Two, Two Meme's In One!

Howdy Folks! For some reason my Thursday Thirteen did not post on, well, Thursday. And since it is my favorite of all the meme's I have thrown caution to the wind and am posting it on a Friday! As the say on The Price Is Right...."(Insert name here), Scroll on down! You're the next reader on Laughing Through The Tears! Boy, what a dork I am today!
13 Good Things That Have Happened This Week

1. I just found out that I won this book over at Michelle's!
If you have never been to her blog you must do so now. Skip the rest of my post even! It is a beautiful place to visit. Not only is it BLUE, but she has great recipes, Friday freebies, Grains of Gratitude and lots of pictures and videos of her daughter Kayla who has Down's Syndrome. I love reading about her and watching her grow up. She will capture your heart from the first glimpse! Michelle even has an entry in this book! How cool is that? Today is World Down Syndrome Day with a theme of Celebrating Diversity!
2. Like I said yesterday I got a new set of wheels. I realize the post probably sounded like a whoa is me attitude. I did not mean for it to be. I am very happy with my new transportation. I especially enjoy it when my hubby pushes me so fast that I just have to yell, "Whhhheeeeee!", as the wind rushes through my graying hair!
3. Out of the blue, my friend Bridget called up and said she had made beef and noodles and mashed taters for the whole entire family! Too bad they had already eaten Ramen noodles!
4. And speaking of food~my momma bought some yummy strawberries just for me. She knows I won't share anyway so why bother buying a basket full or however they come!
5. After five long agonizing months of looking at myself in the mirror, plus the fact that I couldn't walk very far and had to wait for above mentioned wheels...I finally got my haircut! Would you believe that helped me lose two pounds? It's amazing how much gray hair weighs! Plus I am adorable once again ;o)
6. We had 27 girls in Awana last night! That was a record for the year. If everybody came that was on the roster we would have about 38! I think it is time for a contest or challenge on who can bring the most friends, don't you?
7. I was able to go out for lunch with my hubby to Arni's pizza! That was such a treat because I haven't been able to go anywhere besides church (which is fine!) since the beginning of February. Do you have an Arni's near you?
8. I was able to get 4 1/2 hours of restful sleep yesterday! I only have 127 more hours to go to get caught up on what I've missed. Hey, I'll take one hour at a time any night!
9. Sanjaya was NOT kicked off American Idol! Oops, hehe! That actually was NOT a good thing that happened this week!
10. My sweet hubby rented a movie, bought kettle corn, Milk Duds and NOS and we laid in bed together and had movie night! Yeah, that's right...just me and my hubby and our dog and the kids coming in and out, in and out to ask useless questions. Sigh!
11. One of he cats puked on the carpet the other day. No, that's not the good thing. The good thing is I wasn't the one that found it by stepping in it!
12. I was able to tackle the drawers in the kitchen and managed to get them all organized and cleaned again! Question....how can toast crumbs get in your silverware holder when they are on opposite sides of the kitchen? Just wondering!
13. All three of the kids have plans for Friday night! So it will just be me and my hubby alone in this big ole house. Yeah, that's right...just me and my hubby and our dog, who will not leave our side...ever! Sigh!
Who is your favorite news anchor/reporter? Why?
Wollf Blitzer. Only because I like saying his name!
Name 3 foods that are currently in your freezer.
Edy's sugar free chocolate ice cream (better than it sounds!), frozen brussel sprouts (exactly as it sounds!) and Girl Scout cookies~Thin Mints. HEY! I can't be good ALL the time!
If you were to have the opportunity to name a new town or city, what would you call it?
Osmondville! The streets would be purple. All the banks would be named after an Osmond child such as First National Donny or Merrill Federal Bank & Trust. And when you are being pulled over by policeman the sirens would play "Crazy Horses". And then all the dentists would offer free teeth cleaning so we would live up to our town's name. And no one would ever be ashamed to admit that they were a little bit country AND a little bit rock 'n roll!
Main Course
What will most likely be the next book you read?
Well, that's an easy one! It will be, of course, Gifts! That's the book I just won from Michelle, who just so happens to have an entry in it. I even asked if she would sign it. Did I just reveal how much of a nerd I am?
What's the first thing you notice about the opposite gender?
His voice. And if he's saying, "Hey good looking. Where ya been all my life!" Then I would answer him in a sultry tone, "Honey, we've been together since 1982!"


mamichelle said...

lol on your dessert! Great feast!

Raggedy said...

I like the purple streets. That would be so cool.
Your dessert was fun.
Great Friday Feast!
My feast is served.
Have a wonderful day!
(")_ (")Š

Christine said...

We love Sugar-Free ice cream. I don't notice a difference in taste.
You crack me up!The purple streets would be really cool!
Congratsulation on winning! That's awesome. The book looks very interesting!
Have a great Friday, Amy!

Michelle said...

Congrats again on winning :) I was happy for you when Kayla pulled your name out LOL

What a great list you have going on there too!

annb said...

I love your TT and your Friday Feast! You are such a funny lady! I remember I had a crush on Donny Osmond when I was a little girl. Why doesn't he ever look like he's aging? I'd sure like to know his skin care secret!

Goofy Girl said...

Sounds like a good week!! Yah!

I haven't tried sugar free ice cream, I will ahve to give it a whirl!

stacey said...

i am still stopping by from the party! i will be sure to be back soon- i can tell already you are wise and funny!