Throwing In The Towel

Please don't take this wrong~promise? The blog party was a great idea. A chance to meet others that will inspire me to be a better wife and mom. A way to reach out and let others know that your alive and well in Blogville!

I was so excited and started down the list of names to visit. I bookmarked several that I knew I wanted to check out more thoroughly. After hours of sitting at the computer I realized that I was only on #42! I wasn't too worried though because I had the rest of the week to par-tay! Suck it up. There's always tomorrow.

By Wednesday I had only made it to #112. Because I can no longer work I don't have access to dsl anymore. I'm still in the dark ages. I confess. I have dial up. And I thought I was slow! lol!

I felt a duty, an urgency to party my brains out. I laid in bed many a night and wondered what was happening in my absence. I missed posting my Works For Me Wednesday and my favorite Thursday Thirteen, which is back!!! While I was enjoying the good eats and the warm welcomes I was missing my friends that I visit faithfully.

I'm usually not a quitter. When it's painful I push that much harder. But ladies, I've lost my spark. It's too overwhelming right now. I'm throwing in the towel. For now.

I want to continue building on my friendships that I have now. It's not that I don't have room for one more friend. I know I will keep visiting new blogs and posting comments and starting new friendships. I promise to be here if a stranger stops by and needs a shoulder to cry on! But for now I need to visit some familiar faces.

I thank you for your hospitality. I'll try to stop by sometime in the future. Please don't hesitate to leave a comment. I will stop by and thank you in person~maybe even bring a box of chocolates to nibble on while we get acquainted!

Now I'm starting to feel a little guilty. Maybe I'll go check out just a few more blogs today. But only after I reacquaint myself with my old blogging buddies!

Here's a (((HUG))) just for stopping by today!


Southern Girl said...

I don't think you should feel guilty at all, Amy. Each of us can do only what we can do, and I bet no one anticipated there being as many party participants as there were. I only made it to a fraction of them, and while I would have liked to stop by more -- and probably will since the Mr. Linky will remain up -- the reality is that I have a life outside the blogs, and so do you. :)

Michelle said...

Oh Amy can I just give you a big ol cyber hug?!! There are over 900 participants - wow! If someone can make it through that many bloggers, well more power to them! There is no way I'm getting through that many! Well I am bookmarking it and will try and look at a few once a week, maybe by the end of the year I'll get through all of them :) I don't think anyone would blame you for not visiting all 900!

Kailani said...

I don't think anyone was able to visit every single participant. That would take the rest of the year to accomplish!

You should be proud that you made it through as much as you did.

An Island Life

Robin said...

Amy, I wrote a post like this and I'm drawing a blank if you commented to it (lol)...course, I didn't sleep last night, so let's blame it on that! Janice (sweetie that she is) read it and I kinda choked, but she totally got it. I feel sorry for her (and Susan)--they probably DID feel the need to visit all 900!

Get this....after that, I STILL won a prize :) :) :). I'm not worthy ;). Glad you're one of my bloglines, not-so-party girl!

Ugh....I hate it when I can't use my typepad id...:/.

Goofy Girl said...

Sounds like you got partied out =) You must have been a commenting machine to do as much as you did!

Deena said...

I know how you feel...over 900 blogs to visit made me feel so overwhelmed...and I couldn't stop and comment on all that I DID make it to...but I've heard the link will be around...so we still have time...and I made some great new friends...like you!

Christine said...

Amy, I could only get to so many. I didn't expect so many blogs to visit. Here's a HUG right back at'cha!

Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...

I hear you girlfriend! I am sooo far behind on my blog reading and visiting. I feel like a party pooper. I didn't get around much at the blog party at all.

Golly, and I use to be so much fun at parties.

annb said...

I am back to visit after you visted me! I read that your Dad passed away in January and I certainly can understand - my Mom passed away Feb 2 this year. This is really the first time I've visited and read through your posts. I'm not through yet, will be reading through your archives. I'll be praying for you regarding the hip replacement and pain control! I'm glad you came to visit - you sound like a very fun person!
Hope you'll come around again!