Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random Favorites
1. Fast Food: Culver's
2. Flower: Snapdragons
3. Candle Scent: Pink Grapefruit
4. Candy Bar: Dove (for today anyway!)
5. American Idol Finalist: LaKisha
6. Game: Canadian Racko (It's regular Racko, but we create our own rules and twists!)
7. Book Series: Anne of Green Gables
8. Television Mini Series: Lonesome Dove
9. Puzzle: Word Search
10. Talk Show: Ellen
11. Dessert: Chocolate Mousse Cake
12. Place I've Ever Been: Switzerland
13. Meat: Chicken
Okay, so it wasn't very creative today! I've been so busy this week reading blogs and trying to catch up on actual work. Go figure!
News around here is I had a doctor appointment on Monday and she's trying to find me a doctor that will replace my hips sooner because I am damaging my upper body being on crutches. She raised my pain medication to see if that will help, but I hate being on so much medication that right now I am trying to tough it out. I gave in and got a perscription for a wheelchair. It's not a scooter because it's too painful right now to get in and out of them. So it's just a regular one that if I am up to shopping someone in my family will have the privilege of pushing me around ;o)
My mom is doing well! We have our days of tears, but for the most part she is doing okay. She's even helping me in Awana and when I am home by myself she comes over to help! She does worry about me alot though. I try to ease her mind and let her know I am going to be just fine!
My hard working hubby had a nice big write up in Hot Rod magazine (complete with a tone of pics!)! So needless to say I am very proud of him!
I hope everyone is gearing up for a fun weekend. Not sure what's on our agenda yet. I'm sure it will involve a board game or two!
Hugs to one and all!


Ryan Velting said...

Racko.. Hmm. Not familiar with this game. Will have to check it out!

A great list! Mine is up as well. A few of my pet peeves.. More of a non-typical rant. (Non-typical for me anyways!)


Have a great day!

Michelle said...

I've never heard of Racko either! Or Culver's for that matter :)

I hope your doctor can find someone to do the hip surgery for you! Keeping you in my prayers!

Jenny said...

Anne of Green Gables was good. But I read it so long ago.

amy said...

Hey Girl! Great list..I have never seen a grapefruit candle..How cool is this..I love Racko and SUper Racko. Lets get together and play..Its stinking fun

Stop by mine today, I'm having a contest and giving away a lot of books and another special prize!

Norma said...

I hadn't thought of Racko in ages. I think we have one around here somewhere. Great list.

KarenW said...

Fun list! I might try that soon. Have a great weekend.

Selena Kitt said...

Lakesha's my fav, too... and I LOVE Anne of Green Gables... I've read them all to tatters! :)


Retta said...

favorites are always good :) and those were nice faves!

Sanni said...

Great TT - I love snapdragons, chocolate mousse cake and chicken, too.