Works For Me Wednesday~Easy Donations

I have several pets of my own and I know how much food they consume each day! This past year I started signing up for any free sample of dog or cat food I could find. I clipped all the pet food coupons from the Sunday paper and watched for great sales.

It wasn't long until my box had about 15 cans of pet food, three rawhide bones, five sample sized bags of cat food and 6-4 lb. bags of dog food! I paid under $5 for all of it. My daughter then loaded it in the car and donated it to the animal shelter.

I asked my family and friends if they would be willing to sign up as well and donate the food and they all said YES! This month we've managed to gather more than a box full. ;o)

Here are a couple of sites I use to gather all the goods. If you are willing to do the same thing please visit them and start collecting!

If you know of another site I could get pet food freebies would you please leave the link in a comment? Thank you!


Kailani said...

What a great thing to do! I'm a total animal lover and try to donate $ to our local Humane Society whenever I can.

An Island Life

Christine said...

That's a wonderful idea. With the zoo I have here at our house, you know I love animals. I'll be sure to check your links out.


Life got in the way today of doing a T13, but I'll be posting a little something later.
Take care,
Have a great day!
How are you feeling? :)

amy said...

this is just wonderful..i am proud of you and your family

Dana said...

That is an excellent idea. I am going to look into that for our local shelter.