Three Word Meme

Hi Christine! I saw this at your place this morning and thought I'd do it! If anyone else does it go to her place and sign in with Mr. Linky!

The rules are simple. Answer each question in three words. No more, no less.

01. Where is your cell phone? Within hands reach.
02. Boyfriend/girlfriend? Love my girlfriends!
03. Hair? Desperately needs cut!
04. Your mother? She just called :o)
05. Your father? Died in January. (I'm cheating) Sweet, Precious, Godly
06. Your favorite item(s)? Quilt. Grandmother made!
07. Your dream last night? Do not remember.
08. Your favorite drink? Diet Mountain Dew
09. Your dream guy/girl? Donny Osmond. Sigh!
10. The room you are in? My home office.
11. Your fear? Falling. Breaking hips.
12. What do you want to be in 10 years? Healthy. Thinner. Grandma!
13. Who did you hang out with last night? Hubby. Kayla. Kara.
14. What are you not? A giraffe hater!
15. Are you in love? Si! You betcha!
16. One of your wish list items? Hip replacements....soon!
17. What time is it? Half past nine.
18. The last thing you did? Paid a bill.
19. What are you wearing? Pajamas. Tennis shoes. Attractive!
20. Your favorite book? Anne...Green Gables
21. The last thing you ate? Grilled cheese. Pineapple.
22. Your life? Not enough time!
23. Your mood? Happy go lucky ;o)
24. Your friends? Keep me sane!
25. What are you thinking about right now? My best friends!
26. Your car? Jade Dodge Caravan.
27. What are you doing at this moment? This meme. Duh!
28. Your summer? Hot. Humid. Busy.
29. Your relationship status? Married. 22 years.
30. What is on your TV screen? Nothing right now.
31. When is the last time you laughed? Late last night.
32. Last time you cried? One hour ago.
33. School? Can't remember anything!


Christine said...

LOL! #9! How'd I know what your answer would be! :) Great answers Amy!

Michelle said...

You did great on your answers! I might have to save this one for a "rainy day" LOL

Chrystal said...

Hi Amy, thanks for stopping by. My mom is doing great! The reasons for not blogging? Her computer finally went kablewi on her! LOL. She is going to get it fixed, but just hasn't had the time. She misses you all though!