Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons Why My Son Is Awesome!
1. I was used to having girls at home. He moved in when he was 3 1/2 years old. The first week he lived with us he fell down a flight of stairs, he tried to catch the goldfish with his bare hands and he ripped the wallpaper off by running his trucks up and down the walls! Yes, boys are different than girls!
2. He makes me laugh. At our first family reunion with him he sat down to eat his hotdog when he made this announcement~ My new daddy has a pen*is! My face turned bright red, but inside I knew this would be the first of many things he would say to make me blush.
3. Intelligence~this boy is amazing, seriously. I cannot put into words how smart he is. He can memorize like nobodys business. When he did Bible quizzing he was the top quizzer all four years. I wish I had half his brain!
4. He's the first one to run and open a door for a lady.
5. He notices things such as a new haircut, new blouse, new perfume and then he compliments you on them!
6. He loves to help out at our shop and learning about restoring old cars. He asks lots of questions and isn't afraid to try. He and his dad rebuilt an engine when he was 13~he had a ball.
7. His heart is huge! His concern for others amazes me. The first thing he asks me every morning is, "How are you feeling and did you get enough sleep last night?" When I pick him up from school the first words out of his mouth is, "Did you talk to G'ma and G'pa today? How are they doing? Do they need me to come over and do anything?" See, my dad had Parkinson's and my son helps give his grandpa baths and other not-so-fun things they have to do to keep him alive.
8. And because of taking care of grandpa he has realized he wants to become a physical therapist! He is so strong, but yet gentle. I know this first hand because of all the help he gives me like helping me in and out of the van. He has to lift my leg up and then scootch (is that a word) my bottom over and lift the other leg in. He's the only one that can do it with very little pain! I'm thankful for that!
9. He loves to play board games! That may seem like a silly reason, but most kids these days would rather play Nintendo or Play Station instead of sitting with the family playing Life or Yahtzee! We love playing games at our house.
10. One day in September I couldn't find him in the house and realized he had went out and was weeding! Nobody asked him to either! He saw a need and did something about it!
11. He makes the absolute best grilled cheese! He knows exactly how I like it and remembers to use my special butter and whole wheat bread! Yummy!
12. He loves the Lord!
13. Hubby and I call him Ultra Super Mega J-man! He is our superhero!
Happy 16th Birthday J-Man! Your the best!


Tracie said...

what a sweet boy. I only have a girl, but this list makes me think that a boy would be fun too!!

Ghost said...

What a wonderful tribute. I really enjoyed reading it.

Have a Happy!

Tammy said...

awww.. what a sweet TT!! You sure do have a wonderful bot there!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, and way to make your mama so proud of you.

Barbara H. said...

Sounds like a wonderful guy. :)

I have 3 boys -- they're fun.

Happy Birthday!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Goofy Girl said...

Awww sounds like such a great guy! :) Happy Birthday to him!

Southern Girl said...

Wow, your son IS awesome! I'd say that makes you and your husband awesome parents. ;)

Great list!

Chelle Y. said...

He sounds like a really nice teenager. It's not often you find "kids" that age acting so unselfishly.

Happy 16th to him!

Chaotic Mom said...

I really hope and pray my little guys grow up so cool!

Thanks for stopping by my Thursday 13 today!

Pamela said...

***************J MAN******************

Hope your day is filled with wonderful surprises! What a blessing you are to your sweet family and mature beyond your years. Sounds like you will make a fantastic physical therapist! :)

Happy0303 said...

He sounds like an amazing child!

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