Friday's Feast


Have you ever flown in a helicopter?

No, I have not. We used to have a small company plane that seated like six of us and I thought it was too small. It was kind of scary to me to fly in it. But the weird thing is I would love to go up in a hot air balloon!


What color is your warmest coat or jacket?

Well, if you know me at all it is of course BLUE! Because blue makes me happy I don't think about how miserable I am out in the cold, snowy, slippery, wet, slushy, yucky snow ;o)


What is your favorite rainy day activity?

As long as my family is home with me I am gonna say playing board games all day long while we make cookies or homemade breads~stuff like that. We are on a Scrabble kick right now and have played every night for the past week and a half! My kids remember stuff like this and it means something to them!

Main Course

Describe your hands.

Okay, here goes: On my right hand each finger has a scar on it about two inches long because I had to have screws put in each one...BUT each of my fingers are straight now! I cannot make a fist nor does it straighten out all the way. I don't have alot of mobility; therefore I drop alot of things....BUT it doesn't ache or hurt anymore! On my left hand I decided not to have the joints replaced so you can definitely tell I have arthritis because my fingers turn out (does that make sense?). I cannot make a fist with this hand either, but I don't drop as much with it for some reason. My hands may be considered crippled up by most people, but with these crippled hands I can type super fast and you ought to see me play Tetris! Nope, I wouldn't change a thing.


If you could eat only one nut for the rest of your life, what nut would you pick?

This is an easy one....I adore cashews! MMMMmmmmmmm!

If you did today's Friday's Feast please let me know so I can stop by!


Christine said...

Riding in a Hot Air Balloon sounds like FUN!!
Playing Scrabble and baking Homemade bread sounds like a perfect way to spend on a Rainy Day!

Have a great Weekend!

Pamela said...

Amy, you are such an uplifting bright spot! Girl, I just so admire your incredibly sweet outlook on life! You're such a blessing in my life. I wish I could take just a little of that pain and discomfort away from you but I am comforted that you are in the good hands of our Lord.

I wish the world could get just a little glimpse of what faith and the love of our dear Lord can do to one's spirit. You shine girl! Love your inner light! ((hugs))

Southern Girl said...

I love that we both share such an overwhelming love for BLUE! ;)

And yay for cashews! Have you ever had cashew butter? I haven't, but I mean to try it someday.