Happy? Anniversary?

Not exactly the kind of anniversary I would celebrate, but I have been on crutches for one whole year! Today is a good reminder for me that I can keep doing this. I've done it before. I was on crutches for three and a half years during high school. Talk about F.U.N. I may start out kinda grouchy every morning, but I quickly remind myself that I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!

Tomorrow I go see about my hip replacements and how long the wait might be. I hate being in constant pain, but I am dreading having surgery too. I'll have to have one done and then like six weeks later I will have the other one done. Talk about F.U.N. Slap my hand for griping! I am blessed to live in a country where I can have the necessary surgeries to make my life better. I am ashamed of myself once again for complaining.

Okay, what else? Tonight two people are getting kicked off American Idol! I'm thinking maybe Chris, Phil and LaKisha. I really have no idea, but I hope Jordin stays.

Tonight is our last night for our Awana program at church. I am so sad to leave my girls. I teach the 3rd and 4th grade girls. They have been an awesome bunch this year and worked so hard on their verses and loved haring Bible stories. Many of the girls are unchurched so the usual stories were brand new to them. What a privilege it is to teach them!

My dear sweet mother just stopped by to rub my neck with Ben Gay. Sniff! Can you smell it? I'm weird, but I like the smell. And the heat feels so good on this warm sticky day too!

Don't forget about the scavenger hunt going on at Amy's! Lots of prizes to be won!!

Me and the hubs are going to the midnight showing of Spiderman 3 on Thursday/Friday! I love going to the midnight shows because thats when all the geeks show up dressed up! And NO we do not dress up. We are not that geeky. Go web go!

Question for the day! Do you and your family have your own language that only you guys know what you're talking about? We definitely do and sometimes I forget and use it with my friends and they just look at me like I am bizarre!

I'm passing out big hugs to everybody today!


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Wow, crutches for a whole year is such a long time. Hope the surgery and stuff works out for you :)

I really like Jordin too, but am worried about her being kicked off Idol. She was in the bottom last week and didn't do that great with the Bon Jovi song last night...

Cool that you will see Spiderman 3 so early, let us know if it's good or great or what! :)

amy said...

Hey girl, thanks for the plug on the hunt.. I love Jordin..

Own language? I am at huge at making my own words up..

When we were dating, Michael and i saw puddledrops a lot (really big raindrops)

Michelle said...

It's ok to complain every now and then you know - we're all entitled! just as long as you complain once to get it out of your system, and then count your blessings LOL

I hope everything goes well with the appointment about your hips!

Sounds like you and hubby are going to have a fun time at the movies! I can't stay up that late to go to the movies LOL

Christine said...

You'll feel so much better. May take a while, but worth it.
Ya know, I like Blake, and I hope he doesn't get kicked off next week!
Marissa and Josh want to see Spidey3, this weekend I might treat them to a late night, not midnight late, but I love midnite shows.
Don't feel bad about complaining, it's good to get it off your chest, and helps you feel better, because you know were all here for you too! :)
Take care, and I hope everything is going well at your appt!

Kailani said...

I didn't realize you've been on crutches for that long. How do you deal with that?

An Island Life

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm sorry to hear thag you've been on crutches for a year now. It must have been a great adjustment. Hope that you'll have full recovery soon.

I just wanted to drop by. I came from Amy's scavenger hunt. Take care!

Sandy said...

Sorry also to hear about the crutches also. We have a friend who had a total hip replacement, he's fairly young 42, this was his 2nd hip replacement. He was hit by a car years ago, and it totally destroyed his hips. Anyway, surgery was rough, recovery never fun....but he is so thankful that he can continue to be an active dad to his kids...and things are going well!
God is good, even in the bad. :)