Don't Hate Me For Doing Another Meme...

…time you laughed?

Just about ten minutes ago when I was walking to my bedroom. I like to make my kids laugh when I am crying because they worry so much. I saw the looks in their eyes when I was crying so I through my head back and said, "Whoa is me! There's nobody in this world as bad off as I am. Poor me!" Of course that got us all to laughing and they new I was going to be okay.

…time you cried?

I just found out yesterday that one of my favorite little girls in the world asked Jesus to be her Savior at Vacation Bible School! And I always cry when someone gets baptized too.

…time you felt guilty?

I feel guilty anytime I complain about being uncomfortable because my poor little daddy couldn't even scratch his nose if he wanted too and yet he never, ever complained.

…time you shouted at the TV?

I shouted as soon as I heard about the football player case and his cruelty to those dogs! Don't even get me started....he NEEDS and DESERVES to go to jail!

…time you had a hangover?

Never ever thank you very much.

…time you hugged someone?

I love hugs! I got to hug a cut out of Donny Osmond one time ;o) But I've also been hugging everyone that comes to see me since I've been home. And the ones that bring food get even bigger hugs! Heehee...just kidding!

…time you couldn’t sleep?

Oh, the night before we were going to go to interview about adopting our girls! I was so worried they wouldn't like me or would be afraid I wouldn't be able to care for them properly because of my arthritis. But no need to fear, they loved us!

…time you kissed someone?

Ahhhh, on my second date with my husband he walked me to the door and asked me if it would be okay if he gave me a kiss! Isn't that sweet?

…time you exercised?

Yuck! This afternoon my physical therapist came and worked me hard. A little too hard. Let's just say I am using three ice packs right now and boy do they feel good!

…time you ate something really unhealthy?

For dinner tonight I had a green apple Jones soda, Parmesan chicken, corn, cole slaw and rice krispie treats with chocolate on top and a homemade sugar cookie that is to die for. Me bad!

…time you had a dance?

Well, hello? Anytime I hear N'Sync's song Just Got Paid I have to get up and boogie and embarrass my kids!

…time you went on a shopping spree!

My mom let me skip school when I was a senior and go to Lafayette with a friend. She gave me her credit card and said to buy what I wanted! How cool of a mom is she? Of course I hit the clearance aisles and spent about $75 and got all of my summer wardrobe for that year.

…time you spoke to your mom?

January 11, 2007 at 12:30 in the morning. My brother had just let mom know that our dad had passed away. I just held the phone as she cried.

…time you said “I love you”

We say it a lot around here, but a special time was when I realized that I wanted my dearest friend to know how much I loved her, but I had never said that to a woman other than a relative. I thought about it and just told her, "I love you, you know." She smiled and said sweetly, "Amy, I know. I love you too. You're my bestest friend!"

And your last word is?

Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it. Yes, we are going to mess up daily and do something wrong or say something maybe we shouldn't it. But don't kick yourself over it time and time again. Get right with God and the person you wronged and start anew!


Christine said...

Amy, I just love your answers.

Especially when I read what you had for dinner, and your last answer really hit home. It's been a tough last couple of weeks here on the home front, but I thank God, tomorrow is a NEW Day!

BTW~Did I tell you how nice it is to see you back? Glad you recieved my card.

Oh, I can see comments to posts all the way to the beginning. I couldn't do that on Blogger, which is really nice, I don't miss a comment.

amy said...

You are such a fun person. I remember that song by NSync! How cool!