois, stops by with a car problem so one of the boys stops to help him work on his van. My mom calls back twice during the afternoon to see how I am doing~CRAZY! I tell her! But that's okay....although I am really missing my chance to read my blogs....sigh!

Well, it's about 3 pm and the kids call and ask if I want them to stop by the shop. I am thinking~NO, I have no time to visit, but my heart says~YES! Come and tell me about your day! So they arrive about 3:20 and my daughter lets me know that her car is not running right. The other guy goes out to check on her car and comes back to say that she has blown a head gasket! Man, we have no money right now....seriously....okay Lord, what are you trying to teach me today? Just as soon as we are told that the guy helping my bil gets a piece of metal shaving in his eye (yes, he was wearing safety glasses)! I have a daughter that's crying about her car, I have a friend asking me to help him with his eye and then the feeling comes over me again that I have to go potty! Please, please let me be able to hold it so I can console my daughter and find the metal shaving in his eye! With every attempt we could not get the metal shaving out so by this time it is 5 pm. I call the eye doctor and he says to come right then and he will take care of it! We get down there and realize that his insurance expired on October 2nd! I want to cry! So this cost me $87.20 of which I do not have, but I guess his eye is worth it so I will find the money somewhere! Just not sure where....kids, pull the couch covers, check in all the old winter coat pockets, check the dryer, grab your piggy banks....

Back to my daughter....she has to be at work at 6 so my bil offers to take her home to get her work clothes. Unfortunately she doesn't have time to take a shower, but she doesn't look or smell bad so it will have to wait until tonight. Anywho, they get all the way home and realize she forgot her house keys...all the doors and windows are locked! She is still upset over her car so this makes her more upset and when she cries her nose turns bright red! She calls and asks what to do and I tell her the only thing to do is come back to the office and get her keys! So they boogie back to the shop and grab the keys and get back home...poor little thing is hungry too, but doesn't have enough time to grab anything for supper. She makes it to work with 2 minutes to spare! Hopefully, she can buy something on her break. Whew...rough day!

My hubby comes back with our wounded boy (I'll call him Patch)! Patch goes back to fixing my bil's van. My bil is a minister and Patch has been compelled this week to give his testimony at church, but he's been a little anxious about it. My brother in law takes the time to work with him on how and what to say when giving his testimony....so this was a good thing!! Patch told me later he was so happy that bil stopped by today because now he knows exactly what to say! Cool beans!

The boys finally leave around 7 pm. Patch says he is okay! I sit here with a pile of receipts and invoices to go through feeling the urge to go potty again! My daugter is at work~probably with a bright red nose and a growling tummy. My oldest daughter is at class tonight. My son is sitting in front of me talking non-stop about his day and telling me how hungry he is and asking when I might be done...blah, blah, blah!!!

The day is almost over and I have survived the madness once again. What will tomorrow bring I wonder? I don't know the furture, but at least I can look back on today and know that God was there beside us! I know we will manage to get my daughter's car fixed. I know my hubby loves me enough to let me wet the bed ;o) I know that OxiClean can get out anything! I know that I have tomorrow to work on the invoices and get them mailed out. I know that my kidneys are working well! I know Wensley will be sleeping on the floor tonight on a towel! I know that when I go home tonight I will have nice clean sheets and a nice clean quilt to sleep under! I know that Patch will have peace when he gives his testimony at Bible study! I know that unless God comes back tonight, He will be there for us again tomorrow!

Here's hoping for a calmer tomorrow!!

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