Tuesday's Top Ten

Trying to lose weight and have the munchies is no fun right now! I was thinking of my favorite treats as a kid and thought I would share. Let's remember together, shall we?

Oh, how I miss these candy bars! Cadbury sells something similar, but it's not as long as the original! They seemed like they were a foot long! Were they?

I could chew on this for hours! I love licorice! Luckily the still sell this gum and I will buy it when I see it.

My daddy always bought me candy sticks and I would suck them until they had a sharp point! Bubble gum was my favorite! When we eat at Cracker Barrell my kids get to pick them out now. It's tradition to always have one no matter how old they get!

Man, these are awesome! Especially the giant cherry ones! I got choked alot on these, but it was worth it!

Who doesn't love oatmeal creme pies? Shame on you if you don't!

This was my absolute favorite cereal as a kid and mine love it too!

These were sooo much fun to play with as a kid! Then when they got nasty I would chew on the wax....that sounds gross now!

I think these are the sticks, but I liked the cigarette bubble gum. When you puffed on it little "smoke" appeared!

I know it loses it's flavor fast, but this was the best gum when you were about 6 or 7 years old.

Awww, who can forget candy necklaces?! You wear it around your neck and every once in awhile you pull the elastic string up to your mouth and take a candy~then you let it SNAP back into place leaving a little sticky mark on your neck! Yeah, that was the best!

I have surprised myself with how little chocolate there was on this list! This has actually helped cure my muchies!

Have a "sweet" day everyone!


Goofy Girl said...

Mmmm!! Those snacks are great!

Barb said...

The halloween red lips were wonderful. Just thinking about them brings back memories of the wonderful smell. What a fun list!

Pamela said...

Amy how could you dangle the candy in front of eyes, oh I see how it is, you are on a diet and so you want to give us a little taste of what you are going through, ahem! lol Isn't it funny, how it all comes back when we see just one picture...Pixie Stix, and Waxed Lips, those were the days! hehe! Good memories! :)