Thrice Tagged

De, Christine, and Carol have all tagged me for similar memes. I've done these before, but who am I to pass up a meme? I'm never shy for words so I will do a combo of the seven to ten weird habits I have that you may not know already!

1. I am not the most organized person in the world, but it drives me insane if my cds and dvds are not alphabetized on the shelf. I'm such a nag that when my kids borrow one of my cds they say, "Don't worry. I will put it back right where it belongs." I sense some sarcasm. Oh, and when it's a collection of cds they have to be put in order of release. That way when I go to listen to my guy, Donny, I know where Puppy Love is and where my Joseph cd is! Please don't roll your eyes~it really isn't too much to ask!

2. My husband makes fun of me because I can tell you exactly what episode of The Brady Bunch it is within two seconds of seeing the setting for the show. Sad, but true. And if you really want to pity me just know that if I see it on the telly I will stop and watch it and enjoy every minute of it. What's your favorite episode? I loved the Davy Jones episode and all the ones that they got to sing and dance in. Me Dork!

3. I have never ever liked cheese. Until recently. Now I can't get enough of it. I never liked eating a piece of any kind or even putting it on my sandwiches, but one day hubs was having a piece of feta and I asked for some. He LOVES cheese and isn't to fond of sharing, but I managed to tackle him to the ground and eat it! I fell in love instantly! Not with him, but with cheese!! Now I ask for string cheese, cheddar, havarti, almost anything except bleu. When I ask for cheese my kids ask, "Where is my mom and what have you done with her?".

4. I'm a flipper. I like to have the remote and I flip, flip, flip! It's drives everyone batty, but I keep flipping until I either find The Brady Bunch, Little House on the Prairie, anything Donny, Andy Griffith, or something that looks tempting like Paula Deen or Brad Pitt!

5. I'd rather eat at a dive than a fancy restaurant. I have been to several dives and the food has always been fantastic and the atmosphere is much more fun. I went to a dive in Pennsylvania once and as soon as I sat down at my dirty little table the man behind the counter yelled, "What do ya want?" I smiled and said, "I don't know. I've never been here before." He yelled, "Menu is on the wall. As soon as you figure out let me know!" So I checked the menu out and I yelled at him, "Hey, I want the corned beef on rye with mustard. And I want an extra pickle!" He smiled real big and replied, "That a girl!" I can't wait to go back again!

6. This isn't really weird or anything, but I love to do word search puzzles and I'm really fast at it too. Whenever the kids brought one home for homework I always did them! I know, I know. Bad momma. At least they always got an A+! I also love sudoku!

7. I am a secret Sanjaya fan......I am also a liar!

8. When I watch America's Funniest Home videos and they show ones that people have fallen or might have been in danger I tend to worry about them...even if it is seven years later. I always wonder what happened to them and if they were okay. I guess I shouldn't watch it anymore!

9. I have a dimple in my chin.

10. I've said it before, but I don't mind saying it again...I love my blogging friends! I have made so many wonderful friends and I keep meeting more! I haven't always thought of the internet as a good thing with all the weird stuff, but I have been so encouraged by all of you with your prayers and kind words and just getting to know one another! I really do love you guys...I hope you don't mind!

I won't tag anyone but if you want to share let me know and I'll come see what crazy things you do!


Michelle said...

My CD collection is also alphabetized!!

That's too funny how you never used to like cheese and now you eat it all the time!

Sandy said...

I too know every brady bunch show!! :)
TV isn't what it used to be...that is certain.

Sandy said...

I too know every brady bunch show!! :)
TV isn't what it used to be...that is certain.

Christine said...

Now are you lying, that you are a liar, which means you're telling the truth, but if you're telling the truth, then does that make you a liar!Confused, so am I!
I think Sanjaya's got his charms, and I"m sure he'll get some sort of music deal.
Loved the Brady Bunch growing up.
I can't keep cheese in my house, my husband and the kids eat it all before you can say "Quesadilla", the cheese is all gone. :)

amy said...

HEy thanks for your interest in the quilt. You dont have to be creative at all. As you can see with the examples all you have to do is pick out a piece of cloth, cut it and send a post card with a wish on it. We are going to be doing this for the next year so if you have time,COOL!

Im not creative at all..Simple is the best..I typed all my wishes on the computer.

Lots of interesting things on your blog today..Love it!

Kailani said...

I agree. Sometimes it's the little hole in the wall places that have the best home cooked meals!

An Island Life

Agapetospaidiske said...

I am such a flipper, it drives my family crazy. They acknowledge that it is a big sacrifice if I ever get the controller. :-}
Just visiting from Amy's Scavenger hunt.