She kisses my forehead and says, "How ya doin'?"
I tell her I'm fine, but with her there's no foolin'.
She's dances silly just to hear me laugh.
She buys me candles and stuffed giraffes!
She worries about me, I can tell by her face.
I remind her I'll be okay, but only with God's grace.
She's as sweet as the day is long.
In her eyes I can do no wrong.
Believe it or not, she used to be quiet and shy.
Now she is my social butterfly!
Her eyes are warm and deep chocolate brown.
She thinks she's the queen and royally wears a crown ;o)
Her smile could light up even the darkest room.
She smells prettier than orchids in rarest bloom.
She likes to take long, hot showers,
And like most girls can talk on the phone for hours!
Sure, she likes to tease her sis and bro!
But if any one else does, watch out! It's a major no-no.
No matter what, she holds her family close to her heart.
For one day soon, she will depart.
But for now she stays at home.
Not too far will she roam.
She's not quite certain what she wants to do in life.
Her main goal, though, is to be a Godly wife.
On Mother's Day at just five years old
She asked Jesus to be her Saviour from what she told!
My heart was full of joy that day
When she accepted His free gift for which He paid.
She's never strayed from her beliefs, Praise the Lord!
She shares with others from the mighty Sword.

She's becoming a woman, just look at her, WOW!
"When did this happen?", I ask myself now.
She always talks and shares about her day.
I really wouldn't want it any other way.
She's become more than just my daughter, I can't pretend.
She's also become one of my closest friends.

Love, Mom

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