Thankful Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Thank You's For My Mom
1. Even though your first pregnancy was so hard on you, thank you for wanting to have another baby~me!
2. Remember when I was three and you got me all dressed up to get my picture taken and I found your new tube of red lipstick and smeared it all over my face? Thank you for not yelling at me! Instead, you laughed and took my picture then you cleaned me all up and we went to Olan Mills. Wasn't I a cutie?
3. Even though you weren't a huge animal lover you always welcomed with open arms every stray animal I brought home. Thank you for allowing me to have so many pets growing up and thank you for cleaning up after them and paying for all the vet bills!
4. Thank you for making my birthdays extra special! You and dad made every effort to get everything we asked for and you made me feel like a queen every August 7th!
5. When you learned that I had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis you sobbed for days. Even though I was scared and wasn't quite sure what was happening I could see how much you loved me. Thank you for loving me so much it hurts.
6. Thank you for getting up early everyday to help me with my range of motion exercises. You made sure I did them three times a day even though I sometimes fought with you.
7. 4-H projects would have never been completed without your encouragment and help. Together we got a champion, reserve champion and many, many blue ribbons! Way to go mom!
8. Green beans, sliced tomatoes, corn on the cob, fried zucchini and iced tea was our very favorite meal all summer long and you made it with love even though you grew tired of eating by July.
9. Thank you for loving my boyfriend and future husband so much! David thanks you too for all the lasagna and home cooked meals you provided him. He knew he could always count on you for a meal or a few extra dollars when he was running short!
10. Your support when we decided to adopt three kids was amazing! You never questioned or worried about what we were getting ourselves into. You were just as excited as we were to have them and you have been THE best grandmother ever! All the grandchildren know how much they are truly loved by you! I can't thank you enough for this mom.
11. Throughout all my surgeries and painful days I know you were on bended knee asking God to give me comfort and relief. You have always been a prayer warrior and taught me to trust God completely and rely on Him for all things. Thank you for your continued prayers on my behalf and others.
12. I know when you love somebody you do anything and everything you can to help them. You gave more than your all when it came to dad. I know he wouldn't have lived so long if it weren't for your love and constant care. Thank you for sacrificing your days and nights to keep him comfortable. I know dad thanks you too.
13. I have always known you to be the woman who would give up her last dime for anybody that needed it. You give and give and give without asking anything in return. Thank you for teaching me that God comes first, others second and ourselves last.
Wishing all of you a very Happy Mother's Day!


Goofy Girl said...

What a lovely tribute to your mom - she sounds like such a great lady!

Christine said...

Your Mom sounds like a very special lady.
Your birthday will be easy to remember my husband's is the 9th, his aunt's is the 8th, and my Mom's anniversary is the 10th!
Happy Mother's Day to you, and have a great Thursday!

Swazzy said...

That is beautiful. Happy Mother's Day!

- Carol

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Amy. I love your TT entry dedicated to your mom. It's such a beautiful tribute for someone so loving and nurturing.

FRIGGA said...

A common theme today, but I agree Moms are WONDERFUL! Great list, very heartwarming.
My TT13 is up at http://anyapples.blogspot.com/

Indiana Amy said...

What a lovely tribute to your mom!

Take care,

Ingrid said...

sounds like you have a very interesting mom!!!! you are lucky to have her as your mom and i bet she's lucky to have you for a daughter! life is great, indeed!! great T13 list this week!!

The Rock Chick said...

This is beautiful!! Your mom sounds just like my mom. The very best!!!

Really, this was so touching. I love it!!!

Happy TT and Happy Mother's Day!

Jessica The Rock Chick

E. said...

What a wonderful tribute to your mother. She is one lucky mom!

Starrlight said...

Lovely post. Happy TT!

Carol said...

Oh, Amy! This was beautiful. What a lovely way to honor your mom!

Michelle said...

that was so beautiful!! I hope your mom gets to see this! Happy Mother's Day to you!