Happy Days Are Here Again!

At 6:00 am the alarm sounds.
Time to start the morning rounds.
Care Bear, I shout, Time to rise and shine!
Waiting...waiting...ah, yes, I hear her whine...
Can't I sleep just five minutes more?
I make a deal and give her four.
Now it's time to wake up my son.
It isn't easy and it's never FUN!
J-man, I plead, Let's start the day out right!
You'll be able to sleep more tonight!
Don't you want to eat some yummy food?
That should get him in a good mood.
Yes! He's up and ready to start.
Hey, that wasn't so bad on my part.
At first they move in slow motion.
Soon, I know, there will be a commotion.
Mom, my senior yells with all her might!
My new pants that used to fit are now too tight.
Wear something else for now, my dear
It's really not worth shedding a tear.
My son can't decide what to pack for lunch.
PB &J, Pringles, banana, Twinkie and fruit punch!
Time's a wastin' I yell!
Mom, we have until the second bell.
Grab your lunch, brush your teeth and hair!
We gather together and have a prayer.
Lord, thank you for this wonderful day.
Please be with my kids while they are away.
Please help them to do their very best
And guide them when they are put to the test.
We praise you for wonderous Son,
Through Him any victory can be won!
I kiss and hug my kids so tight.
Now go on, get on the bus, as I turn on the outside light.
Knowing the kids are fine and ready to begin

I yell to my husband...Happy Days Are Here Again!


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