Creeky Bones

Whew! Baby it is cold outside today and my bones ~ they are a creekin'! I'm hoping this won't be a rough winter for me. I will just take it one day at a time and if that seems to hard to do then I will take it moment by moment!

This week is so full already. I am working all day today (except for this short break). Tomorrow I need to work at the shop until 6 pm and then go birthday shopping for my son and also visit my folks for about an hour. Wednesday is Awana at church. It is Career Night so we get to dress up! I haven't decided between a drummer for a christian rock band or a giraffe keeper (go figure!). Thursday is working again plus my son's birthday celebration that night! I think I will devote my TT to him that day. Sometime before that I have to make him his favorite cake~Six Layer Chocolate Mousse Cake! Man is it yummers deluxe!! Friday brings work and then that night I have a cookout with my girls from Awana. Saturday we have a gran prix car workshop at our church for the kids. I have no idea how many will show up or how long this will take! Hopefully just a few hours! I also need to go see my daddy again! Saturday night I need to start packing for our trip next week. We leave for Las Vegas on Monday. We are going out to the SEMA convention. It has to do with the automotive industry, but this is where I bring home tons and tons of freebies!! Since I am not a gambler, this is where I get my thrills ;o) Then on Sunday we have church in the morning, a customer coming in the afternoon, and then evening service at church. After church there is a going away for our youth pastor :o( We are going to miss him badly. Then I will probably stop by my parent's house again to say goodbye.

Anywho, that's what my week looks like and now that I have written it out I am frightened! I hope I can get everything accomplished with time to rest in between!

I hope everyone else will have an awesome week full of good things and maybe a few suprises!


Pamela said...

Amy, thought you might be the one up there blowing dust in my face. hehe I sure wouldn't be able to keep up with you this week. I am sure you will be able to handle it all with flying colors! Just take it one day at a time. lol When is your son's b-day and how old will he be? Have a good evening! Try to stay warm. :)

Goofy Girl said...

It is cold!! Hope you got warmed up :)

Mmm, that cake for your sons bday sounds really good! Happy Early Birthday to him!

Good luck w your busy week!