I Gave Birth Yesterday To Septuplets!

Let me explain....the doc crushed my stone into a lot of pieces. So I am saying that I gave birth to septuplets because I like the number seven!

The names for the chosen 7 are as follows:
1. POINTdexter
2. Peebles (I have to go to the bathroom a lot now!)
3. Smoothie~Not!
4. Seth Michael ~ Sorry, I just like the name!
5. Jagged Edge (I thing this one will be a rock star~hehe!)
6. Ouchness (and he was the smallest)
7. Mister Bean because he makes me laugh!

In all seriousness, thank you for your thoughts and prayers! It was a rough day and night but I am so thankful to be home. I am praising God big time because the doc called me this morning and said that the stone was so lodged that my right kidney was no longer functioning and if I waited another month or so I would have lost my kidney completely! God is so good to me and I thank Him for answered prayers!

Have a great weekend everybody!


Goofy Girl said...

Wow, I'm glad you got the stone broken up and removed! Hope you feel better!

Barb said...

Boy! I never heard of a stone so big it was broken into pieces. That's scary. I'm glad you got this done in time to save your kidney. And I'm glad you're home. Hope you're back up to par soon!

Pamela said...

Amy, I am so happy for you! God is so good! Wow! Just to think...God wasn't going to let that little kidney go. Love all your cute names. You really have a wonderful sense of humor! :)