Prayer Request

Some of you may remember him. This is Luke Menard and he made it to the top 16 on American Idol this year. He is also from my hometown - Crawfordsville, Indiana. He is a christian and a super nice guy. He has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

It has been confirmed that Luke has stage II Hodgkin lymphoma. I have read that this is a treatable cancer with high success rates. But it is still cancer.

Would you please remember this dear family in your prayers?

Thank you.


Faith said...

Oh my goodness...my daughters and I will be praying...thanks for sharing this...we loved his voice!

Sandy said...

Wow, he is so young also. Thanks for sharing.

BTW, I thought of you a couple of weeks ago. I just found out I have Fifth Disease, and it caused swelling in my hands, fingers, and feet. Plus I had a ton of joint pain. It lasted about 4 days, and it gave me a whole new respect for the courage of people who suffer from arthritis! Wow, it's like I got a taste of it....not fun!
It was a good reminder for me to pray for you!!!!!

Christine said...

Oh Amy,
How young he is!! Thanks for sharing. I'll be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers.


Carrie said...

Praying! I'm glad to hear it's the treatable kind.
God bless :)

Kailani said...

How sad! We'll definitely say a prayer for him this morning.


Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing this info. I will say a prayer for him.
Medicine has come a long way with Cancer...but the word itself is so scary.
I will pray for this young man's healing.

Kimmy said...

Of course I remember him. I'll be praying. How sad.
Sorry I haven't been by to "visit" much lately; life is so incredibly busy I haven't had much time to spend at my computer.
Regarding American Idol, I'm in withdrawal...last night was supposed to be performance night; tonight was supposed to be results night. I'm seriously missing the show.
David vs. David--I really liked this showdown. It was great, with what I thought to be surprise results. I really expected young David to win. But I secretly wanted David Cook to win--and he did.
Your post for prayers on behalf of Luke was very thoughtful. I hope you don't think of me as being insensitive since I wrote a comment with so much other Am.Id. content.
Love you,
Hugs to you,
Have a great rest of the week,