8 Things About My Hubby & Me

I've seen this meme floating around various places and since I haven't done it yet....

1. Both our first names mean "Beloved". One time we saw in a baby book where Amy meant "Most Beloved" and David was just "Beloved". Of course I don't let him live that one down! Ain't I a stinker?

2. My mom babysat for his sister, Marcia. When I met her she was running the Hickory Farms kiosk at the mall for the Christmas season. I needed a job and she said her brother needed a sweet girlfriend! She hired me and the day we were putting the display together David just so happened to be there too. He asked me to go on a double date to an REO Speedwagon concert with his other sister. I said yes and the rest is history. Just a little sidenote: His sister should be called Marcia Matchmaker. She also introduced her older brother to his wife and her youngest sister to her husband! Maybe she should start her own business :o)

3. Besides having the same sense of humor we are total opposites. He is a very picky eater. I am not. He is a spur of the moment kinda guy. I like to plan it out and make lists. His intelligence intimidates me. When we talk he goes over my head, especially when it comes to scientific conversations. He is very creative and a perfectionist. I am like~Que sera, sera! He is multi-talented. Great cook, artist, beautiful voice, creative writer, plays bass, drums and whatever else he picks up, photographer, etc. Me-not so much. I can play the nose flute though~but then again, who can't? (Has anybody ever seen one? They make a great gag gift!)

4. He adores me and let's face it, I'm adorable! Just kidding peeps. We are each others biggest fan and even more importantly we are each other's best friend. You have to be if you are going to work together 24/7/365! It doesn't matter what we're doing as long as we're together. We can't wait until the kids move out and we can buy an RV and just travel and do whatever we please! I'm showing my age now, aren't I?

5. We have our own language. Now I am sure that a lot of you will say the same thing about your husbands, but let's just say we could have our own dictionary we have so many words! I won't even attempt to give examples because it's too bizarre how we come up with the strange stuff we do.

6. We both HATE coconut!!! We can smell it a mile away and we can taste it in food. It makes both of us very, very queasy.

7. He comes from a family of eight kids where I only have one brother. I am so thankful I married into such a large family. And believe it or not~every single person on both sides get along famously! My MIL says she loves her daughter and son-in-laws as much as her own children, if not more so! Pssst....I think I might just be her favorite though ;o)

8. What? I'm on my last one already? What else is left to say except that my husband can make me laugh like no other human being on earth! He will go out of his way to make a fool of himself if it will bring a smile to my face. It really doesn't take much to humor me. I'm quite childish. As if you haven't figured that one out already! Oh, and he has the most beautiful voice ever ladies and sings me romantic love songs all the time in the car. Yes, I like him even more than Donny Osmond. I know! I couldn't believe it either.


amy said...

Love this! Thanks for letting us get to know you a bit better..You do have a lovely name!

Christine said...

Wow! I couldn't believe #13! ;)
You two are perfect for eachother.

Great answers. It is nice to get to know both of you! You make me laugh. :)


Tammy said...

Hi...I'm not sure if I was here before or not- but I know I've seen you visiting the same places! :)

I enjoyed reading this list about you and your husband...very fun!
I could relate to #7...My husband is one of 12 and I was raised an only child!

Oh, and I read your comment on Island Girl, and had to smile. I have two little girls and the three of us absolutely love High School Musical! Which is truly goofy when you know that my oldest is only eight, but I'm over 40! ;)
(Can't wait to see the new one in few weeks...woohoo!)


Kimmy said...

Great husband! This was a cool meme. I'll have to try it sometime.

Michelle said...

such a great list about you two! How neat that your names both have the same meanings; and I loved the story of how you met!

Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing these interesting things. I find it fascinating that both your first names mean 'Beloved'. You must have really been meant to make each other happy from the start.