Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things That Keep Me Happy
1. Getting free samples in the mail! I've been getting a ton and it is so much fun. My son said I acted like it was Christmas around the house with all the stuff I was getting! My favorite so far is a Gillette Fusion razor~very nice!
2. Wensleydale, my bulldog! She is so devoted to my husband and I and never leaves our side, seriously! I still need to post about her one day for all you animal lovers out there. She is extremely smart and I can't wait to tell you what all she knows!
3. Awana! I missed last week because of my stone, but I felt well enough to tackle it last night. One of our favorite things we do each Wednesday night is have question of the day. It is usually a simple question like~What is your favorite food your mom makes? This is one way we work on our listening skills and another way to get to know each other better! It's fun too!
4. Getting to see my precious daddy! I was able to go over there last night and visit for a good long while. I like to tell him stories and make him laugh! The bedsore on his ankle is improving and that makes me really happy!
5. Catching up on all the blogs I read! I missed my daily reads when I felt so bad and I have been playing catch up. I am close to being done and have missed you all so much I am happy to see you again each day!
6. Just knowing that next week I will have my kidney stone out one way or another! I go Monday for a CT scan and if it's gone~Hallelujah~if it's still there then they will go up and get it!
7. The most gorgemous weather we are having right now definitely brings smiles to my face! I cannot tell you how perfect it is outside right now. Just beautiful!
8. I ordered my Donny & Marie Osmond dvd..hehe...I know how sad it seems, but that show was on during one of the most painful times in my life and it helped me get through the week! I can't wait to relive each corny moment with my family. Actually, one of my best friends is excited and will watch it with me instead!
9. My taste buds are back to normal and that makes me happy. While I was sick nothing ever tasted right or good and I could never get my drinks cold enough to satisfy me. This drove my family crazy because I kept taking ALL the ice everyday. They forgave me though and helped me through without complaining which is an extra reason why I am happy!
10. We sold our van and was able to get a shop truck and our daughters each have a car now. I think we are good to go for awhile until my son starts driving....whew!
11. This sounds really mean, but I haven't been able to get my older daughter to stop eating so much candy and drinking so many sugared drinks. She is almost twenty and knows best! Anyway, she went to the dentist yesterday and has her first two cavities! Now, I am not happy because she has cavities, but maybe, just maybe she will realize that mom does know a thing or two! I can always hope anyway!
12. I taped the world's ugliest dog championship on Animal Planet the other day and it is soooo funny! I laughed until I just about wet my pants. People always think my bulldog is ugly, but they haven't seen some of the dogs on this show. Actually, several of the ugly dogs have been rescued from horrible circumstances and they are very sweet....still ugly though. Kinda like a face only a mother could love, ya know?
13. These are silly, but they bring such joy to my life....big puffy clouds, giraffes and anything blue. I can't help but be happy when I see these three things. Seems kind of silly I know, but I'm easy to please!
Happy TT Everybody!


*Skittles* said...

Hi Amy!!! I read about the free razor and almost fell over. I loved getting my 2 in the mail too. I have also gotten a razor for men and a Intutition twice. I think I might be addicted to freebies.

I loved your TT!! Thanks for stopping by mine.

Barbara H. said...

Great list! Hope your kidney stone goes out without problems.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Dane Bramage said...

My freebie razor came Saturday in the paper and the kids couldn't wait until I got home. They made such a big deal of it coming for me I had to play along. I got to give out plenty of hugs and thank yous.

Speaking of thank yous, thanks for stopping by my Thursday Thirteen If I had an iPod Disco Edition

Shannon said...

Oooo! Goodies in the mail. I love them too!

Happy Thursday!

Maryanne said...

Hi there,
I also love getting free stuff. I also love to be with my dogs. Happiness comes in such funny little ways sometimes. You've got a great list. Thanks for stopping by.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Free samples are wonderful. Great 13!

Mine are here

Goofy Girl said...

What a cute list!! :)