1000 Blessing's Friday

241. The happy girl on the far left is my niece, Sarah. Their softball team won the sectional championship! Sarah is graduating tomorrow. *sniff* Sarah reminds me of well, me. Not as far as athletics go mind you, but her sense of humor. She's a big dork just like her Aunt Amy! She and I can see the humor in situations when others cannot. And yes, she also laughs at inappropriate times like dear old muah!

Sarah is also very creative and artistic. Not me. Give her a few weird items and she can make a masterpiece. She even made her prom dress out of duct tape last year and it was gor-ja-mous! Very talented indeed.

242. I just love the live giraffe cam! I can be having a rotten day and I go see what my giraffes are doing and it turns my frown upside down. Corny, I agree. But ever so true. And look at that one with it's chin on the fence! He reminds me of my bulldog when she is begging for food! How can you resist those precious eyes?

243. Another blessing I've received in a round about way is my oldest daughter has decided to take some more college classes. She's learning that in order to get a good paying job you need to have a degree of some kind! I'm thankful that on her own she is seeing what it's like to be an adult, learning from it and doing something about it! She's a good girl though and I am always blessed to have her for my daughter!!

244. Free food! That's always a blessing. Because we have our own business several stores like AutoZone and CarQuest have been having customer appreciation days. And because we spend a lot of money with each one we get free eats for lunch. And the food has been delicious. All homemade too!

245. Another blessing for me this week is health. I am hurting pretty good today, but I think it's due to the fact that every other day I've been going, going, going! And that's a good thing. No, a GREAT thing! Call me Miss Independence. Please!

Please tell me one of your blessings this week!


Dianne said...

I love your lists like this...and your blog. Also, since I was catching up, I read the post about your dad's shoes...SUPER sweet. I'm sure he was as proud of you as you are/were of him. It sound like he was a great man!

Lalena said...

What a fun blog!

Two wonderful blessings this week...first born wants to go to Biola and young man scored a great job!!

Have a fab week!

Kailani said...

It's pretty cool that you can get so close to those giraffes!


Jennifer said...

Ok...prom dress out of duct tape??!!! I've gotta see a picture of that!!!!! Come on!

I love the giraffe cam. The giraffe laying his sweet little chin on the fence. That just made me giggle. That's simply too cute!

That's great that your oldest daughter is finding out sooner than later how important college is. Great that she is figuring it out all on her own too. It will mean more to her.

I always say YIPEEE to FREE FOOD!

Sorry you are hurting, but that's great that it is because you are on the go, go, go!!

Kimmie said...

Free food! I need to get something to eat.

Your blessing list is really growing!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Sandy said...

Love the giraffe cam! How cool is that. I do hope you are feeling better soon, I told you ever since my 4 days of painful arthritis with 5th Disease I have a whole new respect for all you endure. I dealt with it for 4 days, you deal with it daily!
Have a good week!!