This & That & A Prayer Request

Hello my friends! This will be short and sweet because I need to keep working, but I wanted to say howdy. My computer came down with a bug so I haven't really been able to post or visit or do my actual work. Not good, huh? I know! I miss my friends. Work will always be there, but my friends NEED me!! At least I hope so.

And as my friend would you please be praying for Amy? Her beloved bassett hound passed away a couple of days ago. My heart aches for her because I totally understand how much she loves her pooch. If you are an animal lover than you get it too. If not, just know that it can hurt deep. Thank you guys!

I don't ask this often enough, but is there something I can be praying for in your life? We all have struggles and needs and this is something I can do for you too. Just let me know.

I will try to visit if my computer will allow. Love you all. I really do!


Faith said...

You are such an awesome person!
I DO have a prayer request.
The Lord has put someone in my life (a new woman friend) who really connects with me. Since I have been praying about having a close friend at our new church (we are in a "mega-church") I feel like this could be an answer to prayer. I would like prayer that the Lord would knit our hearts together and allow us to spend some time together. Thank you so much. YOu are a true blessing.

secondofwett said...

I also have a prayer request...since you asked...a family that we know that has 4 kids and just found out that they could adopt a little boy they've been fostering. On this same day, that they received the good news, last Friday, the mom was in a head on crash which took her life and the little boy is in critical condition. Her husband and children are devastated...she was only 42, but she knew the Lord. Her family knows they will see her again but they are overcome right now.

amy said...

thank you AMy. YOur prayers are appreciated..

You rock!

Tricia Goyer said...

Hi Amy,

My assistant's email is amy@triciagoyer.com