Thank You Challenge!

Ladies, I have a new friend and I want you to meet her! Sandy is a new blogger so let's give her a warm welcome....Hi Sandy! Her post yesterday was about two little words that are so easy to say, and we love to hear them ourselves, but do we actually take the time to say them.

Please take a moment and read her post and then come back and I'll finish my thoughts. It's okay, I'm not going anywhere! I promise I will be here just for you. Please remember to leave a comment and say hi, hello, howdy or hey!

Thank you for taking the time to go over to Sandy's. Is she right or what?

I am blessed with awesome caregivers. You all know that. Right now I may not be able to take care of them or do things for them like I want too, but my lips and heart can easily say thank you to these special people. As I write this I am teary eyed. I have shared some details of my situation, but not entirely. No, there aren't any secrets or anything like that, but it is not easy to take care of a disabled person, especially when you're still kids. My children have readily accepted the extra chores and sacrificed their "play" time to be with me so I won't ever be alone. How can I not get all teary when I think of them?

And my husband you ask? He gets up early and works so hard running his own business. If any of you do that you know it is not easy. And when he comes home at night his first priority has been me. He makes me a delicious healthy dinner and spends his evenings doing whatever needs to be done. And the poor guy loses a lot of sleep at night when I have a bad night of hurting. I try my best to be as quiet as I can during the night if I am awake from the pain. It bothers me for him to lose his much needed rest. But now I'm off on yet another tangent. I'll just end with I am majorly loved by this man!

The challenge this week is to say thank you to three people and then stop by Sandy's place and let her know. Three (3) people is a piece of cake ladies! Saying thank you to that stranger who took the time to open a door for you may be just the little pick me up they needed because they are having a bad day. You just never know!

Here is my list and it's only for Sunday.....

Thank you Jordan for washing and putting away all the dishes, making me two delicious meals, mopping my bathroom floor, and for keeping me company when everyone else was gone!

Thank you Mom for going to Walmart and looking for the ingredients to make punch for Kara's graduation this weekend so I wouldn't have to try and get out. And thank you for the homemade beef and noodles, the corned beef, the chocolate cake and the lemon creme pie! The kids have eaten most of the cake already!

Thank you Kara for washing my hair, helping me shower and then help me get dressed in something other than pajamas. Thank you for helping me get in the van. Thank you for being so patient with me all the time. You are already a fantastic nurse!

Thank you David for all the phone calls and fun text messages while you were gone this weekend. We always have so much fun being silly and goofy together, don't we? I know you worry about me when you're away. I can see it in your eyes how much it hurts to see me in pain. I'm okay. Thank you for loving me and marrying me 22 years ago!

And thank you Sandy for this nice reminder and for being my friend. Welcome to Blogville, as I like to call it. There are some very special ladies out there to get to know and love!


Christine said...

Thankyou Amy for your fun poem you left for me!! :)

I visited Sandy,I really enjoyed her blog, I'll be back, and her challange is a great idea. I know my life can get so busy sometimes,I remember to say I love you, but I haven't been very good at saying Thank you to the kids for helping me out,or for being good, or my husband who did the grocery shopping yesterday, I was so exhausted from my week. I put the groceries away and cooked dinner, and got the kids a bath and put them to bed, it's easy to forget.Thank you again Amy for being your sweet self and for making my day! :)
Take care.

Linda said...

Hi Amy! Oh, I'm praying for you for this weekend! I am posting the punch recipe for you. If you decide not to use it, it's OK. You may not like it because it's golden and does not go with your school colors ... but it is really good!

amy said...

I always love to visit here..YOu always make me smile

Linda said...

You'll have to tell us how the party goes!

Michelle said...

what a beautiful post! I know you've mentioned before how wonderful your kids and husband are in taking care of you and pitching in with extra chores and such...you have such an awsome family!

Kimmy said...

Amy, THANK YOU for the comments you've left on my blog post from May 19th. What you wrote was an encouragement to me.
I hope all goes well as you plan for your daughter's graduation. Fun times!