Daily Blessing's

Even on days when I wake up in tears because of pain I have to be thankful for all that surrounds me.

My bulldog is the first to greet me with her whole backside wagging uncontrolably anxiously awaiting confirmation that she exists.

My husband who is trying to rest awakes to offer his assistance. "What can I do to help my bride?" he asks. I know he is tired. He feels helpless because there is nothing he can do to help. I try to reassure him that I'll be okay.

My children get up one by one. Checking on me is the first thing they do each morning, unless the call of their bladder gets them first! "How did you sleep, Mom? How bad are you hurting this morning, Mom? Is there anything I can get you, Mom?" There is genuine concern in their voices.

It's not long until my sweet mother calls asking me the same questions. She and dad are such prayer warriors. Because of my dad's disease (Parkinson's), they are up alot at night. Mom says they pray for me every time they are awake.

My church family is so special and are so faithful when it comes to sending a card or phoning to see if you need anything. They are always offering to bring in meals. A quick side note: The last time I had surgery we accepted the generous offer of meals for the family. Our church has some awesome cooks! We recieved SEVEN pans of lasagna!! Needless to say, our family no longer likes lasagna :o)

Just like others, I take it day by day knowing that God is in control of my surroundings. I am thankful to Him for who He has placed in my life. I consider myself very blessed.


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momrn2 said...

What a great and loving support system it sounds like you have!!

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