Thursday Thirteen

My Thirteen Favorite Fruits To Eat With Some Combinations Thrown In Just Because I Don't Really Know How You Have Gone This Long Without Knowing This About Me! I Am Pretty Sure This Will Make You A Better Person. You're Welcome!
1. Pineapple
2. Bananas (but not real ripe, almost crunchy like)
3. Granny Smith apples
4. Strawberries
5. Banana with peanut butter
6. Bananas, pineapple (with juice) over vanilla ice cream
7. Kiwi
8. Red grapes
9. Strawberries, bananas over Cheerios
10. Oranges
11. Fresh peaches
12. Blueberries, but only in pancakes
13. And any fruit if it is covered in chocolate!!


Mike said...

I'm with you with number 13. But for some reason, I've never been fond of banana and peanut butter.


Christine said...

Marissa loves Kiwi. I take it you really like Bananas. :)
You had me at #13! Chocolate covered anything!

Happy Thursday Amy!

Michelle said...

I love all of those fruits too! But you forgot mango! I love biting into a nice, juicy, sweet pice of mango...mmmm mmmm!

YoungMommy said...

I totally agree with #2... I like my banana's firm and not too ripe, as well! You know what though, besides banana bread (w/out nuts) and banana Runts, I'm generally not a big fan.
Kiwi is my favorite!
Fun TT :)

Goofy Girl said...

Mmmm I love fruit - I can't wait for fruit to be in season again!

Sandy said...

Amen to #13!!!!1 Remember my blog name...Jesus and Dark Chocolate.....I LOVE strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. I love PB and bananas. What about blueberries in muffins?
We live in farm country, so I love fresh fruit every summer.