May Day, May Day!

No Scales=No Idea! I honestly don't know if I have lost any weight or not because I don't own a set of scales. I can hear you saying~then go buy some. Honestly right now it wouldn't do me a bit of good because I wouldn't be able to step on them without cracking a hip or two.

Explanation~hips bad.no range of motion.stuck for time being

When you cannot function you rely on everyone else to do what needs to be done. That includes bringing me a sip of water when I look dehydrated and maybe a morsel or two of food when I pass out from lack of nourishment! You know what? As much as it stinks sitting in the same spot on the side of my bed day in and day out I know there is a reason for it. Like the name of my blog says-laughing through the tears. I definitely cry a lot more than I used too. I'm just in so much pain that's inescapable it gets to me before I even realize it sometimes. The joke around here is if I scream out in pain someone will ask what happened. I laugh and say, "I moved." So if it happens again they all yell out~stop moving Mom! I dunno. Maybe you have to be here to see the humor in it.

Okay, to get off my tangent now. What I was going to sat was my family is a huge help when it comes to feeding this savage beast. I eat about every two to three hours. Not big meals, but small ones. Sometimes it may be a piece of fruit or just a carton of yogurt, but still something. My kids do a terrific job of knowing what's allowed and what really isn't. And my husband, bless his heart, comes home from work every night and cooks me a hot home cooked meal that is always out of this world!

My biggest challenge is I crave MEAT! There have been plenty of mornings when I eat a turkey sandwich for breakfast. My dietitian said if that's what my body is calling for than go ahead. I allow myself 6-7 ounces of meat a day. Sometimes I do go over, but not crazy.

I drink lots and lots all day long. I do try to get a lot of water in, but I also drink a lot of Crystal Light. Mmmmmm, flavor!

I have had a hard time this week with feeling hungry ALL the time. I had to raise my Prednisone by quite a bit and until I get used to it again I will feel like I haven't eaten in weeks. My tummy growls non stop and I think I need to eat until I look at the time and realize I just ate a bowl of oatmeal 10 minutes ago! I know I have had enough food, but keeping busy helps me not think about it so I like to get on the computer and read, read, read your posts!

I know that it is possible to lose weight without any exercise. It does come off very slowly, but the key word is off! I am thankful for this challenge and being held accountable for my actions. I need to lose a lot of poundage for my health an easier recovery from surgery. Once I get my hips replaced I want to lose the weight not only for my health, but for my husband. I want to look beautiful again for him. He deserves it!

Ladies, we're all in this together! I don't know if I can be an encouragment to you with my situation, but I want to show that it can be done. Could this be one of the reasons I am where I am right now?


Sharon said...

You are an inspiration! I enjoyed reading your post and want you to know I will be praying for you.

Stop by and visit me!

Sandy said...

I just love your attitude! May God give you strength and JOY during your rough times!

Christine said...

Amy, You have the most awesome attitude I've ever met. I can see you Laughing through the tears, because you have me laughing everytime you come to visit me.May God comfort you and give you strength.
I just want to reach in througth my monitor and give you the biggest hug!
That's exactly what Josh's Dr. told him about eating, not to deny him food when he's hungry. He eats many small meals a day too, sometimes it feels like he's eating all day long, but that's what's kept him healthy, and having his pump.

HUGS to you

Sandy said...

Hey Amy....thanks for the blog traffic, I didn't realize it was you!! How kind of you! I am enjoying being a "blogger" and meeting new bloggin buddies.
You are a dear!! :)

Michelle said...

Oh Amy I definitely say that you are an encouragement! You're trying to lose weight, yet you can't really move so you can't exercise. The only thing you can do is change your eating habits and you're challenging yourself to do that...I think that's awsome! You sound like you have so much spunk and determination and it sure does help to have a wonderfully supportive family from spouse to kids! I'm cheering you on!
Is there any particular author you like to read or type of book? I was thinking I could send you some books to help you pass the time :)