A Tag Turned Into A Thursday Thirteen

How's that for killing two birds with one stone?

The Queen Mother of Blogville, Barb, tagged me for the meme I did a week or so ago, but who am I to say no to the Queen...I respect her so much. If you have never been to her place you are missing out! You will be greeted with open arms and you'll feel like part of her family.

And speaking of Barb, please keep her 22 month old grandson, Cameron in your prayers. He has been disgnosed with Type 1 juvenille diabetes. He's doing better right now, but please check her blog and read the whole story. Plus you will get to see the handsome little guy yourself! Bonus!

You know what's sad? I've done the weird meme like three or four times and I never have trouble coming up with more weirdness! Maybe I'll throw in a few bad habits or two.

Let's get on with it....

Whenever I eat a 3 Musketeers bar I like to ear all the chocolate off first and then eat the yummy insides! I can’t for the life of me eat it like a normal person. I don’t do this with any other candy bar if that helps ease your mind!

I give myself an injection of Humira once a week and I’m telling ya that stuff burns! Brings tears to my eyes every week. So I distract myself I like to sing out loud the theme song from The Smurfs. What’s even weirder is that I never watched that show!

To ease my hunger pains I like to either watch the cooking channel (Paula, you’re my gal!) or look through cookbooks. I wish they made a scratch and sniff cookbook. Now there’s an idea!

I’m the only one I know that does this, but when I greet people I never say Hi or Hello. I always say, “Hey!” When I have said this some respond, “Hay is for horses.” That’s when I decide if I will ever speak to them again…just kidding!

I am no fashion queen that's for sure, but I need my socks to match my t-shirt for the day!

I sleep with the fan on everynight. Even when it's cold outside. The noise helps drown out my husband's and bulldog's snoring!

I'm a bouncer. You know the annoying one that sits beside you and bounces her leg up and down and shakes the whole table? Yeah, that's me.

My checkbook has to balance to the penny. I can't sleep unless it does.

I've been told that my laugh is contagious, but I think it is loud and obnoxious.

I CANNOT STAND FEET-not even my own. Don't want to touch them and please don't put your barefeet on me. Gross!

I love, love, love to have my back tickled when I don't feel well. When I had my kidney stones and was so sick, my dear precious children would take turns and spend a half an hour a piece tickling my back. Now that's love!

Even though you may think it is immature of me I love to grab the Highlights magazine in the doctors office and do the hidden puzzle, read all the corny jokes, and see all the artwork. Oh, and who can forget about Goofus and Gallant?

I know this is wrong and I did confess this to another blogger friend, but for awhile I had magazine telemarketers calling ALL the time. I finally got fed up and when they would call I had many reasons why I couldn't but their magazines. A few were:

I am blind and don't know how to read braille.
We are on the verge of losing everything so I better not buy any right now.
If I buy a subscription would you make a donation to my favorite charity? (He said nothing and hung up.)

I have before asked a telemarketer if I listen to your spiel would you listen to me explain the plan of salvation. And she said yes! She was very friendly and polite and said she wasn't sure yet what she believed, but she thanked me and I thanked her for taking the time to listen. You just never know.

Thank you Barb for the tag! I won't be doing any tagging since all my friends have pretty much done this in one way or another. BUT if you feel the need to do it again let me know!


Barb said...

Wow, Amy. You did a great job on this. I can't believe you've done this over and over again and continue to come up with weird things. Maybe I should just keep tagging you til you run out. LOL


But it's a thought.

I eat candy bars exactly the same way, when I eat them. Chocolate isn't my favorite thing but Mounds bars are. I'd eat through anything to get to the coconut. :-)

I sleep with the fan on, too, in spite of having an air conditioned house. For me, I need the air movement. I can't sleep in still air.

Thank you for the kind words about me and for Cameron. He and I are getting a lot more comfortable with the finger and toe pricks and the shots. I have to say that for me, it's because he's doesn't even flinch, much less cry. If I thought it was hurting him, I think I'd be a wreck. He makes it easy for his Nana.

Thanks for playing along. I honestly didn't know you'd already done this one, I'm so far behind on reading everyone.

Michelle said...

We have so much in common! We sleep w/a fan on every night too. Joe snores and I just give him a little push to roll him over and it usually stops. My leg bounces too. I HAVE to have my checkbook balanced to the penny too and it bugs me if I'm off. I'll spend "hours" searching for what's wrong - double checking calculations etc.

How neat for your responses to telemarketers! I especially found it neat that the lady said yes she would listen to you talk about salvation!

If I happen to answer the phone and it's a telemarketer I always say "she's (meaning me) not home right now can I take a msg?" of course they always say no!

Christine said...

Hey Amy!
I do some of those same things.I eat Reese's PB cups like that, and my husband has to sleep with the fan on. I freeze then steal his covers. Oh, and my MIL is a big time Bouncer. One time she shook my table really hard.
Those were all fun! I'll have to remember that one with the telemarketers.

Sandy said...

Very Cute post Amy.....and btw, I also eat 3 Musketeers the same way!! :) But I hate sleeping with the fan on.....the background noise actually bugs me, but hubby loves the fan, so I tolerate it in the summer.
And my dear hubby is also a major bouncer! :)