Wednesday Wheelies

Well, what do ya think? I got a new set of wheels this week. Honestly, I am not sure how I feel about them yet. For one they are black. If you know me at all you know that blue is what makes me happy!It doesn't necessarily mean more freedom for me. I am unable to roll myself around because of lack of range of motion in my arms. And strength...lack of it!

What this chair represents to me is giving up. It just got to the point that I would cry with every step I took. My doctor says I am damaging my wrists, elbows and shoulders by using crutches. Of course I still have to use my crutches because I cannot take one step without them.

I'm not feeling sorry for myself, I promise! I am grateful for my new set of wheels. It's just I didn't picture myself in them at 42 years of age. Hopefully I will be able to get my new hips soon and I will only use the wheelchair when I am feeling just too lazy!! How's that?


Christine said...

Think of it as only temporary!You want to be able to use your wrists and shoulders when you have your hip replacement! :)

Kailani said...

It's probably the best for now. You want to make sure you're shoulders are tip top for later when you don't need the chair!

An Island Life

Michelle said...

Cool wheels :) sorry it doesn't come in blue though!

I agree with Christine - think of it as temporary until you get that hip replacement! I really hope this helps your body rest and recover from using the crutches.

I think I have something that will cheer you up - head on over to my blog and check it out! (hint: make sure you watch the video!)

Michelle said...

PS - I just realized I said Live, Laugh, Love because when I wrote it down I was looking at the comment you left and that's in your pic...instead of saying your actual blog name - oops! But it is you!

gail said...

Oooh, hip replacement....hope the wheels are only temporary too. But you don't want to hurt your shoulders and arms.
Like your word meme, cute! And I saw that Pamela's daughter commented on why her mom hasn't been posting and I'd been wondering about her!
Thanks for stopping by.

{Karla} said...

i agree with the rest- think of it as temporary and giving your body a MUCH needed rest!!

as far as the rolling it yourself, are you able to get an electric scooter?? would your insurance cover that? Then you COULD get around on your own and NOT do anymore damage on your upper body...


amy said...

Interesting post as I had no idea you had a health problem..

Im presently watching Anne of Green Gables and blogging...good times

Goofy Girl said...

I can imagine it would be really hard to transition into that. I hope that you are blessed with some new hips soon!