I Think I Will Just Ramble Today!

We are having a very busy weekend. I am at the shop today because we have one of our customers here. He is excited about the progress on his 1970 Mustang and thinks it looks great!

We had our Secret Prayer Sister breakfast this morning, but I was unable to go. This cold weather snap we got is making me freeze up in the morning. I was bummed too because this year's theme was on Friendship! But because I am a big mouth I sent a Friendship Testimony with one of my friends to read to all the ladies. I just love all our dear ladies at church. I have gone to my church now for 34 years! I especially love the older generation. They have so much to teach us "young" folks and I have learned so much from them already!

I am going to see my dad in about an hour. He has not been doing well the past few days. His blood pressure is still extremely low. He started hallucinating yesterday and having tremors. That part is better today though! Mom just adjusted his medicine a little bit and that did the trick! He still isn't responsive. The hospice nurse told mom that he is declining. I realize he is going to die. But for some reason when the nurse says these things I can't stop crying. I'm just not ready to let go yet and that is not fair to dad. I want with all my heart to talk to him and tell him if he is ready to go that it's okay. I want to reassure him that we'll take care of mom and each other. I know I am being selfish and I am trying to work on that. I know I will see him in Heaven and I am truly thankful for that! But for today I want him here, with me and mom. Thank you to those that have prayed for both of them. I know that it is only through prayer and God's grace that they have made it this far.

On a lighter note....my husband is driving his truck and pulling a wagon for the parade tomorrow. All the church kids will be riding on the wagon and singing songs. If I feel up to it I will go and sit in the cab with my hubby where it is warm. And yes, we will take our precious Wensley! She will love seeing all the people and probably think that the parade is for her!!

I think the parades are cheesy....I know I am a spoil sport! If you could see our parade I am sure you would agree. Our parade consists of Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, maybe a high school marching band, a small dance recital where all the kids are not in step with each other, several tractors (who knows why they are in it!), the 4-H Queen and her court, and a few churches with floats~if you can call a wagon with a few streams of crepe paper a float! And don't forget Santa...he's always at the very end. Okay, do you see what I am talking about? BUT the kids love it and it is good clean wholesome fun for them and they will always remember freezing their little bottoms off for those broken candy canes that get thrown to the crowd every year!

Everybody needs to go and wish Pamela's @ www. justthetwo-of-us.blogspot.com adorable grandson Ben a very happy 1st birthday!

Have a great weekend everybody!


Goofy Girl said...

I'm sorry that your Dad isn't doing well. :( I can imagine how hard that must be to deal with.

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Pamela said...

Hey, your cheesy parade sounds like it would be small town, USA fun! lol Love the way you wrote it though! hehe! Something cute about everybody scrambling for those broken candycanes!

Sorry you missed the secret sisters gathering. I am sure they were inspired by your testiment though! Praying for your Dad, Mom, and You. :)